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Facebook new rules making it difficult for content marketer

I am an avid blogger and struggling for desire views on my blogs. My website is new. I am trying to make it warm with quantity and quality content. Getting free traffic is tough, but I am trying all means to increase the traffic.

The struggle went worse when Facebook’s group rule became more stringent for a starter like me.

Getting traffic via SEO is a dream come true, and didn’t give up on it. Working extremely hard to get the ranking.

Facebook group is good to get traffic with some like-minded people.

Do you need to know how to use it for maximum results by following the rules? Reading this blog will help you know the rules and how to tackle them. Consequently improve your network.

This blog will help entrepreneurs and solopreneurs to get better with their content marketing.

Facebook group rules:

  • Facebook’s new rule is like you always got one beer free when you buy 2, now they stopped. It hurts. But then this all started with misuse of groups and the spread of misinformation.
  • Facebook’s recidivism policy prevents people from creating similar groups. Earlier it was for only the banned groups because of misinformation and affected only the owner of such groups. Now it is more stringent and checks the nature of the group.

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  • Members who violate community standards in a group will now require post-approval for the next 30 days, which means the admin or moderator will approve the post before broadcast. Work of admin and moderator has increased. If they violate, then groups are removed
  • Group admin needs to be active. Imagine groups with more than 100k members. FB says such an admin needs to step down in case they fail to manage.
  • FB will find groups where admins are less involved and proactively suggest to step down or suggest admin roles to members in interest.
  • Facebook will archive groups without active admin.
  • The crackdown is for the unmoderated flow of misinformation across the group
  • Health groups will be tough to float now. The group admin should have expertise in health from authoritative.  It can only mitigate the danger of misleading health information.
  • There are many contradicting group rules, like for groups tied to violence.
  • Too tough to come on terms, Facebook finds confused about the problem they created

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How to still afloat a group and be member of multiple groups to do better content marketing

  • The rule says that you need to abide by user agreement and community policies. A legal name and credentials are a must.
  • Facebook allows you to have multiple pages, companies, and groups, so never try to have multiple users. Just have one user name for all.
  • Follow the anti-spam instructions
  • Ask questions related or share knowledge in group
  • Be very descriptive and provide links or image wherever it permits
  • You can mention your affiliated product and services in the specific discussion, but with a disclaimer
  • Never break group rules intentionally or unintentionally, which may lead to dropping off from a group with deletion of all your post and comments.
  • Never auto-post or over post

The Facebook group has great potential, and using it right will give you better mileage for your business. Manage it correctly, with concise, and meaningful group rules is a great first step.

Takeaway, here are 5 top entrepreneur groups you should join:

  • Read with Entrepreneurs Book Club
  • Intrepid Entrepreneurs Community
  • Freedom Hackers®️ Mastermind
  • The Creative’s Corner
  • Humans of Online Business

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