Top 10 digital business ideas for startups

10 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Business Ideas For Startups.


Every Graduate who passes out from school is in doubt if they should start a business or should join a job. It may be easier to do a job. Getting used to doing things professionally is more important than starting a business. Some champion businessmen started business on campus and were so confident that they drop-out in between. I wouldn’t suggest that as life is very difficult. It is not certain that it will work for you as well. Here, Let me draw some important elements of Business ideas for startups.

Business is like an association, don’t just start since you have a friend who syndicates well for beer or puff and can give you life. Business is not friends and business gets you on your knees. Having a business idea is different and working for it is completely different. People can’t convert an idea into reality. Be careful about what you do. Today, starting a business has become easier than 2 decades ago. The digital business gives anyone a chance. Why should you leave behind?

Self-employment is great

In case you are sure or not sure and still thinking about what to start as a business. We will discuss in this blog digital business ideas for a variety of graduates.

Self-employment is great, and it gives you the freedom to work your way. This freedom is addictive and can make you a procrastinator. Youngsters without motivation or pressure to do things miss the idea of a start-up. I would request you don’t fall into this trap.

A leader is one who keeps one thing in his mind. If you procrastinate, your follower will also do the same. Starting a business and keeping afloat is more important. 80% of firms die in the first 6 months. I am sure you will not fall into that category. Business is passion, and it needs to be like a lifeline.

I will discuss digital business ideas for stream-based, find you’re in of the category and choose what business you want to start.

Techie digital business ideas for Startups:

1. IoT is a business ideas for Startups

Internet of Things is perfect choice to start a business as a startups
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

IoT stands for the internet of things, I know you know this. IoT is hot and people want to use it in their life. Using IoT at Home, Retail, Energy efficiency, Smart Farming, Ease of Manufacturing, and various other domains. IoT is a device that collects data and pushes it to the cloud. We can further analyze this data for betterment. Here is an example: Let’s you run a mall and you have a huge energy bill, don’t know how to save money. IoT devices will continuously send you the data of the place where there is an electric drain and give you an alarm to fix it. Saving on the energy bill is just one use case.

Here are some top IoT product ideas:

  • Energy Management software
  • Water monitoring system
  • Ambiance Control
  • Smart farming
  • IIoT (Industrial IoT)
  • Smart Home & City

If you are good in electronics board design and can make sensors work to push data on Cloud. This business idea suits you well. Digital business is by you with IoT as your choice of a business idea.

2. Data Analytics & AI/ML as a business ideas for Startups

Product Analytics is evolving and increasing demand

AI/ML surrounds us. Everything on our mobile to TV is on intelligent AI/ML to get us to personalization. Your social media platforms, maps, email, messages, a notification from apps, OTT platform suggestions to watch new series, or what you should order on DashDoor, AI/ML runs everything. AI/ML drives digital business.

It would need a knowledge of DB query, BigData, AWS Data warehouse skills, and a lot of Stats & Maths. If you are good at it, then try identifying a problem around your place. Identify a market and build Data Analytics & AI/ML platforms.

Here are some use cases:

  • Data Security
  • Personal security,
  • Financial related
  • Healthcare-related
  • Marketing personalization
  • Smart Cars

There will be no less work for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the future. This is part of the digital business. This business idea will take you quite far.

3. API Consultant as a business ideas for Startups

API is revolutionary step in digital space

API is a handshake for the world of apps & data. There will be a collaboration between apps, business software, social media, e-com, data analytics, and multiple platforms. API consulting or API-related products are going to be in immense demand. They will fuel the digital economy and drive digital business. API business going to be the best thing for the next decade. API is a driver for digital business. This will work well for you as business ideas for a startup.

To build API, you need to understand data structure and DB queries. Postman is a collaboration platform for API and is valued at 6 billion. That big is the API business. Just an API.

Here kinds of APIs

  • Open APIs
  • Partner API
  • Internal API
  • Composite API

If you are good at data structure and DB query, then jump to this business today.

4. APP Development Consultant as a business ideas for Startups

Developers can bring new change if they are innovative

APP development needs a unique skill set. You need to know the UI/UX related skills, front-end coding like angular language kind, and assume how the user will love to interact with your app.

Apps are not boring. Every app comes with the thought of how easy it will help users and achieve their work. Connecting internal APIs to interact with DB will get you the required results.

Here are some ideas for App development around a digital business:

  • AR app that helps design
  • Scan and convert
  • Health check-up
  • Railway tracking app
  • Language learning app
  • Voice Translation app
  • Bike servicing app
  • Call recording app
  • Scan to shop apps
  • Mail navigation map

There is a saying in Apple, “there is an app for that”. Wear your thinking hat and get an app for everyone.

