Email SPAM troubling your business? here is quick fix

Sales are getting tougher day by day. TV is shifting to OTT. YouTube is ad-free with the subscription. Radio is ancient. Social media getting crowded, and emails are getting spam tags. What? Yes, even emails are getting tricky. If you use the email services of Gmail or Zoho, they will spam your mail. If you reuse your email content, they block you from sending the same mails to multiple recipients. Finally, their call center guy will push to buy a marketing email pack. Spamming emails and buying marketing email packs is a next-level scam, which we will talk about later. But you should save yourself from email going to spam. 

Read through this article. My blog site will help you improve in email communication, email automation, email templates, and improving the read status. Collaborate more on avoiding email spam lists. 

Stop email from going to spam gmail

I use Gmail, how to stop email from going to spam Gmail

The spam rule is almost the same for anyone. Gmail is an early starter as their AI/ML is quite advanced. Amount of data they churn makes them early starters of email spamming definition. By saying this, it is quite similar to iPhone, Outlook, Zoho, SendGrid, or even GoDaddy email services. 

Sometimes, the bigger brands like Gmail and iPhone spread the unwanted scare. The recent one is, any mail sent with PDF from Gmail is landing in the spam of outlook. Sometimes it makes me feel it’s part of a corporate tussle between 2 tech giants. 

Either way, we commoners are suffering. Be it individual entrepreneur, e-commerce hustler, side hustler, or student at work. We all want our mails to land proper email inboxes and never in spam. How would you want to call a person a person after emailing? Everyone wants to stop email spam, but no one wants to try harder. 

Today we talk about quick yet effective ways to stop email from going to spam. You can improvise by talking to your email provider and championing this part. Here we go….

Avoid Triggers Words

Email platforms are engineered with triggers. These triggers are historical. Like if 2010 was about lottery won mail and today it is about to offer expires. They build these email spam triggers to avoid unnecessary urgency among email readers. Spam filters scan your subject line & content sometimes for words that fall into 6 broad categories. 

How to check email filters? Next time your email goes into spam, you know it, the email filter marked your mail as spam.

Here are the 6 broad categories which trigger spam filters –

Excessive use of it will trigger email spam
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1. Manipulative – creating urgency or pressure

There is no wrong pushing or urging your reader to take action. Excessive use of it will trigger email spam filters and penalize. Normally, subject lines are on the hit list. Urgency and pressure words need to be avoided. The take is if your offer has enough value, then urgency will come organically. 

Few words to avoid triggering email spam filters.  

  • act now
  • action
  • apply now
  • apply online
  • buy
  • buy direct
  • call
  • call now
  • click here
  • do it today
  • don’t delete
  • drastically reduced
  • exclusive deal
  • expire
  • instant
  • limited time
  • offer expires
  • once in a lifetime
  • please read
  • take action
  • while stock last…

Desperate words trigger email spam filters
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2. Needy exaggerated claim or sounding desperate

Desperation is not the answer. If your mail content is offering value, then it will come naturally rather than write desperate words and trigger email spam filters. The engine is so conducive that once your email ID falls in that spam email list, it will be tough to come out. 

Here are some words to avoid desperate words to stop email spam filters. Start looking at yourself as a spammer. 

  • 100%
  • all-new
  • bargain
  • best price
  • bonus
  • free
  • free gifts
  • great offer
  • join millions of americans
  • prize
  • satisfaction guarantee
  • will not believe your eyes…

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

3. Sleazy – too pushy

Subject lines are important signals for your readers. Be friendly without being non-intrusive and pushy. Pressure tactics are too old and don’t work in your subject line. 

An easier way to avoid email spam filters with trigger words is below:

  • as seen on
  • click here
  • click below
  • deal
  • direct email
  • direct marketing
  • do it today
  • order now
  • order today
  • unlimited
  • what are you waiting for
  • visit our website…

Get away from cheap words catching spam filters.
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4. Cheap – everybody wins or no pre-qualification

The perceived value decreases if things are available abundantly. Cheap words like congratulation without effort and freebies will activate the trigger of email spam filters. 

You should be careful choosing the words, avoid using below: 

  • acceptance
  • access
  • avoid bankruptcy
  • boss
  • cancel
  • cheap
  • credit card offers
  • cures
  • easy terms
  • free hosting
  • free info
  • free membership
  • hello
  • join millions
  • no catch
  • no obligation
  • opportunity
  • winner
  • won
  • you are winner
  • you’ve been selected…

5. Far-fetched – too good to be true 

The reader can spot a lie, and an aware offer is hard to believe. Phrases like making money “while you sleep” or “additional income” with just one hour of work a day are easily caught by email spam filters. 

You can simply avoid far-fetched words to trigger spam filters. 

  • Additional income
  • all-natural
  • amazing
  • be your own boss
  • big bucks
  • billion dollars
  • cash
  • cash bonus
  • earn
  • earn cash
  • earn extra cash
  • fantastic deal
  • financially independent
  • get paid
  • home-based
  • money back
  • no hidden cost
  • pure profit
  • stop snoring
  • vacation
  • work from home

unethical usage of words triggers email spam filter
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6. Shady – unethical or illegal behavior

Being a genuine businessman, your intention will be good. Nevertheless, if you show unethical and illegal words with the gullible act will trigger email spam filters. 

Avoid these acts and remove such words to trigger spam filters.

  • addresses
  • beneficiary 
  • billing
  • casino
  • celebrity
  • collect child support
  • fast viagra delivery
  • hidden
  • human growth hormone
  • in accordance with laws
  • investment
  • junk
  • legal
  • loan
  • lottery
  • luxury car
  • medicine
  • meet singles
  • miracle
  • money
  • Nigerian
  • online degree
  • passwords
  • spam
  • this isn’t spam
  • valium,
  • Xanax…

Don’t get trapped by email spam filters

Knowing these words, you will be more scared to run email marketing campaigns than ever before. But don’t. Apart from trigger words, the email spam filter engine will also try to check the pattern of the mail body. The combination needs to meet the criteria. 

To keep your deliverability rate high and engage customers, be sure to check the definition of email spam filters. 

Mail campaign is all about regularly honing your email marketing content skills. Be it knowing how to write a subject line. Read content thoroughly to make sure there are no typos. Without too many images and unnecessary attachments. 

With this read, you will be sure about what does an email filter does.

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