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How to make $1000 every week in 5 weeks of grinding

Who would not want to tap into passive income? Almost everyone tries their hands, puts some effort into it, and even becomes an easy pick for scammers. The bait is always the idea of Passive Income. 

Passive income does not require grinding or may require little effort to earn and maintain. It’s called progressive passive income. Traditionally people buy real estate to rent it. This income is called passive income. 

Today, we all try to create a channel of passive income in various ways. It can be an investment in funds or shares. Founding startup or creating intellectual property. Income as royalty or dividends.

Out of many options, affiliate marketing is picking up. Around 4 hours a day at the start and good knowledge in social media can get you on with affiliate channels. Drive traffic, get them to know about the product, sell and earn. 

It’s estimated that affiliate market business would increase to as big as $10 billion in the just US by 2022. It will increase substantially in the coming years. 

In this blog, I will help you start an affiliate channel and start earning in 5 weeks. 

Week 1 – Blogs

Be insightful, write about your expertise, choose the right keywords and drive traffic to your blog post. Identification of pain areas and discussing the right solution can make the reader choose the product promoting.  

Talking about your experience, why someone has switched to a product you promote and how they made life easy can be a winner. Dropping affiliate links can help a firm or individual make a decision. 

Never forget to do SEO for your blog. 

Week 2 – Start building community 

Social Media is an influencer. With connections on social media, you can start a community. There are benefits of communities. Cultivate relationships and share affiliate links. 

Either join a community or make one. The best way is to start one and connect many on social media. You have tons of groups on FB, Linked In, Reddit, Tumblr, and Pinterest. 

Make sure you adhere to the rules of groups on social media. 

Plan well and start a community to get traffic for affiliate channels. 

You can even try ConvertFit which comes at affordable price and easy to onboard

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Week 3 – Spend time to hunt Social Media

Be part of discussions, suggest like-minded, and give feedback. Social Media is a great place to vent out or even appreciate something. Track people who are talking about similar topics and reply to them with solutions. 

Conversion of such discussion is better than getting just traffic on blogs. 

Remember to be very precise with your DM and not forget the affiliate link.

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Week 4 –Make informational YouTube videos

Videos with the right content and information can drive traffic to your affiliate links. They pass the message and the bounce rate is less. 

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People like to see short and informative videos. You can make feature videos. Start with the problem statement and let it end with a solution. 

Don’t forget your affiliate link

Week 5 – Send emails and SMS

If you have contacts with an email ID, then try sending a message with an affiliate link. 

The conversion rate might be as low as 1%, but it will work wonders when it starts. Make sure your email discusses the right issue and solution with affiliate links.

Take away

For every step above, make sure you understand how to use viral of the week. Viral helps to drive traffic. SEO will work wonders to reach the audience well. 

Here are viral of last week:

  • Popsugar: Jupiter and Saturn will align to create the first Christmas star in nearly 800 years
  • Billboard historic no.1 BTS “Life Goes On”  
  • Obama says he’ll get vaccinated over the TV to prove it’s safe
  • Pawri ho rahi hai
  • Shweta will leak secrets

Just be true to your efforts and try something new to get the buzz out. 

In 5 weeks of effort, you will start earning $ and reach as big as $1k every week or day.

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