11 unique business ideas for 2022

11 unique business ideas secrets for the year 2022

Sometime back when I met some fresh graduates pass out kids, they were talking about what’s that new idea they should start. Thinking unique is good. Unlike, how many times do we succeed in a unique business? My personal experience is for anything new. We need to work on counseling. Moreover, if it works, then you are working, which is never tapped by anyone. Out of 100 businesses, I saw striving for uniqueness either immediately hit with the competition or couldn’t ever be understood. Not everyone can be an innovator. Innovation needs a lot of investment and customer needs. Customer need is very important. What is the point of not having a required market to sell? Unique business ideas need the competency of a visionary. 

Blue Ocean Strategy
Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean

To get uniqueness in business, we even have a matrix called Blue Ocean. Blue Ocean is about creating and capturing uncontested market space. It gives you the advantage of making the competition irrelevant. Non-Blue Ocean or Red Ocean are known for market space. Products in the red ocean become commodities, leading to cutthroat competition. 

Red Ocean

If you are in Red Ocean, selling popular and widely available products. You can be sure about demand. In the event of high demand comes a competitive market. When you start a business, the best you can stay original with the idea of the product. Something no one is providing in the region you want to operate.

We normally start as Blue Ocean and eventually fall into Red Ocean. As soon as someone else picks up the same as what you started. In a few days, need to again calibrate the product and present it with new features to be in the niche. 

First, a unique business is challenging, but if you do right and make a mark of your own, I am sure no one can be like you. Secondly, start something unique, and you love it. In this blog, we will discuss some unique business ideas. 

Business ideas that will not need to take a huge loan, mortgage your ancestral property, or break your insurance & retirement fund. 

Farm Ideas

50% population stays in and around cities. As result, 50% population still stays countryside. They work what comes naturally. Off-late many such ideas can work as unique business ideas. You can also look at business ideas for Teens here.

1. Wood Press Oil Extraction

This is not new. Our great grandfathers used to extract oil exactly this way. While industrialization started, FMCG firms on the contrary thought us all wrong things. They asked us to have refined oil, processed oil, oil with all minerals, and preservative oil. This only did bad to us. Fashion to food, we rewind. To sum up, wood Press Oil Extraction is the same process, we got the old strategy in new. 

In effect, seeds are crushed. This causes the temperature to rise, which causes the seed to lose its substance and produce oil. You can press Groundnut, Gingelly, Coconut, Mustard, Sunflower, Rapeseed, Castor, Flaxseed, Almond, Olive, and many more. You can even have a unique process of flower oils and fragrance-based pressing too. 

Brand it to sell your products on an e-commerce site. Talk about the benefits of natural extract oils. Have a digital marketing strategy. This business idea, coupled with natural and health benefits, makes you be in the unique business model. It doesn’t require too much investment, which will avoid you taking loans or mortgages. 

With Oil extractor you can even do:

  • Peanut oil extraction machine
  • Sesame oil extraction machine
  • Vegetable oil extraction machine

Agriculture Vehicle truly unique business opportunity for villagers
Agriculture Vehicle

2. Agriculture Vehicle with the operator

Farming with a plan can yield a bounty. Farming is no more a process just done by novice or unskilled labor. It needs a process of soil preparation, sowing, manuring, irrigation, weeding, harvesting, and storage of yield. You can take the help of unskilled labor and it needs to be driven by a learned person in farming. We did well. If this happens, you will take maximum yield year by year. A good deal of software developers has gone back to their farmland to make life. 

In fact, farming requires a collaborative approach. Not one individual can do everything. You need the support of experts, new equipment, and Agri-vehicle. Being a farmer, you can’t buy every new equipment available in the market to ease your process. You can rent out some and hire an operator to do your job.

Here is some type of machines-cum-vehicle:

  • Tractor
  • Sprayer
  • Field Cultivator
  • Seeders and planters
  • Wheel tractor-scrapper
  • Plough
  • Baler
  • Rotary tiller
  • Fire sprinkler system
  • Mower
  • And many more. 

You can own some, rent in your country area, and operate at a price. This business will be niche. If a farmer is important for farming, Agri-vehicle with an operator is equally important. 

Banks will offer you loans at low-interest rates with insurance. You need fuel or gas for operator machines. If done well, this business can grow multifold. When coupled with the digital business concept, you can make yourself available and manage your calendar. 

