22 Facts About Profitable Small Business Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Business ideas don’t come from sitting down and thinking hard. Business ideas need to make money, which is fundamental to business. You will get paid when you solve a problem. This set a roadmap. Start looking at what problem people around you have. See what they struggle to do and try to solve their problem with your services. That’s profitable small business ideas for you. Small to big, let’s see what we have in the business ideas list.

Take the case of Brian of Airbnb or Jeff Bezos of Amazon. The center of their business is to solve an issue. 9to5 job is great to save from adversity, but your business is a great side hustle. Work hard to make a side hustle too big or just make money out of your side hustle.

Before you jump into the 30 small business ideas list that I have curated here, please check our Business Plan Template. It will help you structure your business idea. It will bring your thoughts into a proper roadmap and bring you to make big with your business idea.

Still figuring out what to do as a profitable small business

Let’s quickly jump into the business ideas list:

1. Blogging comes first in my profitable small business ideas list

profitable small business idea

I love blogging. It works very well if you put in all your effort. In case you write 2 blogs, then you are at a fast pace to make money. Blogging needs to be planned first. You need to think of the domain you will talk about, WordPress website, Grammarly subscription, subscription to SEO platforms to find keywords, and one devil advocate. This devil advocate will read your blog and guide you on how it feels after reading.

Earn money from Google Ads, affiliate marketing, selling stuff online, and writing for businesses.

Start this business idea as a side hustle and make big to run a website full of e-commerce.

Looking for grants for small business, read here.

2. Freelance developer to make money out of profitable small business ideas list

profitable small business idea

In case you are a full-stack developer and already hitting your WBS item of the project plan in half, then I am sure you have 4 hours spare. Some developers are so crazy that if you make the project manager or head of the developer, they will go back to just writing their code. If that’s you, make 2x of your salary by freelancing your skills as a developer. A freelance developer will make money out of the business ideas list.

Enroll in minor projects as you start and get on to consulting the best works on freelancing sites.

Small businesses funded by Venture capitalist, read here how to get the best one

3. A handyman is savior category from my profitable small business ideas list

profitable small business idea

Handymen are saviors. They come when things fall from their place or to fix the broken stuff. Handyman comes in quick and fixes things. A handyman can be a carpenter, lawn cutter, plumber, electrician, or even cleaner. They can even be a pick and drop guys too. A handyman can enroll on-site and be available for service. Handyman earns anywhere from $20 to $40.

Be a handyman and a savior for all people around you who want to fix things.

4. Freelancer graphic designer makes into my profitable small business ideas list

profitable small business idea

If freelancer developers can make money, then freelancer graphic designers are a big hit on freelancing sites, too. We need them for so many things around us. Graphic designers can do UI/UX for mobile apps. If the website is clean and sexy, then that is due to them. If the latest sci-fi movie makes a hit list, graphic guys made it. There are very less graphic designers various the demand. If you make your profile great, then I am sure you will make substantial money.

Enroll in freelance sites and make significant money. This is an art-centric entry into my business ideas list.

5. A resume writer can be a great help

profitable small business idea

People either don’t have time or don’t know how to write their achievements into a resume. Resume writing is a skill. In one glance, the interviewer needs to know about everything related to you. Getting a job isn’t easy anymore. People find it tough to make a mark in the crowd. Just a doc file doesn’t work. You need to have the right keyword to make it easy for recruiters to find you.

If you know this skill and can write a resume like a hot cake, then make a promotion on LinkedIn and get clients to write a resume for them. The business ideas list is all about problem-solving.

6. A travel planner is a neat part of business ideas list

Travel Agent profitable small business idea

A neat one since travel planners are experienced and make more out of less. Travel planners even know where to go and how to spend time. Is it about camping or is it about delicacies? They are now exactly how you should spend an on holiday with loved ones. If you do that, then make a business out of it.

Make yourself available, show your skills on social media and let people know you make a great travel plan. Get working and make profits from commissions and fees.

7. A personal chef for very personal service business idea

profitable small business idea

Cooking is a passion. You learned, or you just practiced making food, whatever it is, you are doing personal service. A personal chef can be for a full time or just for some occasion. Make a choice, create your food album and menu list.

This business is ancient but can have all new things added to your service. This can be a great business idea to make some extra money.

8. Manage properties is part of the profitable small business ideas list

profitable small business idea

Properties are a great way to make money. But managing its taxes to maintenance is a great effort. That is just alone makes everyone dispose of their properties. If you rent out, then that is another issue. Documentation of taxes is hard to manage too. Having too many properties are is a blessing, but managing needs support.

Be a property manager and commit to a fixed salary your way. This is easy if you know everything about how properties are managed.

9. Personal Trainer is going online

profitable small business idea

You can train anything. How to make sushi to how to write in calligraphy. Everyone wants to learn something. It can be for fun, or it can be for the profession. You teach it for money and train the special skill you know. Training has gone more online, and people subscribe to your content. You make money as people subscribe. Or you just make a special personal training service.

Teach and make money in that special skill, you know.

10. Interior designed to make home

profitable small business idea

Designing is a skill and a great way to make money. Interior designing is a very special service. People buy real estate and don’t know how to make a magnificent home. Make a home for clients, let them know new designs, use space and buy the right fixtures.

Make the most of money by consulting for interior design. Make money out of this business idea.

