non-commoner to be an Entrepreneur

Do you need to be a non-commoner to be an Entrepreneur…

How many times you felt you lost the opportunity of owning Bitcoin, investing in a startup, starting a food chain, starting a billion-dollar business idea, which you just discussed with friends when you were boozing. These are all commoner features. Missing the opportunity is not new for commoners and bragging that they just missed by inch is the biggest trait of a commoner.

Journal of Comparative International Management by students distinguish 3 types of people as Necessity, Commoner and Parasite. Commoner characteristics are:

  • Ordinary
  • Conformer
  • Friendly
  • Unmotivated
  • Unreliable

Such characteristics make people complain about the situation rather than fighting it back. This doesn’t mean that all commoners are just employees and never win. Many commoners succeeded in their employment.

When Elon Musk smoked weed in the podcast, everyone talked about it and even the commoner ridiculed him, exactly after 2 years, he became the richest person. Jeff Bezos when divorced his wife giving away his half fortune, people said he is mad, but that didn’t stop him to do the non-commoner thing. If Steve Jobs wouldn’t have married creativity with technology, we wouldn’t have seen beautiful products that we carry in hand. That is a sign of non-commoner.           

There are many daring stories of being successful. But still, try hard to reach where they aspire by consistency and persistency. Commoner quit when things get out of hand.

A commoner is afraid of things and society. Commoner tries to sit on the fence. A commoner can give you great feedback. Commoner never plays.

Is it so bad to be Commoner? If you are a commoner, can you ever become an Entrepreneur? The answer is simple and straight; it is good to be a commoner. With the traits of a commoner, you will live more happy and content than any affluent or entrepreneur kind of person.

To answer, a commoner can still be an entrepreneur

Thinking out of routine and challenging society can give non-commoner heartbreak every time. They are self-motivator and do things that make them an outlier.

I will still encourage you to think like an entrepreneur, though you might not end up starting a firm. With Entrepreneur traits, you might end up being very successful in your Job.

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How can you think like an Entrepreneur and get away from being a commoner:

Don’t be in your comfort zone

98% dream what neighbors dream and that will make you truly commoner. Try coming out of your comfort zone and

  • Going for your dreams
  • Getting most of life
  • Act despite the fear
  • Exploring new things

Do what it takes to live out of comfort and work in the dirt.

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Don’t think Entrepreneurship is about quick money

I always tell aspiring entrepreneurs they might get hit on earnings, which reduce by 80%. That is too much of it. Remember it will be for the next 3 years till the time you get on traction with sales.

So if you feel Entrepreneurship is about quick money, then pack your bag. Or try step by step to see the fortunate day.

Solve problems

If you can’t think of a problem-solving strategy after looking at any firm, then you will never understand what it took to make a firm and its product. Problem-solving is key in thinking like a non-commoner.

Most entrepreneurs think about problems firsthand while they hang around a firm they work and strategize products and services to solve problems.

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Be first to take action

If you have an idea, then you need to get in the dirt first and start working on it. Commoner will always direct and sit on the edge for people to work. Non-commoner is always about getting on it.

You need to act.

You hardly have people getting along

Being a non-commoner will get you to cast an evil eye. You can never be Mr. Popular, rather you will have people wishing that you don’t see the light at the other end of the tunnel.

Commoner wants you to lose the battle and you need to push yourself to be on top of your game. This will make you have some trusted friends and relatives.

If you can bear that, then you are a non-commoner. Since Commoner will like to be good with everyone. Being with everyone doesn’t solve the problems.

The biggest firm like Amazon also has a bad name on employee management. So be it.

Non-commoner is not for everyone. Being a commoner is not bad, and I suggest you be where you think your life is good. Being a non-commoner will make you accept challenges and drive to succeed.

Forget about being as big as Elon or Jeff, being on your own is the greatest achievement size and value doesn’t matter at all.

With this thought process, the Entrepreneur becomes non-commoner and gets on track to be Affluent.

Non-commoners is not easy, if so then everyone would have been one.

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