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6 way to make Monday like never before

The idea of keeping motivated is a need for an entrepreneur. Not every time we can go on an outing, and not every time we can have a loaded brunch on Sundays to keep up with energy for Mondays.

Universally, Mondays are always drag, and Mondays are the worst day of the week. You lie low on Sundays and gather your energies to have a grand Monday. But how can anyone make Mondays a sheer wait?

I have a plan, and probably this can help many executives and entrepreneurs keep waiting for Mondays.

Grab your energies on Sundays

The best way to keep up with your demand is to miss hanging around and drink to get voluntary madness on Sunday. Sunday’s binge grog will lead to a hangover, which will make every action on Monday a drag. Powerlessness and ache in your body will make you do either thing wrong or miss your to-do list.

You will daydream and miss making an impact in the meeting.

Instead, gather your energy by binge sleep. Love your bed, cuddle your cushions, keep the temperature right, and curtains up for low light. Keep your phone on Zen mode and sleep.

Pause yourself on Sundays.


Plan your Monday

Keep all your meetings on Monday and get yourself with one meeting over lunch. If Mondays are blue. Then choose everything in blue. Wear your best Blue suit. Eat Pasta made with blue cheese. Get a blue cheese-based pizza. Finally, have a blue curacao-based cocktail. Here is help for you:

  • Blue Margarita
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Sex in the Driveway
  • Royal blue cocktail
  • Blue passion

Choose your blue to beat the blue of Monday blues.

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Adhere to time

Oh, that lunch and with that cocktail, make sure you miss nothing. Adhere to time as if you work like oven. Adhere every second and wrap up where the meeting needs to end. You can drink as high as you want on Friday nights to Sunday afternoons. But then, you need to be high on your attention span and cut the alcohol on time. Get back to your to-do list.

The idea of having drinks on Monday is to motivate you. Not to act crazy.

Keep up with the work.

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Advantage Monday

You might not afford the cover charge of Saturday or Sunday in a high-end fine dining restaurant. But then you can take advantage of Monday slag business day at the restaurant. Get attention from everyone at the restaurant and get the best-made meal by the not overworked chef on Monday.

Check every loyalty and table reservation apps. Get discounts from every side and make your Monday the best.

Eat, Drink and Work

It is not Eat, Drink and do merry. But then it is Eat, Drink and Work hard. Remember, God is Great. Booze is good. Work is life. Keep up with the work.

Make a superb impression and choose your words to make the perfect closure of every meeting.

Take away

End up with cold Americano

Late evening meets with a business partner over cold Americano to end the day rejuvenating belly. Give rest to tummy and skip dinner or have a simple salad.

Feel good about your day. Plan Tuesday to sit and follow up work in your cubicle.

Have the bluest Monday ever.

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