Email Marketing is chaotic

4 Email for Marketing Example That Will Actually Make Your Life Better.

I am a big fan of Seth Godin. His execution of sentences and the way he expresses his view make things as perfect as Seth Godin. Setting the right email for marketing example is the key.

Seth Godin blogs are non-chaotic and he is not in a rush to write just to fill up the content. I look up to him and desire that one day I write as well as Seth Godin.

Seth Godin’s website starts with a clean & neat, left panel for navigation and a reader pane with the right size of fonts. There are many other good bloggers, but this website sets up a benchmark. You can’t just copy such a website, you need to have the gut to be as clean as Seth Godin’s content.

Seth Godin’s 1999 book on Permission Marketing is most valid in today’s marketing principles. Today to show up as an ethical company we put up a link to unsubscribe from our emails. Permission Marketing is a privilege, and there are hardly any firms that can fit the benchmark of permission marketing.

Even a highly knowledge-based marketing start fails after some time of the consistent message. Like, I wanted to know more about Tableau and its analytics capabilities. I wanted to be making a profession around Tableau and whatever it would come out of it; I thought, will make me more knowledgeable. But it didn’t happen that way and finally, I had to unsubscribe.

In the toughest time of our sales live when we are unethical to make a cold call, can’t bombard with marketing emails and content writing doesn’t get proper eyeballs. There is hardly any option left in front of marketers except to send mails.

Oh, Jesus… Again an Email, Yes Papi

Email marketing is chaotic example
Email Marketing Chaotic

Entrepreneur productive tools

1. Take a route of content

Email marketing content examples
Email marketing content examples

Blogs are decent enough to get click to action and subscribe to emails. Not that simple, and being thought leaders to drive someone to subscribe takes some time. But in due respect to the content marketing world, this still works.

Try to get conversational content and get in your strides to write just as you are speaking with someone, making them know the value around your proposition. Conversational content makes readers confident about your offerings. Believe in it and drive subscriptions.

You can even try ConvertFit which comes at affordable price and easy to onboard

Allrounder CRM cum demand generation tool called GoHighLevel is one stop for everything you looking for

2. Building your mailing list

email marketing
How to write best of the best business email

Most of the entrepreneurs rush in to buy an email list and try sending emails, just not taking ethics as a benchmark. I feel don’t rush in and buy an email list. Rather gradually make your own email list batch by batch.

This will even give you a chance to be personal while you email. The inside sales team is all about trying to not send emails like any marketing mails. With such precision, you will succeed to make the right mark.

Entrepreneur productive tools

3. It is not every time about selling

Storytelling is one of the best email marketing example

Again, a hard one. Selling is boring and if you are selling tech, people already busy do not listen to you.

If you attempt to create a story of a happy start, then comes an issue, and finally, the reader reads to feel like a warrior he won the day by using your solution.

I understand it is difficult to write this or script it to make a video. But you need to start and achieve to see a day.

4. Patience Pays

Patience pays off
Patience is the key

In everything around marketing and sales, it is about patience. When you keep patient and don’t bombard mail after mail to that, your automation tool tells you to stop since the reader didn’t show up any interest in the last 8 mails. You end up buying an email list to makeup with your speed sending.

Rather, don’t automate and send your emails more personal.

I would still wish that you become the greatest thought leader and people subscribe to your emails. In such a way when you don’t show up with your email on time, your subscribers ask where you went.

Be that.

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