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Bouncing off from the landing page is the worst

An entrepreneur needs to focus on Sales & Marketing as a crucial process for development or product or customer success.

What’s the point of a great product without customers? Many firms produce great products, but then they fail miserably strategizing their selling.

Apart from making a product, founders need to have a passion for sales. They need to speak about it as a problem-solving strategy. It gives great value to the customers. When you speak up, it should sound every bit talking as a great savior with your product and services.

How would you do is a question? The attention span of your lead, prospective customers, and list of contact is minimal. What you doing is the same as what your competitor does. Out of that, if someone clicks your link and your landing page flunks. Then the hard work done is gone in a flash.

A landing page is everything that you spoke about in email marketing and social media campaigns. Many startups work to create great teasers over email and post. But give a calendar link or product feature page. That’s a blooper.

The landing page needs to be laser focus

The easiest blunder entrepreneurs make to land the reader on the website. Website is not anyone looking for. Website is an encyclopedia and starts knowing is not to tell anyone the day you’re born to where you did your graduation.

An entrepreneur shows how dumb they are by landing readers straight to the website.

The landing page needs to be a focused approach based on your mailer content. The action by the reader is because of your teaser. The reader would like to know more about offering and not your life story.

Re-write your landing page connecting your content on email and social media campaigns. Conversion works much better than just one page for everything.

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Design of landing page

Founders feel they need to tell as if they are babysitting someone about the product offering. People get bored reading the same thing. It gets me to the point that you need to rewrite your landing page with catchy headlines and word-making a cue to read more.

Here are essential landing page design standards

  • Re-write headline
  • Shorter sentences and more subhead
  • Call to action
  • Trust factor adds value, like a testimonial

Entrepreneurs focus too much only on email and social media content. The landing page is like 80% of the iceberg. When someone comes on it, they need to take action. A landing page is a lead creator, and here your sale starts.

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The landing page needs takeaway

Take away makes the reader remember about you.

Takeaway can be an e-book or case study talking about how someone implemented your solution and felt overwhelmed about it. The story needs to be true and should have a sense of visualization. When your leads visualize themselves in a similar scenario, then you win.

It can be a video about how people did it. Or DIY, can be knowledge or it can be freebies.

Call for action

Action can be to subscribe to your service or ask for a demo. Anything you plan should lead to easier sales at the end. In DIY time, the lead would like to do most of it by finding it yourself.

  • HubSpot landing page leads to subscribe and start free CRM
  • Tableau landing page takes you to download freeware and start getting hang of it
  • Netflix leads to content showcase enticing you to subscribe to it

Call for action is everything that anyone would need after hard work of making the reader read your email and social content.

Imagine you send 100k emails, out of that you get success of hardly 4 or 5%, can’t afford to miss the person who took the effort to come on your landing page.

Think over as the crucial piece.

Whatever you do about your landing page, nothing is fixed and not one strategy works for everyone. You need to test every bit of your landing page. Check on the %age of success and keep a tab. Do an A/B test of your landing page. Take a note of segment and persona. Go very specific and I am sure you will have success with your marketing campaign.

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Checkout our design

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