Try this business idea if you have a good understanding of farms and farming.  You can also learn more about small business ideas here.

Rent a goat a unique business opportunity who has little knowledge in cattle field.
Photo by Any Lane from Pexels

3. Rent a Goat and make a cheese

One more farm-related product and business idea. The business is not new, niche farms have been making the best Goat Cheese. Goat milk has a unique characteristic of tart flavor. Goat cheese is made by allowing raw milk to curdle naturally. Drain and press the curds. Goat cheese is softer and can be aged. 

Eating Goat cheese just one ounce (or 28 grams) provides you nutrients and health benefits:

  • Cal: 102
  • Proteins: 6gm
  • Fat: 8gm
  • Vitamin A: 8%
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2): 11%
  • Calcium: 8%
  • Phosphorus: 10%
  • Copper: 8%
  • Iron: 3%

It contains probiotics. They are friendly bacteria and good for your tummy. It digested easier than cow cheese. With such a benefit, I am sure you can benefit from customers who are healthy cautions and also want to eat deliciously. 

This business is straightforward for people who are already in the dairy farm business. As the heading goes, you need to just rent a goat for making more goat cheese and not buy cattle. More you invest will attract more money and probably you need a loan or mortgage. That is not the case with this business. Since it will be an operating expense, you don’t need investment viz, no loans and mortgage. 

Make niche by adding flavors to your product of cheese and market like a pro on digital business platforms like e-commerce and grocery marketplace. Talk about your product on digital marketing platforms. This unique business idea will make the best of your farm skills.

Goat Cheese types:

  • Valencay Cheese
  • Banon wrapped in chestnut leaves
  • Bucheron
  • Majorero
  • Picodon

Nature god blessed us with unique business idea opportunities in surroundings
Photo by Roxy from Pexels

4. Agri Beauty Product 

Aloe Vera all the way. If Avocado is a powerful food and can go in any salad. Aloe Vera is a wonder plant. It is edible and you can have aloe vera shakes. More than that, Aloe Vera is a great plant to benefit beauty and skin. It is rich in nutrients. Aids in improving digestion and boosting immunity. Its gel can enhance the skin. 

Extracting Aloe Vera juice needs a skill. So making a paste. Just having an Aloe Vera plant will not solve your problem. Extracting, making a paste is a big hassle. When there is a hassle, there is business. Aloe Vera is a wonder plant and if you make products out of it, like a face wash, smoothie mixes and salad sauce can make you be in substantial business. 

What are waiting for, make products: 

  • Face wash
  • sauce enhancers
  • face mask
  • moisturizing cream
  • health drink

The more you have products, the more it is easier for you to sell. 

This business needs to deep dive into Aloe Vera plant culture and its benefits. You need to do proper research. This business needs either to source Aloe Vera or plant Aloe Vera. Either way, this business would need minimal investment. This business idea doesn’t need you to take a loan or mortgage. Neither it needs to exit your insurance and retirement schemes. It is an easy yet very effective business. 

Be in this unique business idea with a digital business idea and market Aloe Vera product on digital marketing.  Would you like to explore more about Low investment and high returns

Invest in unique

If Agri is a substantial business, to be in sustainable and yet profitable business. Investing in the right place is a great way to be unique yet make most of the money. 

Modern Technologies provides long term unique business ideas in block chain
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

5. Invest in Blockchain to SaaS

If SaaS is the new trend, blockchain is the way forward. Cryptocurrency to NFT, you need blockchain implementation. Future is all about Meta Verse. Sometimes, it is even called a parallel universe. Mind you, I am not asking you to make one blockchain for yourself. Invest in blockchain technology. When you can make money starting a business, then someone else can make money by just investing in it. 

So this is about investment. Blockchain is a decentralized network that connects transactions. In short, every transaction is controlled by ledger entry and nothing can be missed. If blockchain ledger has a ledger entry of your transaction, then congrats it is yours. 

If blockchain is so foolproof, it helps you to own things. Cryptocurrency or NFT. Invest in new and be on top of everything. 

Here are some Blockchain products: 

  • Secure Sharing medical data
  • NFT marketplace (the gas fees are all about blockchain management)
  • Music royalties
  • Cross-border payments
  • Real-time IoT
  • Anti-money laundering tracking system

Blockchain is everywhere for future generations. So why you should be left? Invest wisely and be part of future growth. Never invest in taking a loan or mortgage. Never take investment as your future insurance and retirement benefits. It can make you money for sure, but be secure. 

