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Can you be a Crossbreed…

This is a hot debate in the bar, at a waterhole, while you trek, or even while you in the gym. Your colleagues will always debate on why do both. Entrepreneurship-cum-employee.

They do not bless most of us to come from an affluent family.

Being affluent is a blessing, with people around you to correct your strategy and keep you warm with funding. If you don’t become number one is fine, but with such support, you will be in a win-win.

A crossbreed is about sharing the traits of both sides (entrepreneur & employee) and gets hybrid vigor. The vigor with active bodily, mental strength, and forced to do. But can someone be one?

I am sure you can try to be a crossbreed.

Here are some decent options to look out for to be a crossbreed, and I wish you grow as an entrepreneur.

You can even try ConvertFit which comes at affordable price and easy to onboard

Allrounder CRM cum demand generation tool called GoHighLevel is one stop for everything you looking for

Freelancer cum Full-time job

Freelancing is a great stabilizer for a bad time. People who overboard themselves with liabilities and want to have more income than their present job can. It is an easy option to keep you warm and also master your skill. A skill which you might have just learned and never used in your job.

This can even help you grow to have a helping hand.

Many self-starter firms started as individual and grew to be a firm. They even call this today as drop services with more people on-board.

It’s all about your profile name and what feedback earned on freelancing sites. Once you in the loop of getting jobs, you will be inflow.

Entrepreneur productive tools

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Partner with your Spouse

Partnering with your Spouse can be a great entrepreneurship idea. I have seen many couples in the entrepreneur world and request you to try.

With digitization, things are far easier than before. Let’s say your spouse can be a great baker, put her up on social selling and food delivery apps. Make a ghost kitchen at home and deliver your delicacy across the city.

In case your product has a shelf life, then you can go on e-com sites too.

Try to get a unique touch to your business. Help your spouse with skills of operations excellence to champion procurement. Your corporate skills will help your spouse to excel in a competitive world, help them to be niche.

This can only get you to be a partner, but somewhere you started and you never know you can make your firm as big a food chain in the World.

Not just the food industry, you can even try it with book-keeping, blogging, online sales, affiliate marketing, housekeeping services, dietician, fashion designing & clothing, book writing, or even as small as candling making. The list will not end.

Entrepreneurship is all about giving your services in return for money.

Help a startup

This is on-demand and youngsters out there to be entrepreneurs, want your help. You can help them with skill, concept, strategy, and market entry. Such youngsters are very nimble, flexible, and easy to learn what you can offer. They have zeal to do anything to make it work. Your guidance can make them bigger than what they alone can be.

Join hands from being a small time investor and drive their strategy to make it big. You can be on top of such a group. Make it big.

Get 6 hours for 4 days and do hard work

This can work for your entrepreneur dream. Don’t need to partner anyone, nor get your spouse’s help in it. You need to bargain hard with your time and give your skill 6 hours more.

Even you can do blogging or can be affiliate marketing. Anything you do in these 6 hours for yourself will help you in your entrepreneurship development.

Make sure what you planning to do is going to last ages and with a roadmap that will lead to full-time entrepreneurship.

I don’t believe in retirement, but you can master such skills to work on your own. Monitor business to chugging your entrepreneurship train.

Cautions Cautions

I met well-to-do friends in their employee life and due to stress at work want to try entrepreneurship. They come up with weird ideas of partnering and try to support entrepreneurs with exceptional skills they pose. The only let down here is money-making at the earliest.

Entrepreneurship is not about making quick bucks. That can never happen. It is not even to make money out of an investor’s kitty. An investor will never give money to an entrepreneur who founded; they will give to run the business.

You will not get the same respect as your employee workplace might give you. So don’t expect such perks.

I still feel there are enormous advantages of being Crossbreed.

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