SaaS data driven customer success

Data-driven Customer Success for SaaS

What all new can you do in SaaS business today? There is hardly something missed by SaaS founders. They worked on CX, UI, AI-enabled, analytics, mobility, ease of adoption, ease of implementation, specific to vertical, size, geography, easy on the pocket, and so on. You name it and will find them very specific.

The hard is not to make it around the strategy you founded a SaaS firm. Hard is to live up to strategy time on time. Business becomes so dynamic as you sign up first 5 customers. With the constant demand for change or to adapt to your customers, you stand out and think to do or say NO.

The choice is yours, and what kind of business aspires. After all, business is not strategy always. It is being in the game and faces surprises.

So, develop a product, get hard selling to early adopters, write case studies, replicate the sales process, and sell it like hotcakes. The tough part starts here on. To keep up with customer success. Speak politely with users, train, re-train, follow-up, work on TAT of customer complaints, do NPS, and so on.

Does this all make Customer Success a winner? Maybe, hard work always pays, and I don’t deny with such a strategy it will succeed.

Everyone is on the run mill to digitize. Why Customer Success should be left out? Data-driven can give a new to-do list for every Customer Success executive.

Here we will find if data-driven can replace humanly customer success methods:

Onboarding success is not all

Onboarding is like the first date; users will like everything. Users will feel delighted to be onboarded. They will behave well and make every effort to learn the application. Immediate after the first date comes challenges.

Either user make a mess, or your platform acts cranky.

Do not wait for the users to come up with a list of complaints, instead become proactive.

Data-driven will give you triggers on irrational users. Users facing latency. Users using something constantly without finishing the job. User abandoning the transaction or users playing around. Being a Customer Success driver of SaaS needs to be handy with such analytics.

Customer Success still needs to be humanly but being informed adds value.

Agility is not just for Sales talk

The agile point is not for selling. 

I understand readiness to allocate programs, add features and resources. To be apt, you need to know this before the user burns all his fuel.

Data-driven customer success will help agility well. It will even help to upsell.

CS can still be human. To be agile and regulate subscription but being data-driven makes you proactive.

Churn Indicators

Sell, Onboard, bill, and forget is old thought. Indicators to know when the user is looking for something else can save precious customers. We all know signing up a new is tougher than retaining.

With analytics to know when the users are thinking about moving out can save. It can start when the user gets slow on usage to not keeping up with demands. Essential KPIs like feature blueprint indicates user’s usage going low.

Act like a human, save the churn from being informed like a champion.

Some essential KPIs for B2B SaaS firms to improve CS are:

  • Usage pattern
  • Feature friction
  • Feature Blue Map
  • API and Page latency
  • Cohorts of users

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