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5 Ways to make your Video collaterals for all purpose FREE

Video collaterals transformed how consumers shop. It revolutionized how sales and marketing team connect with and convert prospects. It even leads to better customer support and in addition will delight them.

In short, video collateral is incredibly useful throughout the entire sales cycle and heighten brand awareness. As you read through this article you will realize the importance of Video and how to do it.

Video collaterals are useful for more than entertainment. Like, Video on landing page can increase conversion by 80%. Just a mention of “video” in an email subject line can increase open rate by 20%. Many customers say video helps them to take decision when understood about offering in video.

Not just that, video on your personal social media can increase likes more than a content to read. Though many researchers say reading is an active process and video is a passive process to understand.

I still feel reading content can last long. Watching video is like someone is feeding you the information with a spoon and audience enjoys spoon feeding, which gets more eye.

If you aren’t creating video, you’re likely falling behind.

Here are types some Sales & Marketing video:

  1. Demo Videos
  2. Brand Videos
  3. Event Videos
  4. Expert Interview
  5. Know-How or How-To Videos
  6. Explainer Video
  7. And some personalized content based on company focus in marketing

There’s a lot that goes into making a video and there are several solutions available online free or subscription based.

This section will walk through the detailed process of creating and publishing a video for your business using some focused video editor software.

There are even some video software suggestion, you can make choice based on your understanding and requirements.


If you know Canva—graphic design platform, then you should know InVideo. InVideo is being Canva in Video world.

Super easy tool to create short videos to upload on social media, email landing page, demo showcase videos, etc.. You can leverage animated grid feature of InVideo to display multiple images in the same scene. Add little sticker in your scenes to optimize and create stickiness.

It is best suited to someone looking for a quick way to make videos by simply plugging content into templates.

Low point: InVideo may not be suitable for long, custom, in-depth explainer video. But it solves many things right by the time you use it.


If you are weak in visuals and don’t understand how to put the colors. Then you have Lumen5. Lumen5 considered as the easiest video maker for all purposes.

It comes with AI-powered technology to create engaging video content.

Lumen5 is best suited for anyone who wants to make video a regular part of marketing strategy.

It has around 15 million videos, stock photos and audio files makes popular choice.

Low point: Doesn’t have voice over option or sound editing features.


Biteable is best when you want to do animation in your video.

In case you are making video ads, explainer videos, presentations or social videos. Biteable will stand well in your need.

Library of pre-designed templates to mix and match with your own content as desired. Biteable helps you to create animated videos with characters, infographics or motion effects.

Low point: Animation might not help explainer videos or training content video.

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Another app with features like InVideo.

Typito comes with 500+ free motion templates and 600,000+ free images. With such a feature, it gives InVideo run for money.

It has features like instant captions, easy drag-and-drop editor and brand kit feature makes Typito a video maker favorite.

Low point: Typito is good for novice guy in video who need a simple way to publish videos on social platform, experts might feel a loss of features for experts.

Apart from these above Video editors, here are some quick choices:

  1. Veed
  2. WeVideo
  3. BIGVU
  4. StoryBlocks
  5. EasyVSL 3.0
  6. Wave.Video
  7. Rocketium
  8. Promo
  9. Animoto
  10. Fleeq

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