monday enertgetic

6 way to make Monday like never before

The idea of keeping motivated is a need for an entrepreneur. Not every time we can go on an outing, and not every time we can have a loaded brunch on Sundays to keep up with energy for Mondays. Universally, Mondays are always drag, and Mondays are the worst day of the week. You lie&hellip

justin bieber

Let us wish Justin Bieber a happy birthday!

Photograph Credits: LISA O’CONNOR, AFP Via Getty Images The pop music genre started in the 50s, but the momentum hit in 70s. Today our music taste is versatile then metal music or rock music. We love anything which is good for occasion and good to our ears. It is the birthday of a Popstar Justin&hellip

big fish entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are just Fish!

Michael Scofield is called Fish in an early episode of Prison Break. I misunderstood at first. Later I got to know that prison is like a Fish Tank and new inmates Fish. This disconnect to the idea of an Entrepreneur is a Fish. Makes me think with a crazy question if entrepreneurs are Fish. Entrepreneurs&hellip

Workout plan for Entrepreneurs

Best Workout plan for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs love to be in one work, they don’t juggle around with too many things and believe in hustling at one place. That place is their workplace, and that thought is making firm and product stand out. Entrepreneurs isolate themselves with tech gigs to give results. They micro manage things that are essential and are&hellip

Entrepreneurship is unique and uncommon

You are not at a Job

Entrepreneurship is unique and uncommon. The wiring differs completely from a gentleman with branded clothes, shoes, and a high-end phone, who is working in Fortune 500 firm. Entrepreneurs don’t brag about the car they drive or what mode of travel they took to reach the meeting venue. An entrepreneur works with passion to only promote&hellip

There is a lot about Korea in the US

There is a lot about Korea in the US

I was dumbstruck when my daughter playing Korean pop star songs in a row. Psy was popular with Gangman style, but then in those days, it was all about Psy and none other. We have a playlist of Korean songs today and to my surprise, they are extremely popular. They are good and right on&hellip

Monopoly is for Drug Lords

Monopoly is for Drug Lords

I met some early entrepreneurs devising what should be their idea of business. What product they should start and how they should make a monopoly around it. They work on breaking their heads to see if they can come with an idea so grand and unique that they stand monopoly and rule the terms. They&hellip