5. Enterprise Software Development as a business ideas for Startups

Enterprise software development is good fit as a Business ideas for Startups
Simple ways to make money online

Enterprise is the first user of any software which comes out of bigger firms. They spend a lot of dollars to automate processes. To find relevant insights with data analytics. AI/ML to entice the customer to buy. Much software needs in day-to-day work.

Enterprise Software Development is most lucrative and can make your money from day one. You can sell your concept to smaller firms or bigger firms. This is part of a digital business initiative for enterprises as well. This business idea will make sense for you to start your start-up.

Here are the top 10 ideas for Enterprise Software Development:

  • Create a Medical Software
  • Software to download YouTube videos
  • Create time tracking and timesheet software
  • CRM
  • Invoicing software
  • Inventory software
  • Business communication software
  • Ticket booking software
  • Hotel booking software
  • E-learning software

Build your idea and make software that will work in line with digital business. Also try some of the best small business ideas creating wonders, Learn more

Business ideas for Sales & Marketing

6. White label software sales

Sales and marketing
Photo by Alena Darmel from Pexels

People are good at skills. Some are good at developing software. Some can implement. You might be great at selling software. It’s easy to be a salesman in a corporate firm. But we are talking about business ideas.

White label software is a buzz. You get white label software for CRM, HRMS, POS, payment gateway, small API, and many things. You think and there is white label-friendly software.

The white-label software partner will help you to start a business without a software development team. White label-friendly company will do everything for you.

It all depends on how you can sell the system. Sales are key. This business is a great digital business idea and can do wonders for your entrepreneur’s dream.

Here are examples of white label software available in marketing:

  1. HR Tech
  2. CRM
  3. Email agent
  4. Proactive Cyber Privacy
  5. Anti Ransomware
  6. SEO enhancer
  7. Video editor
  8. Pic editor

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Business idea for banker background

7. Fintech

Fintech or financial domain
Photo by Cesar de Miranda from Pexels

Start a Fintech. It needs some investment. Today you get white label software and you can customize it to meet your customer’s needs. Assume that you are a great insurance agent and need the Fintech app. To buzz customers for notifying them on subscription payment.

Fintech connects to open APIs of your financial institution and does the work in a jiffy. Fintech is part of the digital business.

Here are examples of Fintech apps for you:

  • eWallet
  • P2P Payment
  • Crowdfunding
  • Loan Lending app
  • Investment app
  • Regtech app
  • Cryptocurrency exchange

Choose Fintech and be part of the entrepreneur rush in digital business.

Business idea for a couple, one Cook and one cashier

8. Cloud Kitchen

Cloud Kitchen is innovative step in food industry
Photo by Rajesh TP from Pexels

It is easy to be in the food business. Unlike anyone who thought of a restaurant, you think of a table and chair. Today, you need a place to cook. Rider apps have come in a storm and delivering food right at the doorstep. Enroll as a cloud kitchen with a menu up on their app. Apps like DashDoor.

You just need a kitchen, POS machine, and interface with the Rider app. Choose cuisine that your cloud kitchen will serve and tie a concept to it. Some cloud kitchens deliver delicacy at cost, some just fed you at a right time, some are cheap and give you a taste of home food. Make the right choice. Be a part of this digital business rush. Digital marketing will help you connect hungry people around.

Here are some examples:

  • Reef Kitchens
  • Michael’s Genuine
  • Saucy Asian
  • Jack’s wife Freda
  • Eleven Madison Park
  • Rethink Food

Ghost Kitchen’s business idea is a digital business. This small business can become big enough.

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Business idea for Hustler on social media

9. e-Commerce site as a business ideas for Startups

Look at Amazon, you can be as big as Amazon
Photo by Felicity Tai from Pexels

In case you are a hustler and run your groups on FB, channel on YouTube and have followers on Insta. These vitals are good enough to start an e-commerce site. A site that can sell various products which you like to promote.

If you can get supplies right and can directly sell your stuff online, then start your e-com site and also put your products in the marketplace. Marketplace will get you better eyeballs and hit. The need for digital marketing will help to multiply the hits of your e-com site.

Here are some individual e-commerce sites which will help you understand the business model:

  • Solo Stove
  • Revelry
  • LARQ
  • Burrow
  • Skullcandy
  • Bon Bon Bon
  • Body Bliss
  • Black Diamond Equipment
  • Tommie Copper
  • Glory Cycles

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Bookkeeping, lawyer and tax consultant

10. Consultant for desk work

Consultant for desk work
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Everyone wants to start a business. So why don’t you help them manage compliances and account books? Entrepreneurs will be busy in product planning, designing sales kits, explaining the concept to buys, and more. You can start a small firm with all digital business ideas and skills to help entrepreneurs.

Be Quick book pro, do all taxes, manage employee-related documents, calculate salary slips, and more.

This business needs every entrepreneur. Please be supported.

My digital business ideas are good for starting as a start-up. The concepts to start a small business and make an enterprise. All are part of a digital business idea.

Here are 10 ideas to start your start-up.

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