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How to make audio bites for marketing

We always had radios buzzing. Recently, podcasts are all over the internet, and hype around it is visible. Probably hype is not a word. Podcasts work well. The podcast is out of the niche and getting more popular.

For all entrepreneurs, audio marketing content gives new hope. After a blank shot of email marketing, content creation, video marketing content, testimonials, and website revamp. Audio marketing gives new hope. Audio content gives a feel of connecting a global audience, just that you need to produce sound bites well.

There is confusion on where to start.

This article is Logue with Audio Marketing article post two weeks back. Do read before you continue reading below on where to start and what to build in Audio Marketing.

Everyone doing something new to connect people. Make the right choice on what to make. Be a niche in your choice of topic and audience. We are not competing with everyone who is making some sound bites; we are just making something to promote business. With this focus, you will leave the crowd and focus on your cluster of people.

Assume that you are in the HR tech business. Make content that will better the life of every HR personnel. It is not about your business. Rather, It’s about takeaways for your listeners.

It needs to think over on right audio marketing content for your audience. I have listed down some types for your business:

Interview sound bite:

An interview suggests that this type of sound bite will be between a host who speaks with existing customer, expert words on the problem you are solving, or it can be someone who looks out to solve similar problems.

Such kind of sound bite needs to be covered by an expert in the field. It is also a kind of testimonial in a sound bite way. Making a testimonial is challenging. Be sure someone who is coming for an interview is delighted with your services and can give a word of appreciation.

Interview sound bites can further revolve around how the interviewee solved his problem using your product and services.

This type is common but quite effective.

To make this, decide on the question you will ask and what kind of outcome you plan. Keep the bite crisp and engaging.

Conversational sound bite:

Do once in a quarter. Call a group of people on a common platform to discuss a common issue. Someone moderating it.

Conversation sound bites can revolve around industry issues and may or may not connect to your business directly.

Conversational sound bites are engaging and can connect audience conversation. It creates awareness of your brand and even connects well. Such sound bite creates a good impression on the channel you post.

Monologue sound bite:

It works well if you are a storyteller and can engage a listener. The only catch, you need to be an expert in the subject area you are talking about. Monologue can be mixed with stories and how it is easy to solve the issue with your services.

Since you will be a one-way channel, a listener needs to be engaged by some takeaway. The transcript can save you instead of being off-hand.

The monologue is not dependent. It needs proper research and appealing content.

Roundtable sound bite:

It is a quite like conversational sound bite, just that you need more people to talk and share experiences. There is a chance of getting on the wrong foot over the topic. Someone can make use of the platform to vent out on some dissatisfaction.

It also needs tech support to do this.

Roundtable needs moderator and manage well to not drift the topic to some nonrelated.

Theatrical sound bite:

The name suggests you will have a script in place. Speakers will in-act and try to entertain and pass on the message about your business. It needs a fictional setting and requires creative experience.

It needs dubbing artist and technical support.

Equipment to keep handy to start Audio Marketing:

The best in today’s world of Covid is that we all are on headphones with a mic. We sit on work with no noise and eyes looking at us when we speak with modulation.

Here are quick tools to make things easy:

  • Stand microphones
  • Acoustic foam
  • Audio mixers and editing software

Some editing software:

  1. Audacity
  2. Adobe audition
  3. Hindenburg Journalist
  4. Garage band
  5. Reaper
  6. Zencastr
  7. ProTools

Try small and build your Audio content. Listeners will like the efforts on content which makes them learn new things and connect to their work. Learn to produce audio content and start within the close-knitted circle.

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