Dont rush entrepreneurship

Don’t rush in Entrepreneurship, take your time

While reading the status of a successful entrepreneur, I just thought about how much time I have. The status said can earn lost money but can’t get back the time. Time ticks and moves on, you can’t get back the time wasted.

When you sit back and relax on your weekends binging on Netflix, OTT platforms are stealing away your essential resource. You might start feeling guilty as you read this line, but is it so important to keep your mind always thinking about work, or should you also leave it for unconscious thoughts.

I am not a champion in this subject. These words are just a sentiment about how much time is important and if we should rush.

In one such discussion with my friend who wanna be an entrepreneur and feels he lost time and needs to rush. He is in the urgency of wearing an entrepreneur hat and speaks about his product idea with everyone. His rush is to join hands with like-minded and perfect talent. He pitched the idea more than dozen times. I felt it’s better to take time than rush in. Partnering with anyone in business is a lifetime decision. I just don’t want to rush into it.

Moreover, my entrepreneurship dream would not be a box to tick. It would be a decision to do something different in life, which will work in my ambition to make money. When my energies get on the right nerve, when I get that product idea which I will be convinced. A time when I am not obliged, but passionate to do, and my true being in for that work. No short-cuts, no worries if I don’t make money, and no disappointment if I fail.

So there is never time waste while you decide on entrepreneurship. Instead, make better use of your time to create the moment that matters to your soul. Create a moment with your loved ones, take care of your parents, keep healthy, make more friends, travel places, and enjoy being and not would be in the future.

Because these all matter, they connect us, bring happiness and create a life.

So, don’t feel guilty in binging on Netflix or any loved OTT platforms this weekend.

Take time and never rush into Entrepreneurship. Let it happen naturally.

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