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Australian Open is around; a lot to learn from Australia

Australian Open will start on the 8th and will conclude by the 21st. Its summer in Australia and the climate will be good for AO. To add excitement, AO has announced that they will allow 25k to 30k spectators in 2 weeks event at Melbourne Park.

My searches for Australian firms lead me to Australian Open (that’s good about search engine ranking mechanize) and please pardon me for that. I have been following the entrepreneurship trend in Australia with very successful companies. The last decade has been a great entrepreneurial year in Australia

The entrepreneurship rush started in 2014 and since then some good firms incorporated in Australia.

So what should we learn about Australian start-ups and entrepreneurship? What can we easily follow or what we can copy for your region and do great around your firm’s segment, niche, and region?

It is easy to replicate or copy a successful business idea. Work on making it more efficient, than trying to be an innovator. Not everyone can be innovators.

I have been following these Australian Companies. Their success is not just limited to the local market, but then to set up global standards with their expertise. Let’s discuss to be influenced.


Canva is easy to use by anyone, and it doesn’t need any introduction.

Canva has a market valuation of USD 1 billion and in existence for the last decade. The level of maturity very high. Canva is a thought leader in graphic design.

In case you aspire to make a Canva replica for your entrepreneurship endeavor, then I warn. It’s going to be very tough. You need a force of digital graphic designers to make templates and also be on time with the image library. This would attract a pretty decent investment cum effort.

An entrepreneur needs to be a design professional and understand what it takes to be a talented designer. You also need a software team to develop designing software with AI/ML knowledge. UIUX needs to be on top to make adoption easy and entice users.

I will never get into such kind of project.

The resource you would need to start:

1.      Team of 5 software developers

2.      Team of 15 graphic designers

3.      Marketing team

4.      UIUX, Customer Success, Finance and People management team

5.      Cloud space as infra and around USD 1milion

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor started in the year 2014 when email marketing was setting uptrend and outbound calls were getting off from marketing initiative.

Email Marketing is the only option that every business man has today. Though the open rate of email getting minimal to 2 or 3%, the automation tools are helping in every way. Email automation tools help you in many ways like:

·        Showing a mail as personal sent and not marketing

·        Warming up email ID to make it look old and trusted one

·        To write content that will not land in spam

·        Entice reader to click for action

If you understand this technology and know-how to make this tool more affordable and easy to use, then you will never run out of customers.

A small group of tech guys, with a marketing team and backed by a customer success team, can lead to success quickly. You can make a micro firm of 5 people and make fortune.

Entrepreneur productive tools

I suggest such a kind of pick and copy strategy.

The resource you would need to start:

1.      Team of 2 software developers

2.      1 UIUX, 1 Marketing, 1 Customer support

3.      Cloud space and around USD 10,000


A niche or specific is a mantra of new. You might find creative designers at Fiverr, Freelancer, or Upwork. Classbento works on a niche called creative designer for anyone.

In case you are part of a group of creative heads and always feel let down on the work you get. Either you can be a creative guy in need and feel no one understands your idea, then come together to team up. This team can be software developers, marketing, and hustlers.

The idea can be around non-creative too. Let’s say you understand how tough it is to get a plumber or lawn cleaner or scooter boy or deliver agent. Service can be anything, collaborating from job seeker to job giver.

Such kind of strategy can work well if you are great at creating content and driving traffic to your site. The time is so little by both groups that if they don’t find what they seek, they will drop.

The resource you would need to start:

1.      Team of 3 software developers

2.      1 UIUX, 2 Marketing

3.      Cloud space and USD 10,000

Entrepreneur productive tools


The checkbox is an enabler of Fintech. You can use the tools of to no code for your Fintech app. Checkbox made the complex regulation of banking into cloud software with the requirement of desire to start Fintech without a software developer.

It can get your checkbox ticked for any regulation like tax, audit, legal document, valuation, and comply with financial regulation.

You can replicate such a firm with superiority in software development and understanding how to federal banking rules. The software development will work in the guidelines of the federal bank and approve the application.

Selling such a solution will be easy if you excel in your product feature and its easiness of implementation.

The resource you would need to start:

1.      Team of 3 software developers

2.      1 banking guy with legal and finance knowledge, 1 QC

3.      Cloud space and USD 5,000


The tribe is a marketplace and a great motivator for any e-commerce enthusiastic. The tribe is a content creator by which it gets traffic on their website. They have around 2600+ brands to do affiliate marketing and drive sales.

No one believed in this, but when it moved to make big sales and have over 13000 influencers, they hitting success every day.

A solo entrepreneur can copy this idea and do it at his best.

So if you are a content creator and can write, talk or make a video to drive traffic from social media and search engines. Please do this from today and you will hit gold in months.

You can make a choice of niche what you want to work for. Like I just read one guy achieve USD &1 million sales by selling bog caps by pulling traffic from images that he used to post on social media. Images of dogs wearing a cap.

The resource you would need to start:

1.      You as an individual with content creation technique, a website, and affiliation or drop shipping.

Entrepreneur blogs are all about 30 easiest business to start or what you can do as side hustle with you full time job. I am sure that will work for many. But replicating big companies like I mentioned above can be great entrepreneurial life.

Please drop your comment and let me know what you think about it and in case you want to discuss replicating some other successful company. I will try deciphering to ease your endeavor.

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