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15 reasons to be back at work (in this quarter-end)

Being an optimist and evolution is human nature. Then that evolution can become out of our fear of Corona or growing our skills for new technology. We humans have done that best. Corona might have disrupted our rush for doing things last year. But this year is all about getting on the right track without fear of working hard. Then that fear might have vanished because of the vaccine or just that you built yourself immune.

1. Doing things is what it all matters.

The weekend will lead to the last working week of the first quarter of the year. Tension will be high and adrenalin rush will be utmost. What matters is how numbers will be achieved. The customer success team will improve its KPI. Finance will calculate incentives to make everyone feel worth it.

So what is that you will focus on this work week

2. Clear your head

When we are in a wild wild rush to achieve something, we forget to see what we are rushing at. How it will impact your life. We forget to take care of ourselves and near dear ones.

When this weak will finish and you are just out of your first quarter, you will start thinking about how your life is touching upon your macro goal. Worry about yourself and not what happens with you work life.

Clear your head and make right for what is stored for you next.

3. Grow to be Authoritative

Small or big, less, or more, whatever is your KPI, it does not matter. What matters is how you build yourself. In every work to do things, even if you end up not get it right, you will get the way to do it right next time. Be control of your things. Your life is your authority.

Work on making it right and be authoritative.

4. Leave behind the record

Being in this moment is life and looking at the future is evolving. This last week might have made you break all big records or feel low about your work, you need to leave behind and make a record of it.

5. Always look at the best side of what will come next.

Even the greatest win in sports is enjoyed for a while to mark a record. What matters is the thought process for the next game in the next fixture. Look at the new goals.

6. Never please all

You can’t please everyone in your life. Not all will like your win or efficiency. All are not your customers. Not everyone is here to clap for you. Always choose your cohort. Understand this cohort and make the best move for just them every time.

Even God can never have everyone believe in them, so you are just a human.

7. It’s your plan

What you did was your ownership and what you will do, will be your plan too. Make it your way to do things. Never feel let down on why you choose something. Just be proud that it is your way of doing things.

8. Be Generous

Knowledge grows when you share. Be generous with your experience. Make note of everything except what you do right and where you faced a tough time.

Being generous makes you remember.

9. Remember your efficiency

The right act of in this quarter needs to be noted down. Record your efficiency and make a mental note on how it helped. Try to repeat you act and be efficient.

Efficiency is about putting in less effort and getting the desired result.

10. Quarter ends for another quarter

The end is always for the start of new things in life. New things are always the start of taking the right steps. Do not look at the gloom, look at the fresh rise.

11. Your Ideas matter

What matters need to be done. Many of us just sit on the fence to see how someone fails. But when you played, you played with your idea this week.

They can grow the ideas for betterment. But at last, it is your idea.

12. Winning is not everything

In this last quarter, you might win some and lose some. What matters is your play and your sweat blood in the act.

13. When you are done

Quarter ends in what feelings remember when you are done with it. Making sure your moves will get your right on strike for next and being vigilant anything comes next.

When you did it, make a mark and get ready for next.

14. Bonus is not everything

We are human in the end. The bonus might be big or small. What you should wait for is human relation growth.

15. When you finish big

Wins make you stand alone. But then it will get crowded in some time. You need to evolve and look for the new big.

Looking for a new big is human. Be Human.

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