3 Ways Your Business Can Do Wonders With Collaboration

Collaboration is not new in the business. When Government controlled, businesses made collaboration with Government. Today, in the era of free business, the easiest is to collaborate.

Collaboration is a strategy where businesses work together for a common purpose and business benefit. We will talk about how we can collaborate and make it great.

We collaborate software with APIs. Some YouTubers collaborate to create content and maximize their viewership. Celebrities marry celebrities to increase their followers on Instagram. On Twitter we trend tags taking the help of influential people. Countries collaborate with other Countries to make up with resource sharing strategy.

I entirely depended on my first business success on collaborating with POS software providers. Customers got automation without changing their POS. It made business easy.

Collaboration is a must. Why should your business be left without collaborating?

Assuming that you might be in business of e-com, Fintech, SaaS, affiliate market, or anything and facing a tough time to collaborate. Here I devise three ways to collaborate and get maximized output out of your business.

Collaboration is key for any business

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Collaborate with Big Brand

Your product might be the essential piece to do the job, or you might increase the efficiency, or you do automation of the process. Whatever it may be, you cannot run alone. Being a partner with brands is best.

Imagine you in e-com, work out someway to be predicted suggestion product for some brands which sell like hot cake. Or try to get branding on establish product website as partner product.

My data science friend started a retail analytics data warehouse on Azure. He got mileage being a partner of Tableau. Tableau is a known brand. Being on their website as a partner worked wonders for him.

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Affinity will push your product

Affinity mean substance combines with another. Butter has an affinity with bread, or Pizza has a great affinity with cola. Affinity will push your product without you knowing it.

Retail and E-com works in this line. Creating an affinity of unique product to product offers. Find the affinity of your business. Think about which brand can push your product much faster and in large numbers.

Bar code scanner as the product has a great affinity with POS machines. Webchat platform has a great affinity with WordPress web page products. Think about what fits your business affinity and collaboration.

Collaborate with doers

Doers are the ones who have a choice of products in the market to serve their direct customers with their services. Find who can be doers.

Imagine you are an adhesive company, and you need to collaborate with carpentry as doers or you are a beauty product and need the collaboration of a beautician. Or you sell whey proteins and cannot compete with big brands ads on social media, then the easiest is to collaborate with gym instructors.

Doers are the ones who can make your product work. Collaborating with them through technical know-how sessions can give the push to your product.

In one such case, one of my friends made a SaaS product to do webchat. The best thing he did is to collaborate with website developers of the world. The easy DIY helped web chat platform to sell miracle numbers.

Collaboration is not new. The innovation here is on how you will collaborate and become a business partner. Many business executives walk for collaborating one-sided. When you think about a strategy to win-win for everyone. I am sure many will buy your idea.

The collaboration first rule is never biased.

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