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A routine to hit the goldmine

Trekking is the best part of what I do on weekends. In this routine, sometimes I had a chance to track weaver birds. I am not Ornithologist or trail-around bird to get their best pics. I go on a trek to have a sense of mental peace. I am sure many have their plan.

The name comes from their elaborated woven nests. The nest varies in size, shape, and material and materials differ from leaf fibers, grass, and twigs. The material gets mad angle if the birds are from some urban region.

The weaver bird gets on a routine, a routine to make a nest. With the size and limited thinking ability, weaver bird gets on task to finish what we could do with our bare hands. It shows how repetitive tasks and routines can help you achieve remarkable things in life.

We spent time in too much thinking. Sometimes we even act critical and skip work hard. We decide to junk it thinking calculative risk. I do not say this approach is wrong. But many a time, we junk the idea before even attempting it. With this un-attempt, we switch our gears to something different and do this continuously to fall into the trap of continuous failure.

What if we are a weaver and what we get on routine? A weaver bird approach by giving our energies to one thing at a time till they finish it. What if we stop thinking about how to build a wall, but do brick by brick to make a cart of a wall. This process takes painstaking, but what comes out as output is much delighted.

Table of content
1. Be Happy of Smaller Goals
2. Be Consistent and Persistent
3. Keep tab on progress
4. The End
Routine to succeed

Be Happy of Smaller Goals

We think a day like a year and try to do daily work as if we are doing it for a year. Puzzled! I am sure you will be. Our KPIs or KRAs get listed based on the timeline. It has a period of the quarter, half-yearly or yearly. Need to come out of daily routine to achieve these KPIs and KRAs in one day. Rather, need to break your goals into the work to do.

A goal that can be measured every day and you cheer or worried about it. With smaller goals, you will manage better, and your routine gets corrected every day.

You don’t plan every day, nor you become critical of your routine daily. Correcting your routine is a process. Being critical and thinking about KPI and KRA will lead you nowhere.

Break your goal like weaver birds. Weaver birds just look for material when they are sure about their plan. Collecting piece by piece to make their nest.

Be Consistent and Persistent

A process like this will only make you frustrated. Saying is easy, doing consistent is tough. Persistence is boring. Our mind is a distracter for our life. The brain works continuously to find new things. It does not like to do the same thing. But controlling your brain is your work.

Pushing yourself can lead to significant improvement point by point. Come into the regularity. It will make the deliberate practice look effortless.

Deliberate and focused practice on the field by sportsperson can have a direct impact on the performance.

Keep tab on progress

Do not be blinded. Deliberate practice will help you achieve bigger goals in life. When you do this, take a step back and check on what you did is working fine or need some quick-thinking to catch with macro goals.

You can’t just play a baseball match without looking at how the score is ticking. Keeping your target in mind can be the best way to get on a quick change in the action plan.

The intensity while working in routine makes it all-important for you to take a break. Break to check on what has come up with a strict routine and what needs to do. It will also keep you away from physical fatigue.


No matter what profession you do. You can be an employee or employer. Or can be a politician or sportsperson. The idea of getting in routine is a miracle to achieve the goals of life.

Sachin Tendulkar made 100 centuries with his routine of deliberate practice. Leonardo DiCaprio won Oscar by giving the best of his work year after year. Obama worked persistently for six years to rescue the country from recession by cutting the unemployment rate from 10% to 4%. A deliberate routine of Stark made them win Kings Landing in GOT.

Be on your routine and junk the distractions.

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