Top 5 Digital Business Ideas for small towns

Top 5 Business Ideas for small towns


Countryside and small towns are an abundance of things like open space, free land, nature, human resources, sustainable raw materials, and a lot of time. People in a small town are not in the rush to make money quickly. They make money, patiently wait for everything. It does not stress them from reaching somewhere every morning. Imagine if you combine the best of the village with digital business? It will give multiple opportunities that will be tough for us all being in urban cities. There are many business ideas around small town, but this list tries to work on some best business idea for small town.

The time now is best for a small town. Imagine three decades ago, it was tough to get landline telephone number or even electric power. The movies which used to release in urban on day one would have taken 3 to 6 months to come to a small town. Today with the internet everything is at the same time. Movie release at the same time and eCommerce deliveries everything that Mega-city gets. Combine the best resource from both the world and try the best of business. With digital business, it will give wings to your business. Start a small business and grow it into an enterprise.

With over 50% population living in villages and small towns, there are amply of opportunities to start a new business. With the digital business, we can win over urban. Agri is livelihood in rural. Every business and livelihood related to Agri. We explore some of the digital business ideas you can start as a small business and grow it in your primary work.

1. Great business idea for small town -Sustainable Products

Sustainable Products
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We start with the abundance availability of Agri supply. Agri plays a pivotal role in sustainable business. Apart from Agri, small towns and villages get you easy supply for reusable stuff and easy manpower. With resources, you can make products like:

  • Zero waste gear (like shopping bags)
  • Personal accessories (like imitation jewelry, clothes, and tabletop pieces
  • Planet Friendly cutlery (compostable plates, bowls, glasses, and cups)
  • Eco-friendly picnic and travel products (water bottle, plates, and bags)
  • Sustainable clothing (Bamboo based clothes t-shirts and sports accessories)
  • Ayurvedic (Agri based medicine)

Design products, brand them, plan go-to-market strategy, work on efficient manufacturing, make use of digital business strategies like eCom, social media, and social influencers. Plan for this as a small business and grow to make it an enterprise.

The best use case is Agri-based Mattresses. We use coconut coir as a base of mattresses. Produce, market, use digital business and make a substantial business of it. Similarly, shopping bags and kitchen reusable cutlery are the next enormous success. This can be a great business idea for small town, make an enterprise.


More than $5k

Tips: Use blogging and social influence to talk about your sustainable product

2. Trading business idea for small town – Trading Agri produce

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With modern retail and food chains, corporates would need a continuous supply of agricultural products every time. Such food chains don’t start a new menu. They get in contract with farmer collaborators and assure supply. Assume that McDonalds starts McEgg, would need eggs. McDonalds would like to contract with farmer collaborators. So McDonalds announces a new menu with chicken nuggets, flavors, and new sauces, McD would need an unstoppable supply of ingredients.

In case you can get farmers to trust you, then you can bid for such business.

You can start a farm-to kitchen mobile app and sell farm produce. Brand your digital business, mobile app, partner with rider apps, and collaborate with the marketplace. This business looks too good to fail. The only issue is that you dump the idea as it is no small business.

Trading is great, such business idea for small town works well to make a great livelihood.


More than $5k

Tips: Social influencer to talk about farm to kitchen strategy.

3. Small business idea for small town – Agri Science Products

 Agri Science Products
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Be in a small town or village and sell things they would need most. Build your delivery systems, mobile app to educate on what products will help and how to use best to get maximum yield. Okay! Here…

This is about Agri tech products like seeds to farm, chemicals to yield most, and insecticide to save the crop from pests. A bit of your knowledge of Agri tech will help the most. Get influencers, write blogs and grow the interest in the products which you sell. The more you educate, the more you sell.

Everyone from a trader in Wall Street to a farmer in Arizona has access to mobile and the internet. If you use digital business skills like social media, mobile app, marketplace, and influencers, you can succeed in this business.

As a part of small business idea for small town can earn you great income for life and saving for retirement.


More than $5k

Tips: Social influencer to talk about Agri tech.

4. Enterprise business idea for small town – Food processing

Food Processing
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Being close to farmers and farmland, you will have access to products firsthand. Understand the food industry and what will work if you process the produce of farmland.

It can be extracting juice, cutting meat, vegetables, and fruits to serve or cook. Cooked food to directly heat and eat.

Collaborate with the best chef, use social media and digital business strategies, grow your business multifold. The generation next will not be interested to waste time cooking and feeding. They would want to eat out of the pack.

Food processing needs good investment, but this business idea for small town needs to connect well with urban cities.


More than $5k

Tips: Social influencer to talk about farm to kitchen strategy.

5. Online business idea for small town – Make money by Airbnb

Make money by Airbnb
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People stay in a studio apartment and eat junk out in the megacity. They live plastic life of being updated in tech and social. Every time you approach the countryside feels like living life around nature. It is what urban citizens feel and if you own an estate in the countryside, then please make it available for urban brats. They will love it and will make you famous on social media. If you use digital business media and make your property available on Airbnb, you will make money in Airbnb.

It is easy to be there; you click pics, write a note on them, and enroll to influencers. It will make you money very well every time weekend comes. The best part of this digital business is you just wait for people to give feedback. More your ratings, more your followers.

This small business idea for small town can be great livelihood.


More than $3k

Tips: Social influencer to talk about nature and stay.

My business ideas might strike your head and feel very tough. Sure, there are some ideas which will take everything best of yours. If you do, you will make a life for making money.

Digital business is not a hurdle, it makes every business easy. It gets you more and more leads and makes you run a business.

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