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Digital business ideas for Marketing Grads

When I think about the latest tech trends, I feel everyone is working around to automate, efficient, or create a new platform for Marketing. Marketing has evolved in every way. It has eased some places and complicated trends. Social media alone can trend your brand reputation to go up or smash you down on the street with the wrong viral.

Then comes your tech trends like artificial intelligence, data-driven marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing trendsetter. There are many things to know and one for everyone to be a master.

Every business needs to be present around the trend of digital marketing. Businesses today need to remain competitive in today’s online landscape. Must adapt to the rapidly evolving changes in marketing trends. Everything is driven via technology. How can Marketing grads be away from being digital-friendly?

We will talk about business ideas for Marketing grads.

Artificial Intelligence

How can we miss this trend for Marketing grads? AI is a boon. It makes marketing ideas sharpened.  Marketing grads can be an implementer of AI for marketing.

What’s in for you:

Now, who will tell the tech team you are finding for a couple with toddlers, newly married couple, single father, or spending capacity of individual use cases. Tech can make it run, but marketing will give the right direction.

Try to be a jack of AI, master of creating use cases for business. A strategy that will scale business.

Some latest trends for marketing grads to use AI are:

  • Right communication
  • Product recommendations
  • Email personalization
  • E-commerce transactions
  • Content creation


Passive is better than active in the heads of the new buyer. Millennials, generation alpha, and Z all prefer passive communication to someone making a call to them and asking if they need a loan or if they looking to buy a travel coupon. Passive plays better in the head of the individual. Don’t just bang-bang in the mind of the potential buyer like a late-night Teleshopping on TV.

Make a ticker on social media based on the demographic info of individuals and gradually entice them to communicate with Chatbot. Create curiosity, build desire and push it for buy.

What’s in of you:

Chatbot platforms have come with in-built NLP, AI, and RPA tech, marketing needs work on strategy. Marketing grads can program what if and what should be a message in the bot and create a scenario for sale.

The tech team can make it work, marketing ideas can drive the conversation. There is scope to get the sales with passive communication. The best part of it can be scaled easily.

A chatbot can also be conversational marketing. Here is the idea:

Content marketing with SEO

Content plays a vital role in today’s world of marketing. SEO is design to read the content over the internet, and more content can get a better ranking to your page. Better rank can lead to a search on the net and hit on your website.

Search the best resort in Bali, you will not get the list of resorts but you will get hotel booking sites like or since they either pay to be on top of the search list or working on improving their SEO.

Marketing grads can be great content writers, but they need to know the crux of SEO to be better searched than just being a writer.

What’s in for you

Learn to write relevant content and around the search trends of the day. If you write only about your product and its features, people will never find you. But you write a content connection to the current scenario, then there is a possibility that people will land on your page.

It is easy yet too technically to be a content write around SEO. Learn and be the champion in this business.


Learning automation will help you be in trend. Imagine you consulting a fashion brand and they are creating content to post it on various platforms like FB, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and many more. Creating content and posting it on various platforms is humanly work and time-consuming. It takes a person to do it.

Unlike if you implement RPA to do it, then humans will monitor and the bot will do your work.

What’s in for you

No firm wants to scale based on the increase in expenses. The workforce is costly and anything which can be done by bots will help firms reduce cost and yet be effective.

Marketing grads can learn plug n play feature of configuring RPA in this line and start their business around digital.

There are quite many other digital business trends for Marketing grads, here is the list of some trends.

  1. Personalization
  2. Video marketing
  3. Influencer Marketing
  4. Social Messaging App
  5. Visual search
  6. Social media and shoppable post
  7. Omnichannel marketing
  8. Geo-fencing

Truly adopting the new-age digital trends will lead to better performance of marketing effort. These digital ideas require learning and adaptation. Feel free to comment on what you think about the digital age.

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