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Should Entrepreneurs burn the boat and bridges?

Long story short: to destroy a bridge, boats, or path behind. So that your troop doesn’t return looking challenges. Can we burn our return path. Will it be possible that we don’t retract looking at the challenges of Entrepreneurship. Is it best to do this? Though in challenges human being evolves with new ideas.

Think this way you might be doing very well with your corporate job. You have life, family, kids, and bank loan. Whatever savings you have, skills you have, or even talent and smartness, everything would be at tremendous test.

Entrepreneurship is a whole new game. It stresses you to break. 

But to get going, it is always better that you don’t think about going back to your corporate job. You need to burn your past and pathway. You may not win at the start. If you put in your hard-work then you will win your battle of entrepreneurship. 

Burning your pathway to return is not about burning your connections, network, prospect customer whom you know, and a tech team who can help you in tough times. Burning your pathway is about the shift of thought process and thinking about the comfort side of jumping on a corporate job rather than achieving the desired outcome. Don’t shift your focus and never ease your target to be mediocre. 

Here are some tips which might help you in the forward pathway. 

Be frugal and don’t get into liabilities

Desires are mind games. To wish to show relatives, friends, and people. Desires kept limited can reduce a lot of your worries and save your money. It will get you on a frugal and nimble lifestyle. Life is not about showing that you have brands, cars, assets connected with liabilities, traveling places, or even eating out. Everything can wait in life. 

Your mission is not easy to achieve. Keep savings for your tough time as an entrepreneur is more important. 

Don’t get on undue challenges of paying liabilities throughout your life. EMIs are worse to have in life. Just wait for some more time and keep going with den what you are free of liabilities. 

Changing a lifestyle is not about some money spending. It is more of a continuous spend. Never fall into a lifestyle trap. 

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Let your spouse take care 

It is a blessing in disguise. If your life partner works and earns decent to keep up expenses, then this will be lifesaving. I have seen many entrepreneurs with a spouse working at corporate and can take care of everything. 

Never shy away to discuss your plan. Keep your communication right on note, don’t build miss understanding which might impact your married life. Being loyal to your plan and listening out can give you the motivation to work hard. 

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Go for your outcome

When you set your firm, don’t worry about anything and go for your ultimate passion for entrepreneurship. Be free and set everything right to win. You can’t even go back to your corporate job since you burned pathway. Need to achieve your goal. 

Win small and add up for a bigger goal. Use everything that you learned at your corporate job. Set the KPIs, and track exactly the way your corporate taught you. 

Keep your resource in check, your employees, your cash flow, your cloud infra and everything which burns your cash. It will help not waste anything. It is your hard-earned, needs to go right place. 

Struggle, be persistent, celebrate the win

When you are all set and already burnt pathway. Be sure your energies are only to achieve your Gantt chart tasks. Be persistent with your sales communication and celebrate the smaller win. 

Remember, you already won by taking up entrepreneurship. Now you need to stand by your way and maintain the glamour around entrepreneur. 

Avoid too many partners

Do not go partnering with an opportunist, who wants to get warm on the wood you burn. There will many who want to be a partner for their ego.

There will be those who want to join you for part-time earning, don’t let anyone know that you are spending for nothing. Have a team to work is more important but not giving away freebies.

Burning the boats and bridge might be just saying, it works in many cases. There are events when you are in employment and know that your paycheck is best in the market. You will hardly try to jump the ship. They will stick around and try to innovate to achieve your KPIs in the job.

Entrepreneurship is the same, you don’t have a choice but the only option to work here or perish.  Do your best and come out as the best entrepreneur in vertical, region, segment, or tech.

And when you win the path, make sure you help the community of Entrepreneurs.

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