10 business ideas with low investment and high returns

10 Unexpected Ways Business Ideas Low Investment High Returns Can Make Your Life Better.


Business was never a straight choice of sane thinkers. The business as a profession was treated as part of the business family’s circles. Today, we don’t think that business is only for business families. Anyone with intent, idea of product, concept to connect the mass, love to sell, manage books and maintain business relationship can do business. Entrepreneurship is in vogue. Entrepreneurship starts with the individual. We will discuss business ideas that attract low investment. If done right can give high returns. 

People are hand to mouth. Business is doubt if it will give them returns soon. The capital investment makes many back-off business ideas. The working guys get into mortgages, family planning, and saving for retirement. They never have spare money to invest in the business. The entrepreneur will always struggle with investment. 

Assume that I give you an idea. The Businesses idea with zero investment. Will that make you start a business? If so, you hit the right place. Today we will discuss business ideas that don’t need any investment and can be grown as an enterprise soon. 

Let’s talk about it. There are ideas for both genders.

1. Wedding Planner Business Idea

Wedding Planner
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

People dream about their wedding. Dream wedding is choreographed and planned by cinematography. A specialized stylist, makeup artist, fashion designer, and accessories expert are hired. They view the wedding venue as a dream place. The chef makes a variety of food to choose from on the menu. Color theme, announcer, speech giver, priest, photographer, videographer, gift site, electronic wedding card… phew. It’s difficult. If destination wedding, then work is more. 

If you enjoy all this and know everything about the wedding, then wear your wedding planner sleeves. There is always something new at every wedding.

This business idea is zero investment; your sweet talk and storytelling skill will help you most. If you are right about this, then start with this business idea today. 

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2. Yoga & Meditation Coach Business Ideas

Yoga & Meditation Coach
meditate while you walk and keep focus

Health care and wellness are going to grow double-digit year on year. People are already messing with their health due to work pressure. They are stuck at home. They are making money but miss a work-life balance. Stress can be due to work, family, newborn, debt, old parents, or relationships. Stress is everywhere. So why not wellness. 

Yoga and meditation is boon for people under stress. If you know the skill and have certification (learn for certification if you don’t have, that’s your investment) then start this business. The delivery of the course requires minimal investment. A Business idea will appeal to you. This business idea needs less investment. You can start in any park or terrace or at home. 

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3. Blogging Business Ideas

Business Ideas for Women
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I love this business idea. People think it is just a lame idea. Many don’t know the power of keywords and SEO. The organic growth will take the blog by storm. So, choose a subject and start writing blogs every day. Be consistent and new in your approach every time you write. Use digital marketing to get in-organic readers.  

This business idea requires a website and search engine optimization skills. If you lack SEO skills at the start, then take help. I am sure blogging, affiliation, and e-commerce links will make good money. Blogging requires patience. It takes time to get readers on your website. We can start this business idea at as low as $200 for the website. Blogging is part of the digital business.

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4. Resume writer cum interview counselor

Assuming you had a sabbatical break and are a champion HR recruiter. You know what you used to check-in resumes and help people get their dream job. So, what are you waiting for? Start this small and workable business idea today. This business idea would attract minor investment. You need to invest in social media campaigns. Work for a close-knitted community first, prime your skills, and get into business. The work is of writing a resume and posting it on the job portal too.

Since you were great in recruitment, helped guys to do well in the interview. These both will get you fixed income for every customer who enrolls. I am sure this business idea works wonders. This business idea with digital business can go long. 

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5. Stock Trading

make $1000 money online
Simple ways to make money online

Be it stock trading or someone from behind just screaming about crypto. People have lack knowledge. They have money and they go on a safe investment, like buying bonds. They aren’t in control of bonds. If you can start with nominal investment and show the results to the investor. I am sure this business idea will work for you. Talk about what you think about cryptocurrency, NFT, commodity, and upcoming IPOs.

Try to talk about your idea with a closely knitted group and tell them about your achievements on the investment side. Make a pitch for how you will grow investors’ money. 

This business idea meets the digital business concept and can go along with the Fintech app, too. 

6. Travel Agent

Travel Agent
Photo by Trang Doan from Pexels

People go full clothes in Florida and take their two-piece swimsuit Dry Hill at Nevada. People don’t know what to do during their holiday. Should they travel to cold places or go beach or Amazon forest for a safari? People have clashes of destination. People don’t know how to travel. There are a host of services on the web, don’t trust them. 

Please be a help to them. Show them what they will get when they travel. How much money needs to be spent. The business only needs skills to book tickets, hotel, car at destination, and planning the itinerary.

Help people in planning their next outing and make money on this business idea. Make use of digital business and digital marketing. 

7. DJ Services

DJ services
Photo by Cesar de Miranda from Pexels

I know that people make music in their minds. They don’t have a structured way to make music, lack recording skills, they play one instrument of their choice but don’t know how to collaborate. You need a lot of things when making music.

Assuming you don’t have everything to do. You can mix music at a party by being DJ. Learn quick skills online or at that offline place. Master your skills and learn about DJ services. Get to know the restaurant owners, party planners, weekend clubs, and wherever music is needed. This business idea can work wonders as you start. 

8. Real Estate Agent

Real Estate
Photo by Rajesh TP from Pexels

You know happenings around your place. Who is looking for an extra bedroom, place to dump stuff, car parking, office space, or a new cake shop? You should be in this business if you can solve the problem. Real Estate Agent can connect the right buyer with the seller if they understand the need. Today, digital business is on top. Because of legality, this business is handled by agents well. 

Pick this digital business idea and make it big. 

9. Start a bakery

Start a bakery
Photo by Felicity Tai from Pexels

This business attracts the investment. A lot of skills, and great taste buds. Taste buds, why? You need to taste it. Free. Jokes apart. Baking cake or cookies is a good idea to be in business. People have occasions and need sweets to express their joy. Cakes and cookies are best for parties. 

Business idea with minimal investment. Learn skills, and make use of digital marketing to get this business idea go great. 

10. Sustainable products as gifts 

Sustainable Gifts
Photo by Tamanna Rumee from Pexels

It is new with the word sustainable. We didn’t notice that it fall in the sustainable category. People love new words and new ways of packing things. Sustainable is from raw material that can dissolve in the earth. Like paper or wood or cardboard. Make things from waste raw material. Sell product as gifts. 

Be influencer about sustainable product on social media. Use digital marketing skills and reach masses.

Inform yourself about all the business ideas around you. What kind of digital business skills you would need. How are you going to market your business?

The above business ideas are good to start by anyone and everyone. All the very best. 

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