Interested to know about starting up small town business ideas learn more.

Incubation Center Unique business ideas are long way to offer stability in 2022
Photo by Thirdman from Pexels

6. Start an Incubation Centre

Institutions and universities normally do incubation. What if you become an institution too? There are many universities and institutions where no one even visits for recruitment, forget of incubating their idea. If every top-grade institute produces a start-up, then any small one is poised to start a substantial business too. 

Be smart to make the right choice and invest in the right business, which probably can be the next unicorn.

Here are responsibilities as an incubator: 

  • Academician
  • Venture capital firm
  • Lead library
  • Make them ready for a bigger investment 
  • Cost savings, direct solicitation, and pitch practice for a bigger investment

If you already had a business, then be an incubator, then this is the best way to give back to the entrepreneur community and make money. 

This would need investment from your saving and earnings. Don’t take any loan or mortgage. Tie up with investors who are like your thoughts. 

Direct to Customer (e-commerce brands)

If you have always been using FMCG products, then let me tell you, your era is great to junk these FMCG products and get on to new D2C products. Start D2C product, sell on digital business. Be popular with digital marketing. 

Pasta Salad Sauce

7. Pasta or salad sauce as D2C

If all your life had a Sony music system, then D2C has given us Beat. If you were wearing United Colors of Benetton designs, D2C has given you a t-shirt with the design of our thoughts. Nestle has given you sauce, D2C is ready with new sauce for your next pasta. The best part of this generation is adaptation. We adapt to anything, and we don’t wear blinkers to not see what world build is. 

Generation millennial and Z can adapt to any kind of product. Just don’t break the trust. D2C is all about being true. If you heard about great pasta or salad sauce. Work on making it as a product, pack it, and make it available to reach every sauce lover. 

If you have a beauty product like D2C electronic product as D2C or fashion line like D2C. Let it be anything, just make it available on a digital business platform. Market it on a digital marketing platform. This can be a substantial business. 

Here are some D2C eatable products:

  • Magic Spoon
  • Blue Apron
  • Perky Jerky
  • truBrain
  • Candy Club

More D2C product ideas:

  • T-shirts
  • Designer shoes and accessories 
  • Mobile case and bags
  • Whey proteins and health supplements
  • Beauty products
  • Electronics and audio accessories 

It attracts investment and might need to get a loan or mortgage. Please be true to what you start.

It would need investment to do the right digital marketing. Get the best of loan or mortgage. Be sure with every penny spent and go great. Businesses that are in demand and continue to be for women, check out now.

IT Related unique business 

There is nothing unique about software. Software developers and businessmen in this vertical already think 5 years ahead of what we are in. So much so that today we are thinking about a parallel universe. We never felt there can be a parallel universe, but with VR and AR, things are looking doable. 

So what unique business idea you can do in IT? Here I have one idea for you all.

Software Marketplace

8. Start a marketplace for software

Marketplace for software may not be a brand new idea. None above are brand new. I have tweaked them to meet the uniqueness. There are some marketplaces, but we can improvise. A place where not just end-users check software, but also a software developer who wants to plus a small module in already developer ERP or HR tech. 

Customer requirements will never die. If you are doing great with HR tech, the customer will ask you for timesheet management in the same system. Now, you can’t start developing what the customer has asked for. Developing anything within running software is tricky and creates a hassle for an already running platform. 

Instead, buy from the marketplace the code, implement that code within your HR tech and make your customer happy. 

Many software developers don’t work to make intellectual property. They just develop software to sell and earn. Marketplace for all such developers can be a great boon. 

So what are you waiting for, collaborate with the world of a software developer? Assure them of the footfall of software buyers. Convert them to sales and pay them their fee after taking away your commission. This model of marketplace still needs to pick up. So why don’t you play in the blue ocean? 

 This business-like would need digital marketing bots and will run on a digital business platform. We can bootstrap it taking no loans or mortgages. Start small and grow gradually. 

Here are some marketplaces:

  • CS-Cart Multi-Vendor
  • CloudBlue
  • Yo! Kart
  • Sharetribe
  • Yelo

Interested know more ideas for successful business startups follow here.