11. Bookkeeping specialist to manage money

profitable small business idea

Learn bookkeeping software like QuickBooks, NetSuite, FreshBooks, or whatever it needs to manage the finance of small enterprises that can’t recruit full-time accountants for their firm. Identify the businesses around where you stay and charge them part-time fees. As a business, you have over 5 firms to consult and maintain their books.

You can start small and employ interns under you to do so data entry and you follow reports. This will help you make more than $10k pm.

12. Professional office organizer

profitable small business idea

Small businesses and enterprises are in a rush to do things but never keep things organized. They are busy with business-related work and mess around in office space. A full-time organizer is very tough for such small businesses. You can be a help to them entering to their premises once in a week, preferably on weekend and clear all mess to organize an office. This can be a great side hustle working only on weekends and rest you do your job.

Make yourself available on weekends at business districts and handyman sites. You can earn anywhere between $20 t0 40 per hour.

13. Makeup Artist is a beautiful entry into my profitable small business ideas list

profitable small business idea

Looking good is not an option but has become an etiquette for many industries. We take no chance if there is an occasion or a party. Not everyone can do their makeup and reach a destination. Makeup covers multiple things. You need to make your hair, select attire, make your eyes, face, lips, manicure, and pedicure too. You can’t do it all on your own.

Promote yourself around the place you stay and connect them with WhatsApp or social media sites. Enroll in handyman kind site and be available to take orders.

14. Making cakes and cookies is a delicious entry to the profitable small business ideas list

profitable small business idea

People love to make their family and loved ones eat things they cook or bake. Baking is a skill, and it even requires operating multiple machineries. From kneading dough to baking in the oven and icing on the cake, all are with different machinery. If you already graduated doing them, then you can be in this business serving some delicious cakes and cookies around your residence.

Hire a delivery guy and take orders via WhatsApp and social media. Post all feedback to your friends and relatives. Ask them to promote your business and take orders. You can make a glorious business out of this passion for baking.

15. Moving company to move people around

profitable small business idea

In the last 2 years, this business has grown to the next level. If you have your fleet of vehicles, then shift your focus from good delivery to a moving company for residential or office space. Take combo orders of packing house stuff, moving them and unpacking, and setting it up at a new residence. This is not new, but this can be great if you work closely to get feedback. Enroll on sites like handyman and take orders.

This would need 2 or 4 guys to pick up and load. But when done, this can be a great money earner. It can be a side hustle for the transport company. Start this side hustle to make money with some friends.

16. Massage Therapist to earn money

profitable small business idea

WFH is great for some people but hectic for many. There is no time for recreation or rejuvenation. Laptops are ON more time, and we work almost till we go to bed to sleep. This gives all reason to get out of our WFH and visit the closest massage therapist to loosen our stuck muscles.

Make a salon with minimal furniture and more to soothe things. This is a substantial business to be in.

17. Clothing boutique runner is an old entrant of the business ideas list

profitable small business idea

If you know how people should dress and to add, if you have a diploma in fashion, then this can be a glorious business. Start with a theme. You can specialize in the boutique for special occasions or clothes for everyday wear. Get the brands and some local dresser clothes. Explain your choices to customers and help them buy to look good.

You can start with a tiny boutique and make a good big shop for clothing.

18. Event planner–on-demand entrant in the business ideas list

profitable small business idea

Event planning is not new. But parties have increased and people who traditionally did everything on their own looked for a planner for A to Z. They want their party to have a theme, good food, wonderful entertainment, and wonderful drinks. Collaborate with the best services and plan the most decent parties in the city.

This business can also be an extension to a caterer or decorator for parties. Be in the news for people to follow you and get the business.

19. Be a sleeping partner as Gym Owner

profitable small business idea

Not everyone needs to be a specialist to start a business. You can start a business by just investing. For example, no one will stop you from starting a gym if you are not a coach. You can still hire a coach, set up the best equipment, and make it a swanky gym. Keep it easy for people to enroll and maintain their health.

The best way is to invest in the gym and hire coaches or partner with professional who have clients.

20. Vending machine owners are no pain businessman

profitable small business idea

Trust me, there is no pain. Being owner, you only need a guy who will replenish and get money out of the vending machine. You, as a businessman, need to sign-up with property owners like hotels, malls, metro stations, and airports. Install your vending and work for a niche, so that people try to find your vending machines.

This business needs investment, but when done neat will be a great money-spinner.

21. Data entry job from home

profitable small business idea

If nothing comes into your head, then help the world by doing data entry. Everyone wants to be a part of digitization and, because of this, there are multiple data entry jobs available on freelance sites. Increase your speed of doing data entry and increase your client’s expectations by beating their target.

Enrolling in freelance sites will help to connect the world of data entry jobs. You can earn from $15 to 30 per hour if you work consistently.

22. Audio & video editor is great business

profitable small business idea

We all need some editing and voice-over to most good content on social media. We either do it on our own on mobile editor apps, but if your personality, you need someone doing it precisely. In case you have this skill in hand, then get on to work and make the best use of your laptop and skills.

Enroll in freelance sites and take more orders. You can make $20 to 40 per hour and if you work 48 hours, you can make good money out of this business.

So here guys, I have listed 22 business ideas list for you to pick and start. Don’t be humble for a lifetime. Start a business based on your skill and demand around your place. Make extra money while you work full time for a job or do business full time. Anything workable, just get on to make money. I made it easy for you to pick from my business ideas list.

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