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22 Business Ideas for New Year 2022 in the Digital Era Online.

Overview of the Digital Business Ideas

Digital Business is all about setting up a winning combination, While I read a lot, reading a book is a thought process. Before I pick a book, I need to check on why I would like to read. What message it would pass. Will it impact my life by any means? “Coming back” is about how to win the job you want when you’ve lost the job you need. The book is about getting a job. The essential part discussed is how to be valid in a competitive environment. Being digital is a way forward. We are a competitive World. Either in business, we are competing with millennials, hustlers, computers, digital initiatives, and automation. More than a person, you are competing with technology. AI and RPAs are doing imitating humans to do the job more efficiently and speedily.

You can be an eminent surgeon, brilliant chemical engineer, HR champion, Marketing magnet, Finance acumen or mechanical mind, or even Work from Home. Being hands-on with digitization will keep you going in a competitive world. HR is practice and digital is a platform. Being a digital business is being with time.

In this series, I am talking about being in a digital business rush even though you are not Computer Grad. Today we will talk about digital business ideas for Human Resources learned people.

Table of Content: Digital Business Ideas in Digital Era for 2022
Overview of the digital business ideas
1. Top digital business ideas for 2022 to start
2. Successful digital business ideas of 2021
3. Top 10 digital business ideas for women
4. Top 10 digital business ideas to start for startups
5. Top 10 digital business ideas for teens
6. Top 10 digital business ideas for kids
7. Top 10 digital small business ideas from home
8. Top 10 digital business ideas to make money
9. Top 10 digital business ideas for college students
10. Top 10 digital business ideas for nurses
11. Top 10 digital business ideas in USA
12. Top 10 digital business ideas in India
13. Top 10 digital business ideas online
14. Top 10 digital ideas for small business names
15. Top 10 digital business ideas for small towns
16. Top 10 digital business ideas for couples
17. Top 10 digital business ideas for entrepreneurs
18. Top 10 business ideas with low investment
19. Top 10 side business ideas in digital
20. Top 10 side business ideas for ladies in digital
21. Top 10 business ideas for housewives
22. Top 10 future business ideas
Business Ideas works wonders
Digital Business Ideas for 2022

Digital Business Ideas – HR SaaS

SaaS rush started in the year 2007. But then most successful firms of SaaS are CRM or HRMS. The adoption of SaaS started with this too domain of applications. Almost every company is on SaaS or cloud-based HR applications for themselves. Some HR champion has made their career in implementing or consulting tricky HR platforms like SuccessFactors or Oracle HCM. The career will go great for the next 20 years for sure. This absolutely fits into the booming digital era.

The next, HR tech is second to go gung-ho about AI & ML after-sales function. HR started using AI long back to improve their recruitment or check the nerve of satisfied employees. HR today has built many processes around AI and ML and making use of SaaS platforms to serve them.

What’s in for you:

Being an HR executive, you can be a great product guy understanding the need for a variety of firms around the World.

A Product guy is a person who will conceptualize the HR platform to do a job with the desired result. This person with tech guys keeps feeding what a product should be like. It can be in performance management or recruitment.

The idea of getting on technology is to digitize and automate. A process that is the brick mortar to convert digital.

Digital Business Ideas – HR Analytics

At first, analytics allows businesses to take a data-driven approach. Analytics is a need of businesspeople; technology is a way to do it in the digital era.

You don’t need tech to consume analytics. To consume analytics, there is a need for the right analytics. HR personnel can only consume HR analytics.

What’s in for you:

Be act business analyst. BA are the guys who set a requirement for tech guys. Tech guys will implement the required AI&ML. They will mince the data and make it available for BA to consume in the booming digital business era.

Analytics consumption is the process of how the insights are leveraged for action steps.

Tools and tech are part of operations. HR analytics is a strategy. There is scope to be an HR analytics champion and help firms.

You can start a firm and partner with an analytics tool company like Tableau, Qlik, Looker, or some data warehouse and champion in HR analytics.

Digital Business Ideas – AI & ML Recruitment

AI & ML is the right match for HR. Human resource is always in the hunt of finding the employee sentiment or checking on churn. Similarly, there is also a need for AI & ML for the best salary benchmark or right recruitment in the booming digital business era.

AI & ML help recruiters headhunt candidates and make recruitment easy. For some firms, recruitment is volume. The quick hand of AI & ML will help.

Who will have time to go through 50k resumes at a time and do head-hunting? What to ask in an interview to check on competency. Is there a need to quickly take the head-on test? AI can notify all.

What’s in for you

HR personnel can implement these all AI & ML.

AI & ML is a technology. Using it for the right need is the job of a business analyst. You can make a future in championing some AI & ML tools and implement a required process for HR.

Digital Business Ideas – RPA for HR

There is a buzz of RPA everywhere. HR is a place of repetitive work. Some executives or interns do the repetitive job without applying too much intellect. Such a process fitment for RPA in the booming digital business era.

Like to head-hunt and find candidates from job portals. Verifying documents for educational backgrounds. Tax computation. Processing bank transfers of salary or passing JV of salary paid in F&A software.

What’s in for you

RPA is a platform, HR process will only come from HR personnel. Being an HR process champion, you can implement RPA. You would need one hand of a software developer.

There is scope in being an RPA consultant for HR. You can start a business of RPA implementation around HR.

There is a lot about technology in the HR process. If you look for what you can automate or digitized, I am sure you will have a great scope of starting a business of HR-based digital business.

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