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Email Marketing: 5 things no one will tell entrepreneur about

Entrepreneurship is an exciting process. People around will look at you with great expectation and wish they were you. Immediately after this, you fall into a process which will daunt and if you never had this experience before, it can be painstaking.

Entrepreneur will envision a life with a lot of passive income from their business. Day dreaming will only dash you, but if you choose hard work and perseverance, then you are through.

It is not just about Product and it features you work for, but there are several things that will pave the pathway of success. Learn now and be assured for lifetime entrepreneurship.

Keep reading to know 5 things you need to start email marketing:

1.       Email Marketing and call for action

Immediately after your product strategy, you need to think on how you are going to sell. In case you are in product selling process, then you need to figure out how you will communicate with your prospect clients. We also call this process as nurturing, since you need to communicate gradually about problem areas your product solves.

It also entices users to click at call for action links and see more details, or download e-book or register for demo, or even sign-up to use. This process is getting leads to your sales funnel out of your mass email marketing communication. Sometimes, entrepreneurs try to outsource this process without understanding the importance of it.

Email marketing is an inside process and I urge every entrepreneur to be hands on it.

2.       List of contacts

Getting right contacts out of your region, vertical or the niche, is time-consuming and painstaking. Normally entrepreneurs rely too much on marketing team or from their network. This again proves to be hitting around the bushes.

I feel in your first list of budget, please try to get most effective contact with email IDs and phone numbers to start from the day one on right note. Be sure on what you investing money for, try to check the sample leads. Get the guarantee from the lead provider about no bounce and no wrong phone numbers.

With this list, you can plan your action steps and work hard for your sales process the day you start.

3.       Email automation tools:

This is most confusing part and entrepreneur fall-in trap of CRM-cum-email automation tool. CRM normally don’t have email automation feature as great what some tools offer, if you have automation within CRM then you already paying a bomb for it.

For example, Hubspot (CRM tool) is free, but then when you use email automation feature called Sequence; it will attract investment of $5k per year. Instead, try using Hubspot free and get on tools like SendinBlue, Lemlist, Mailerlite, SendX and many more which are very light on spend. They come at as less as $500 per year.

I would also suggest that you use SendGrid (SMTP service) till the time you exhaust free emails from it.

You can even try ConvertFit which comes at affordable price and easy to onboard

Allrounder CRM cum demand generation tool called GoHighLevel is one stop for everything you looking for

4.       Write your emails and check its readability:

Email writing is creative, understood. But then not everyone reads creative. Most read informative. You focus on your information with easy of understanding your offerings. Email is very subjective and you can never understand why some mails got maximum hits, and when you try to replicate the same, you don’t get that steam. It is a process and you need to just write and post it.

For every mail we write, we should make sure we are correct with information and its language. We need to even check on the readability, time to read and also readability. We can do these all with ProWritingAid.

Subscribe and use it free till you get hold of it and buy when you are sure.

5.       Landing page with multimedia:

Multimedia is the eye catcher. Multimedia is traffic puller, you like it or not, but then you need to work on catchy stuff. You can give some content creation outside, but then you need to be hands on with your multimedia creations.

It also works for you since you can convert your content to multimedia as you thought of. This will help you save a lot of money and also create your own library.

There are many platforms and image library you can subscribe, that is totally your wish. But I suggest you subscribe to the best, like Vidnami and Canva. This will help you with the start of click.

Landing page needs to be very attractive with multimedia and talking in similar lines what your email says. There are tons of themes available to meet your need on …

This will help you do your email marketing campaign effectively and also generate your sales funnel to proceed with sales activity like demo, trials or proposals.

Now you know what it takes to start your email marketing.

Running a business, big or small isn’t an easy task. When you know how to sell, then you can easily grow and maximize your profits.

By doing these things, you will be clear on the process and hands on with marketing initiative. Being an entrepreneur, never try to build a black box by outsourcing, which you will never understand.

Start creating thorough email marketing plan, outline what your mail goal is.

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