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Attn: Entrepreneurs, 4 ways to start your social media marketing

I have always been a slow mover on social media though I keep a tab on the buzz around. In the year 2008 when I first subscribed to Facebook, I was uncertain about the platform since I was on Orkut. I used to be a big fan of Google and their motto “do no evil”. But everything is evil about every other social media platform or Google and its data privacy clause to monetizing on our use pattern.

We can’t be away from these all platforms, they have become so big that even companies managing them don’t have a clue on how to control data breaches or various other things like fake news. These platforms are not slowing down soon. Their rampant growth is helping start-ups, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs to be viable and effective with their businesses.

So what is the trick in the book to be valid on these platforms and how to make effective digital marketing?

Entrepreneur productive tools

Plan consistency before you start

From 2013 to 2016, when I started MG Gyan posts every day over FB & LinkedIn, I never used to get over 10 likes for every post. But then I had just done it to do research on how the audience responds.

For every post update, I had to do constant research and make sure that it is valid for current affairs. So much so that I had OneNote on the drive to just keep making MG Gyan post ready. I stopped after 2016 and never started it again.

I learned something very essential and here are my findings:

  • Not everyone jumps to like your post, and it is completely OKAY
  • Audience read short lines
  • Audiences like posts with meaningful images and video
  • They even like consistency

People started recognizing me. Telling me that they read MG Gyan and keep it up.

Post-2016 I got in too many things and creativity missed considerably, I stopped and today MG Gyan needs to see the fresh day.

Similarly, when a firm or you as an entrepreneur start something, you need to be consistent and don’t bother about likes or views, just keep up the pace and you will find the takers.

You can strategize your content according to your product or services and you needn’t have to be a champion in the field. You can share your experience, findings, or good things about it.

Consistency will make it easier for your audience to find you, keep a tab and understand your message.

Entrepreneur productive tools

Build a brand message

MG Gyan word stood out, and it had its branding. So much so people started calling me MG instead Mahesh. My choice of name stood out too. My friend who is into branding told me later that MG as a word is a great choice after the success of global brands like MG automobiles or milligram, magnesium, and other catchy names.

Post analysis looks good, but then I never thought these all things when I called it MG Gyan.

I suggest you first find out what you want to say. Do you want to tell about your product and its greatness or your start-up adding value to customers? Pick a message and keep consistent with it.

Be master in your territory

There are many social media platforms, and every platform has its niche. You might have a message for every platform too and your plan is also to conquer everywhere.

I don’t know how standards get defined, on some platforms, it is all about work and on other platforms it is about entertainment or design standards. You need to find where you want to be a champ and where you will be an amateur. It’s fine to be amateur, and it doesn’t have any setback.

Use social media marketing automation tools

Social media marketing automation tools help you keep up with the pace and give you information that you cannot find on your own on platforms. It needs a hand to get every bit of information of your handle on social media. That can be a person. But I suggest you check out some automation tools which can help.

Here are some good social media marketing automation tools:

  • Hootsuite
  • GoHighlevel
  • Simplify360
  • Buffer
  • Hubspot
  • Social Flow

Do your finding of tools and make one best use for everything you need.


Social media is easy till the time you sign-up and start using it, but the complication starts when you just high-flying.

You can start on your social media marketing journey by doing research, finding the right platforms, and creating a high-level plan.

Having the same handle across all platforms helps you maintain consistency. It helps brand identity clear and strong. It even helps you to stand out from the crowd. MG Gyan and its handle are still popular, and all credit goes to one handle all platforms, consistency, and understanding audience.

I am sure my suggestion will help you start with your next social media plan. Research before you make use of these suggestions and ensure your success. 

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