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Being ahead of time at WORK PLACE…

When I started writing this blog, I had a doubt if this is valid for today’s work culture with more and more WFH, informal or formal work environment doesn’t stand. Hoping things will cool down and gradually we will go to our work place exactly same way life last year.

I grew in culture of maintaining decorum at office place and it is not about decorum always, it is also about positive company culture. A culture will keep employees and employers motivated and engaged. These elements are very important than ever before when we have a strict hierarchy for work culture. 15 years back employers use to question on why someone is roaming around office or not at his desk. I heard in some cases Boss records time employees spend in wash room. That’s real yuck of employer.

Generation X entrepreneurship forced to change this. They are vibrant and can work from micro brewing beer café when they sell 1+1 offer. So what makes them more productive than any good office environment? Is it informal culture or is it vibrant ambience of coffee shop and beer café, or is it about self-motivation. Anything is good.

Entrepreneur productive tools

Here are some latest office cultures which I will promote…

Piped music in office

It is not about your employees like to hear music or not, piped music can create a sense of soothing and take away of constant chaos sound. For some obviously helps in increasing engagement, morale and overall productivity.

According to some research by The Telegraph and other news agencies, music had a positive impact on the majority of workers doing routine job like software testing, data entry, software development or any function in that sense. Music can never harm your productivity it can only improve.

Pros of Music are Focus on work, absorb information, stimulate creativity, drown out co-workers, break-up mundane task and boost morale.

And types of music are classical, instrumental, movie/tv scores, video game soundtracks, nature and white noise.

Here are some of my favorite play lists:

Wearing smart casuals

Generation X believes in wearing minimal and relaxed. That can be as simple as Sweat shirt, Hoodie T-shirt or Athleisure or even simple Tee with print on demand. That can be logo of firm or what they feel about product.

Minimal clothing is rule of the day and many tech entrepreneurs showed us how it can help to boost work culture. I have seen latest tech and SaaS firms sell T-Shirts or Hoodies to keep up with easy clothing. They imprint logos of their product, which gets mark for PR.

Entrepreneur productive tools

Doodles at reception

Doodles can be new emotions and they show about culture in organization. Even caricatures of boss and his working style can be great statement. Doodle can be great style statement of employer or entrepreneur behind the firm.

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