Workout plan for Entrepreneurs

Best Workout plan for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs love to be in one work, they don’t juggle around with too many things and believe in hustling at one place. That place is their workplace, and that thought is making firm and product stand out. Entrepreneurs isolate themselves with tech gigs to give results.

They micro manage things that are essential and are behind the team to get work done. 5 days in a week is self-burning in work and no one can disturb. The only thing they remember is to keep going. Work and life balance are on the tenterhook and that is fine for them.

It’s all good when you are fit to do things and nothing can replace your health. I urge all entrepreneurs, if you can’t take up health regime on weekdays, then weekends are as good as you professionally working out.

This article will cover things to do on weekend and still be on top of your health.

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Running can be a great motivator

Run till the time you don’t achieve your target. My running partner tells me (who thought me running) running is not just for the body, it is more for the mind. It is making your mind learn that the pain you going through is fun and it will delight the results. You need to program your mind continuously to forget the pain.

Even a marathon runner has gone through the same pain that you will face the day one. But they have programmed their mind to focus on the run and not pain. So run to achieve.

Make run just the way your business is, you can’t settle till you don’t achieve your goal at business. Similarly, you will not settle till you finish the run. Running is to put all effort, but keep enough energy for the finish line.

Partner with like-minded people. Get a peer group and founders. Share the struggle and know what best practice to meet targets or any KPIs. It will be a great way to get out of routine and still be in business.

Win a day by running. Keep your Friday morning easier than other weekdays. Keep your to-do list light on weekends.

Take out time and go for a run this Friday to Sunday.

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Hit the Gym on weekends

You can hit the gym on weekends. Even bodybuilders have a routine to go alternate days for GYM. No one can hit the gym every day and till the time you are going for competition or starring in an action flick. 

Do cardio, cross fits, or weight. Just do something. Give that pain to your muscles, let them pump, and give you extra energy. Gym can give you happiness.

When you exercise, your body will release Endorphins, which interacts with your brain to reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling.

This exercise regime will:

  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Self-esteem
  • Help you sleep well

So don’t miss this week’s GYM and try running 7 miles every day from Friday to Sunday.

Eat right

Now, this not just goes for weekends, it is something which needs to be practiced every day. A Balance food plan is most important for our well-being. Entrepreneur work culture is to drive more energy for brain function. This takes a toll on the body. You need to have a balanced diet to keep you going.

Focus on the right carbohydrates, good proteins, and meals with minerals and vitamins. Don’t have irregular food habits, which will spoil your gastro. Have consistency in what you eat and what time.

I am not a dietician, but in case you need one, then please visit and discuss your diet plan. Follow religiously. Many believe in intermittent fasting, if you can do it and if your dietician recommends that, do it.

Health is all about what you eat. So eat right.

I am sure this will help you start today and keep following this blog site for more insights on keeping healthy.

There are many supplements which will keep you going, they are not bad, you can take them when you feel it’s right.

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