Best CRMs for Small Business Is So Famous, But Why?

Business ideas are exciting for an entrepreneur. Any new entrepreneur would love to be in just making conceptual readiness of business. A creative rush can get a product or service idea. As you make your concept into an actual business. Soon, reality hits to business management take over. From project management to sales management, you start early to adapt. Sales management is essential. Choosing out of best CRMs for small business lists will ease. 

The secret of getting ahead in sales is getting started with CRM. CRM manages your accounts & contacts. It helps you do sales communication. Be it intro mail, nurture mail, newsletter emails, or transactional emails while you are close to the closure of a sale. 

There are multiple CRM apps. Making choices at the start of the sales process is as important as your business idea. If you want to change with something new, it will be hard. Almost every CRM comes with freemium, so don’t rush in picking up anything. To ease your life, we have tested dozen of CRMs to give the most chosen one. The list of Best CRMs for small businesses is quite helpful.

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1. HubSpot CRM is my favorite of Best CRMs for Small Business list

#1 Hubspot CRM best for small businesses

HubSpot CRM is my favorite. If you never used CRM, then this makes life super easy. Maybe you are new in business, in sales, and have a fresher in your sales process, HubSpot will make it easier. 

HubSpot CRM UI/UX is super simple with a drop-down for every feature. Create a contact with an email ID, and it will create a company name with domain ID is email ID. Manage templates, make conversations, set the status, and close the deal. 

HubSpot is free, important features come at the free version. Connect Gmail, Outlook, or any IMAP. Start sending emails, check the read status, get a report of call to action and send personal emails as a response. Configure the calendar feature and make a call from your website. 

In the free version, HubSpot allows multiple users, with a maximum of 1 million contacts. It embosses the stamp of HubSpot in every email when sent to customers. 

G2 Top CRM Ranking: 97% satisfaction score

Capterra User Review Rating: 4.5/5

Finances Online Top CRM Software Ranking: 9.8/10

Pricing: Free up to 1 million contacts

2. Zoho CRM is the oldest of the Best CRMs for Small businesses list

Zoho CRMs best for small businesses

Zoho CRM is the one that created CRM buzz and has been the best CRMs for small businesses for quite a time. Zoho comes with extremely useful features and uses the best AI/ML to ease the sales process. 

It has a feature called SalesSignals that notifies sales reps leads to interact with your website, links, YouTube, or social media interaction. It helps sales reps to focus on the right lead and close the sales. Using AI helps to track the leads. An enterprise plan helps sales reps to prioritize leads. 

Zoho is has grown with time. Zoho connects further with a suite of Zoho invoices, Zoho Books, and Zoho analytics. It is to meet the startups and scale as startups grow to become an enterprise. Zoho connects you more with the help desk, social media, HR, email campaigns, surveys, forms, etc. Zoho is a class with its accounting collaboration modules. 

G2 Top CRM Ranking: 78% satisfaction score

Capterra User Review Rating: 4.0/5

Finances Online Top CRM Software Ranking: 9.4/10

Pricing: Free up to 3 users and 50k contacts

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3. Pipedrive is 3rd on the list of Best CRMs for Small Business

Pipedrive Best CRMs for Small Business

Pipedrive is the best choice for a startup to become SMB. The scalability is super simple, and it works very well with the historic data of lead interaction. The best feature of Pipedrive is to show the visual appearance of the sales process for every lead. It gives creative juices and steps to what follows next in the sales process for a particular lead. 

Pipedrive has a beautiful UI and is simple to pick up. Adoption is as essential as a business process, as buying a system for no use is a waste of business time. Sales folks are crazy and can jump out of anything that bores them. CRM is that important and doesn’t let your sales folks tell the reason they not updating CRM. 

Pipedrive is very easy to set up and scale as you grow to become an enterprise. 

G2 Top CRM Ranking: 91% satisfaction score

Capterra User Review Rating: 4.5/5

Finances Online Top CRM Software Ranking: 9.5/10

Pricing: $12.5 per month per user with a 2GB data limit for each user

4. Streak CRM is the wild entry of Best CRMs for Small Business

Streak CRM best for small businesses

At one point, the feeling comes as it made Streak CRM for Gmail. It lives to be part of Gmail. They stitched the CRM with Gmail. If you are a super fan of Gmail Inbox, then you love it. 

A quick chrome app will integrate with Gmail inbox. Everything that flows in the inbox will flow in your CRM. It helps the hard work of updating in CRM, rather everything would be there in CRM. Manages everything from deals to contacts and social media interaction to call for action like any super-duper CRM, 

Communication with Gmail becomes easy. AI/ML helps you to track the best way to communicate with your leads. 

Streak is very easy to use and can be adopted very well if you are part of the Gmail suite. 

G2 Top CRM Ranking: Not ranked

Capterra User Review Rating: 4.5/5

Finances Online Top CRM Software Ranking: Not ranked

Pricing: Free for individual entrepreneur

5. Best CRM for Small Business – Agile CRM

Agile CRM best for small businesses

Agile CRM is a combination of sales and marketing combined. It saves a lot of money for small businesses where otherwise would need to buy individual platforms for sales and marketing. It keeps sales and marketing on the same page. 

Agile CRM works very well for content creation. It is easy with just a first name. Sales reps even have options to score every lead that will help them gauge well for the sales process. 

Agile CRM allows you to create contact either by reps or by forms on the website and flow straight into the Agile app. 

We can design campaigns as specific as sending a follow-up email with coupons or offers. They can change these campaign triggers from time to time. 

G2 Top CRM Ranking: Not ranked

Capterra User Review Rating: 4.0/5

Finances Online Top CRM Software Ranking: Not ranked

Pricing: Free for 10 users and can add contacts up to 25k

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