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Entrepreneurs’ will never get away from WFH

Entrepreneurs are not alone in WFH. Covid has forced us to work from home. Remember the hustle you created working from the office. The friendly atmosphere to cordial relations with colleagues, bumping in them to check the status or talking about the newest strategy at the water hole or talking excitedly about your win. We are missing everything.

One study by Harvard suggests the relationship with co-workers are getting diminished. We are most of the time on video conferencing sharing our screen or talking about the hurdle at operations. Human touch is missing in virtual meetings. Most disturbed with WFH are young workers or new joiners.

In the world of Teams, Zoom, Meets; are we ever going to have a human touch at work? Pandemic is getting weak in some places. Vaccines cover half of the global population by June. This pandemic has taught many business owners and managers to save tons of money by reducing office space. This WFH is here to stay. We are calling this Hybrid Work.

Hybrid work will reduce the anguish. It will be new for many and will act soothing. The studies have shown that Hybrid work will help to build relation and remove isolation. It will add to get the efficiency and forge team sync.

Business owners and managers need to ensure that workplaces are engaging, innovative, and inclusive. There is a need to draw a new policy supporting Hybrid work.

The entrepreneurs need to make their workplace excited; it needs to foster social ties. Here are some points for Hybrid Work.


Train your colleagues and co-workers to take charge rather than always getting on boring online meets. I mean to feel free and hang around in office space. Let the creative energies flow. Client visits happen all at our office. Repeat with your customer calls too, don’t hesitate to visit the client’s office.

Go back and work remotely for the next couple of days. Enjoy your Bermuda shorts and relax working on your couch at home. Hybrid is about being at both places. Taking charge is about making the first step and taking care utmost. Never make a hasty move, be sure.

Make it on Social

Teams and Zoom calls saved our jobs. These systems helped to connect people and make things work. If this pandemic had come a decade or two ago, probably we would have been hit hard work front. Teams and Zoom gets our co-workers online and connects our customers to trust our support model.

It added to time spend on virtual meetings, chats, and a lot of email exchanges. One such study says we are 40% more in meetings compared to pre-pandemic. It has taken a toll on time spent. Unlike pre-pandemic, it was 9to5, and then all your time, with WFH you online every time.

In such a case, asking your employees to grow the social network and build a connection with customers is like fall flat on your face.

The idea should be to reduce online meeting schedules and time-consuming explanations. Some firms even insist on being online when WFH. Builds trust and go on KPI driven. It will help in reducing workloads and balancing resources.

In such a situation, employees will be stress-free to build more socially engaging and be human back.

Encourage support

WFH has reduced individual support, and everyone has become robots. They work for themselves and connect very little to the problem of co-workers. A simple chat on Teams by a co-worker that invoicing before the day-end will make him achieve the target. It will lead to miss understanding and missing numbers. Encouraging support within co-workers will help.

It is not new. Employees will be more engaging. They will come out to be Social with a co-worker and try to give a hand to drive numbers for the firm.

In your newest performance management this quarter, make a KRA for supporting co-workers. Give weight-age so that employees will not junk the idea of support.

It will work in favor of the firm too.

New meetings need to be inclusive

One study says that there will mix of people in the meeting. I mean, there will be some who will connect meeting sitting beside you and some still connect on videoconference. Such meetings will also have a moderator to keep the meeting going on in sync. Moderator will play a role in advocating for participants who are not physically present in the meeting.

The moderators will make such meetings lively. Add a moment of connection, fun, and even support. Let us bring back the human touch.

To conclude, bring back kindness, fun, and social capital to bring back collaboration. Let’s get away from being robots. Let’s work like a human’s back. We can still implement RPA to reduce the work pressure. What we need to human touch.

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