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In the name of Entrepreneur – Cons everywhere

Entrepreneurship is passion, and many people have something behind their minds to do it. From high seated executive to the front liner, everyone thinks about it in life.

Entrepreneurship is like a religion for all, and everyone wants to experience it.

Nothing wrong with it. But then there are Cons everywhere. You follow Warren Buffett. He talks about schooling system doesn’t teach you the real-life issue of an entrepreneur. Cons will twist to sound that schooling is a waste, instead, start working for yourself.

Compounding the interest equation is a great way to make money, cons will twist it to tell you to earn $1 the first day and double it to earn some infinite number. Elon Musk’s post on college education is a waste, cons will hijack college-goers and twist them to work now.

The best cons can twist anything and everything to their benefit.

The dreamy world of owning a hi-end car, yacht rides sipping champagne, travel across the world and some free coupons of resort stay at an island. 

I know you figured it out. Nothing is true. The guy who is telling you about this dream can’t run his family’s expenses. The content for their pitch is so minuscule that they lie and be jolly.

Then comes bombarding on social media. They became so rich overnight, going shopping all the place. Social media posts showing the affluent because of the business they in. Rich is more quiet and poor are noisy.

And that uncanny call of old school or college friend asking you to meet at Starbucks. The push is so hard that you can’t even murmur that bloody ass; I don’t want to come for any idiotic meeting. Fuck you!

You saw frustration!

I have been in this feeling. No one became rich, neither doer nor giver. But then who started this con will pack their bags soon. This con business is about making people at the top of the pyramid rich. 

Guys, being self-employed is a blessing. But being part of the con will make you frustrated and hide from your friends and relatives. Avoid getting in something which gets you in the wrong thing. Business is real. It does not con. So if someone says that big businesses are just a big con, then they are wrong.

It is also called this con business as MLM or Multilevel Marketing. When you ask the guy if he is going to get us on MLM, he will respond to you asking what is MLM. F**K! that is the first lie.

I am sorry for my language, but then F**k them.

Read through on what exactly MLM con is.

It is recruitment and not business

MLM con is about recruitment. They recruit, invest money, buy some cheap stuff at five times costly to make you a Direct Sales Associate. How? By selling them to others. The investment is so high that you never get your returns, ever.

By the time you talk to your friends and relatives, you will become a con too. You are selling it to friends and relatives. In short, you are recruiting.

The products under the MLM are tough to sell in the real market as they are overpriced. But by recruiting DSA, you make them the partner of the con. In short, the business is about recruitment.

There is no money

It is highly impossible to make money out of MLM. The structure is such a way that only 1% of the participant will make money. The rest will pass money to the top of the pyramid. That is the guy who started the con.

Many will argue this is not a con, but then the structure can never make you rich what the pitch is. If you are even the second line of the pyramid, you are passing money on top, and just as minuscule is what you earn.

A person who is gung-ho about this will one day get saturated with his contact and finally give up. Not alone, but all of whom he made invest.

Here is a quick study by Robert FitzPartick

The MLM model is two-lies-in-one. First, obviously, as the number of participants increases, the chance to recruit a large downline diminishes for those at the end of the chain.

Second, saturation aside, the recruiting chain pay-plan requires each participant to enroll several recruits before profit is possible. Therefore, a ratio of “winners” to “losers” is baked in right from the start.

MLM is worse than playing Gamble

The probability of you winning a gamble is better than you take part in MLM. The pitcher of MLM will lie and deceive to recruit. They will lie about the income opportunity and give examples.

If anyone is making money out of MLM is just the top pyramid. Trust me, they sustaining.

In short, if 1000 people join MLM, only 3 or 4 on top will make money. Rest are left dreaming by then MLM will saturate. A new scheme with a new business plan. MLM is all about shutting one day.

MLM members are unpaid salesman and not business owners’

The pitch starts with them as business owners. But the guy who is telling you this is an unpaid salesman. He can be as simple as an Ice-cream salesman. If he sells will take money. Otherwise, he will go hungry.

Do you want to be such a business owner?

I am sure your aspiration to be an entrepreneur is not to be a salesman. You want a real business with real money flowing in.

Junk this idea.

MLM is unregulated.

MLM business owners or top guys in the pyramid will go scot-free since the business is unregulated. There are hardly any countries that took this up to regulate and set rules.

Your investment is against the sale of some cheap products. These products in return for your money. So if you put a case, the case will discharge since you got the product in return. If you bought something 5 times costly, that is your ideocracy.

The best is to never get into such a business and be part of the con.

Relationships are at stake

The hard truth, probably your aunty may not be complaining. It but will be behind her head that you conned her. You took away some money in return for a false promise.

It will make you bad. Avoiding will make it worse. 

Friends will sham you, and colleagues will run for their life when you show up.

I am sure doing business is important, but not at the cost of a relationship.

I never got sucked into MLM con

Doing business is exciting, but I never took a shortcut to make easy money. Or I planned a con or used examples of great business philosophers to twist.

Selling lemonade in a garden is a glorious business or selling nail-polish on WhatsApp is far better business than being in MLM. In case you don’t have any idea to become a business owner, please rest your ass and work for someone till you have an idea. The idea to do business and not to CON.

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