Fintech App
Photo by Torsten Dettlaff from Pexels

9. A to Z Fintech App

There is the reason I have mentioned Fintech as a still unique business. What you see as financial institutions and payment gateway firms largely run Fintech today. Then you payment wallets like google pay, amazon pay, apple pay, or Payoneer. They experiment with customer relations, marketing, and payment wallets. They are not Fintech yet. 

So what is Fintech I am talking about? 

Here, what if Fintech collaborates all the banks, connects insurance companies, API connections with stocks and bonds, software for personal financial management, and marketplace of every financial need? Loans, mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, and business loans. Such an app, which will pay niche in the area. It should be like Amazon of Fintech. 

This is surely doable, but needs collaboration. Big firms and banks can play spoilsports. But you can still start this business pioneering while software delivery and services. Work on adoption and user experience. As much as that everyone will bow to your delivery. This is a gigantic task. 

This kind of business would need investment from big investment houses and great connection with who’s who of business. 

Do it if you are born of making big in business. 

Some Fintech operating niches:

  • Clyde
  • Digit
  • Flywire
  • HIS Markit Digital

Few business ideas are so much value in the industry, which you can’t miss it explore more.

Google for Chatbots

10. Chatbot ideas as ease business

In this age of online, we passively connect. People are actively involved in real work and want to be connected every moment passively with friends, family, and loved ones. Especially, no one is interested to talk actively with customer support or registration too. Chatbots are a savior for such an instant connection.

Chatbot with NLP and artificial intelligence-powered software application that simulates human-like chat. In industries where customer interaction is an essential business process, like banking, insurance, e-commerce, and automobile, AI chatbots are game-changing.

Chatbots are easy to implement. Computer graduates can get on service to implement. Update the use cases and earn quick money. This business is a service and doesn’t need a huge investment to take a loan or mortgage your property.

Here are some chatbot business ideas:

  • Customer service bots – welcome, resolution, and navigation bots
  • E-Commerce bots – sales and product recommendation bots
  • Lead generation bots
  • Travel & Hospitality bots – booking, FAQ, promotions, and planner bots
  • Social media bots –
  • Survey bots
  • Appointment bots
  • Legal bots
  • Conversation AI bots
  • Financial bots
  • Educational bots

With so many use cases, in conclusion it is easy to find a customer. Hon your skills and get on chatbot business in collaboration with AWS Azure or IBM platforms.

A trending business idea you should check out in the digital era.

In the name of a parallel universe. 

Meta verse is buzzing and going to stay. People are getting crazy to be in a parallel universe, be it game or virtual touring. 

Gamin cafe or Metaverse
Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

11. Gaming café and metaverse

The idea of starting a gaming café is easy. There were gaming cafes when it was not workable to have gaming consoles or gadgets to play games. With the rush of mobile phones and gaming PCs, we hardly recognize gaming cafes. We don’t see any gaming café anymore. 

Gaming cafes are more workable now than ever. People are getting hooked on games more and more. They realize that parallel universe in the game is important too. People are buying cryptocurrency and land within games and there are communities. These communities host matches and give away prizes for the winner. 

So this verse is getting recognition. Gaming café will be a substantial business with an audio-video system that cannot be installed at home. Every hour spent in a gaming café should be great enough for the gamers. The ambiance should meet gamers. 

Around gaming café, you can sell games, consoles, subscriptions, and even announce matches. 

This business would need investment and probably require investors’ money or some loans. If done right, this business can be a chain of gaming cafés in business districts or city centers. 

Some Gaming Cafes:

  • Tech Time Gaming Lounge
  • Ignite Gaming – Chicago
  • Esports Stadium Arlington
  • Helix eSports
  • Localhost Arena – Denver

Here I give you the best business ideas which are unique. These businesses are poised to be great enterprises if done well. It can attract talent and a one-man firm can be grown into a big firm with 1k employees and revenues crossing 10 million.

Try a business that suits your nature and Skillset. Getting some training and mastering your skills will always benefit your business. In case you working and already have a mortgage to pay. In the meantime take a step-by-step approach. Altogether, don’t leave your primary job till the time you mastered making money out of business. 

Unique business ideas are not new. The new is the time when you start and the situation you are in. If meets both the cases, then I am your business coupled with your skills and investment will thrive to be great. 

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