Maha Shivaratri

Maha Shivratri 2021

(Photo source: Hotstar Devon Ke Dev Mahadev) Spirituality has never been in my head. Life is uneasy, and every step of life gave challenges. Educated we, felt life challenges are better to sharpen us. Why should spiritual in challenging times? It’s mean to be spiritual for a purpose, instead, spirituality can be a way of&hellip

bird weaver routine

A routine to hit the goldmine

Trekking is the best part of what I do on weekends. In this routine, sometimes I had a chance to track weaver birds. I am not Ornithologist or trail-around bird to get their best pics. I go on a trek to have a sense of mental peace. I am sure many have their plan. The&hellip

Workout plan for Entrepreneurs

Best Workout plan for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs love to be in one work, they don’t juggle around with too many things and believe in hustling at one place. That place is their workplace, and that thought is making firm and product stand out. Entrepreneurs isolate themselves with tech gigs to give results. They micro manage things that are essential and are&hellip

Mindfulness is in trend

Trek for Mindfulness

Mindfulness is in trend. Corporate job or entrepreneurship tearing off your muscles and stress your mind. Only option to be intensely aware of what you are sensing and feeling in the moment. It’s about being in the moment, non-judgmental and contradistinction, teaches you to be to pay attention and don’t allow your mind to wander.&hellip