Cicely Tyson sets an outstanding example for strugglers

Cicely Tyson sets an outstanding example for strugglers

Strugglers are everywhere. From Hollywood to dealers at Wall Street, SaaS firms at Palo Alto to heavy engineer workers at Kansas. Strugglers are even day earner guys who need to feed the family.

When strugglers excel with awards and rewards. We think of the brilliant achievement and not what has gone into making it.

Cicely Tyson being African-American excelled to the highest in her modeling and silver screen career. With her demise, we remember her every way on how great she has been in her endeavor.

Cicely Tyson played the most remarkable role in The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman. She played the role of a centenarian black woman’s life from slavery until her death before the civil rights movement. She won the Emmy award for her work.

Cicely faced everything that a new breed tech entrepreneur faces in the streets of San Francisco to Koramangala at Bangalore. We need to be a fighter like Cicely in the same way every day. It is not about winning one day; it needs to be persistence and winning small can get you to big win one day the way Cicely Tyson has done.

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So what can we learn from Cicely Tyson:

Struggle on your way, is not a sign of weakness

They fired once Cicely Tyson from a play at a Broadway show. She said in one of the interviews that she couldn’t project in roll. Director yelled at her, he can’t hear her and they let her go. Rejection is not weakness, nor does it say that you are not good at it.

Cicely took it as a struggle to overcome and worked on it. Struggle to solve a problem is an opportunity to develop.

Similarly, today’s entrepreneur or CEO, CPO, or any level employee, needs to take struggle as a great way of coming out of your rejection.

When you get rejected for the first round of investor pitch and want yourself to come out of it.  Take a leaf of learning and struggle to change for good. Instead of thinking about what horribly wrong you got at the pitch, think on saying yourself “OK, I’ve got to go drawing board and rewrite my pitch differently.

Instead of feeling weak for not being an expert from the get-go, embrace the freedom you have to learn something new with a childlike approach.

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Having a Mentor in your endeavor

Having a mentor is a great escape and it will relieve you from the constant question which will surround the mind.

Cicely Tyson had her mother as a great mentor, and she pushed her to Excellency.

Having a mentor for your tech start-up can be a great way. Being a first-mover of your idea, we tend to be an optimistic.

But with mentor, you will get in the right direction.

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Choosing right things

This has been one big winner for Cicely Tyson, as she constantly made the right choices and never bothered about what the competition is doing.

There were times Cicely Tyson turn down the role, and another actress took, won an Oscar for it. That never moved her down, and she rejected it since she felt she is not right for it. Immediately after that, she got the role of Jane Pittman.

Choosing the right things for your business is as tough as this. You might feel 1000 times that competition did right or someone got a maximum share of pie or even won major investment. What you good at needs to be worked and making the right choices is the only way to stand in your shoes.

The struggle is an inevitable part of life. 

Mentor will show you the path. 

Right choices persistently will get going.

But for everything, you need to believe in yourself.

Cicely Tyson said in one interview, I don’t like goodbyes!

RIP Cicely Tyson!

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