5 Side Hustles and Ways to Earn Extra Money

It frustrated me at the start of the pandemic. I didn’t enjoy a day in lockdown. I was upset that I couldn’t meet my loved ones and couldn’t go around. Things changed in the second lockdown during May 2020. I changed to a desk job and realized that inside sales to remote sales work wonders. Not just that, it gave me the freedom to work my way. Around the same time, I started watching GOT series and working on my CRM. I was productive and worked my ass out. I did only two things: work and sleep.

Time was in abundance. What next, working already for my firm, I started side hustling. I felt like doing it for fun, but later I started enjoying it. Today I work for my side hustle as a primary and job as my secondary. Jokes apart, side hustles and ways to earn extra money were real fun in life. 

Ways to make extra cash at home

Later it all showed in the stock market. It is not about investment. It is about side hustles all around. 

We had so much time to spare that either we cried, made babies, or increased weight. Around the world, work for side hustles. Side hustles to make money and create an enterprise for themselves. 

Are you still looking for your opportunity? If not, please kick yourself. People are working from home and getting on to normal.

We will talk about the most exciting side hustles and ways that will enhance your making money. Side hustle to make money is an impossible act. If done with hard work, you can make it possible. Earn as you do side hustle. 

So here are side hustles and ways. My take is on how you can make it a success. So, this time make it a success. 

Blogging is most suitable and flexible side hustle
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1. Blog for money

A blog for money. How is that possible when the nitwit is reacting? The average earner of a decent blogger is more than $10k pm. You should ask a question on how they do it? There is an effort put in the correct direction. Blogs are a great way to make money if you choose a domain, the region you target and write continues. Blog and side hustle to make money. 

It is not for someone who wants a quick buck. It needs continuous effort and writing a lot. Do SEO to increase traffic to your website. When your website has traffic, you convert it to influence them for e-commerce or affiliate market. 

Ways to earn extra money in blogs 

Earning from a blog is not tough. You need to focus and create your backend team or do it yourself. Just writing doesn’t take you to the endgame. You need to be very careful on the web. Writing about something good is not enough for you. You need to work on SEO. Search Engine Optimization is essential for being a great blogger. 

With the traffic of 10k pm views and then gradually increasing to 100k, you can become an influencer. 

You can enjoy being an influencer and making money. Make money from Google, Affiliate marketing, and selling things like e-commerce. 

Don’t be bland. Be razor-sharp and earn extra money or cash as you do well in your blogging. It is easy when you work hard to create content. 

Blogging is a business idea that can never fail. It needs effort, and be sure to earn extra cash for yourself. 

One of the booking industry is Social Media is perfect side hustle for you.

2. Be a Social media influencer

Normally, we feel social media influencing is about posting pics of ourselves, being a sexy model, and garnering followers. But there is the world around you that looks beyond looking good and sexy too. People follow excellent posts and influencers. I can be an influencer just by posting meaningful business content, creating groups, and connecting to my followers. Social media is a side hustle to make money.

Like, I can create a group as niche as rock music or a group on how to save tax. Create a group, connect meaningful members in it. 

This group can make you influence good things. Influencers make money by promoting things in a group. 

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Ways to earn extra money in blogs – social media influencer

Case 1:
Assume you are a great tax consultant. You know how to invest and make money. Making money as tax-free. Post content on social media and garner followers. Followers believe in you. This belief can make you influence them to buy stuff or affiliate. 

Case 2:
You are a rock music lover. You post content on rock music in the 90s. Rock music lovers follow you. You influence them to buy concert tickets, accessories, or music videos. 

These are ways to earn extra cash out of social media. Champion your social media influence. Find your niche and make money in this side hustle. 

Fintech App

3. Creating and Selling Online courses 

Online courses are a great marketplace ever. People learn to click great pics before they go on holiday. They learn to pack bags. They learn to operate a mobile phone. Write memoirs and essays. Cook with minimal ingredients. Learn a new language. Learn how to sell. Operate social media. Dance and sing for a special occasion. Learn to make home and everything you can think. 

Learning the world of things when you know exactly need is additional of life. 

If you are good at one thing which people are looking for, then you stand a chance to create a course and post it. Let’s say you know how to dance your way to Zumba, make content and sell it on online course platforms. 

Ways to earn extra money in blogs – Selling online courses

Being a champion in one field to making a course of it is difficult. But if you follow some guys who did, then you realize there is a template you can follow to. Just fill that template and make your content and start posting it on the online course platform. 

Be it Udemy or Linda, make your course popular among the niche. Promote on social media and garner subscribers. As you get subscribers, you will get payments. They pay you to make substantial money. It is how to side hustle to make money works. 

Enroll freelance sites to make money from home easy
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4. Enroll freelance sites to make money from home easy

Freelance sites are for everyone. Some are good for computer software and some are too good for designing. Freelance sites like Upwork give you options for everyone. Upwork, Fiverr, and freelancer.com work like Uber. Enroll, list down your skills, make a mark on your skills, and put you per hour rate. Get jobs and earn stars. The more the feedback stars; the more you will feature on their site. 

Here are the top 10 in-demand freelance jobs on websites:

  1. Accounting & Bookkeeping 
  2. Consultancy
  3. Graphic design
  4. Photography & videography
  5. SEO
  6. SMM
  7. Virtual assistant
  8. Website design
  9. Writing
  10. Software design

Freelance sites help people who want to work online from home. It gives the opportunity of a side hustle to make money. 

Ways to earn extra money from freelance sites

Freelance sites are the source to connect potential clients. Who is looking for talent that you possess? Make a great resume and keep a tab by spending time to check the listed jobs, bid for the job and grab a job. You get a job with a dedicated time of 4 hours a day or 20 hours a week. 

Freelance sites are easy to enroll, thus making a way for a side hustle to make money. 

Collaborate with the best app for stocks and crypto

5. Collaborate with the best app for stocks and crypto

Some guys have great analytical skills to do things. Be it in picking up investment options to save taxes. Or picking up a property, visioning the growth it might get. Things that these guys do are different from ordinary guys. Similarly, you find guys who invest in every damn thing to just get the returns as a stream of monthly income.

They do side hustle to make money for themselves. If you are such a guy and know the real trick to invest and earn returns well. Then collaborate with your friends and relatives. Choose the best app to deal with, be it either stocks or crypto or both. Earn as fees and extra as commission on the earning. The business idea is to make money for a longer time. 

Ways to earn extra money from the best app for stocks and crypto

Stocks and crypto are trending everywhere. Good or bad, people wish to invest in the right stocks and make good savings from them. Not everyone knows the trick like you. 

Collaborate with your near ones. Start a side hustle to make money as commission and help everyone earn money. Make sure you pick the best app for stocks and crypto. White labeling if it works well and you increase subscribers to your scheme. 

This business idea can be matured, though we start as a side hustle to make money. It can grow to be a business idea as an enterprise. 

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Start earning extra money while you do side hustle from your home

Although, we all wish to make an extra buck for our travel, university, medical care, and retirement. The effort to do it never matches. Making money online while you do side hustle from your home is easy, but needs your commitment. I have shared some mature business ideas. You can look around yourself and pick the best you can do as a side hustle. Start small and accumulate your business as you gain expertise. 

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