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Let us wish Justin Bieber a happy birthday!

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The pop music genre started in the 50s, but the momentum hit in 70s.

Today our music taste is versatile then metal music or rock music. We love anything which is good for occasion and good to our ears.

It is the birthday of a Popstar Justin Bieber who has seen difficulties in life. It all started with a discussion with my partner if anyone should get a grand success in the initial days or grind then taste the success.

I am not in opinion either. If you hit right in life, then you should be all there since you deserve it. But the problem is, can you continue striking the right nodes always. Demand to produce more music can make hobby of making music to perform like run mill. That can make you go numb, and probably you can never get right.

I remember my time hero Kurt Cobain and feel no one has energy what he had. His sad demise convinces that too much fame is what he couldn’t handle and finally hit the last day of life on 5th April 1994. RIP Kurt Cobain.

Even Justin got a success with his first track “Baby”. His childish face and voice behind the mic made him singer born for something huge.

Is Justin BIG? he is enormous. But then he too went in the grinding process.

Here is Justin Bieber’s troubled timeline.

  • On New Year’s day in 2013, a photographer was crushed crossing the street while taking pictures of Justin Bieber’s Ferrari. Bieber was not involved in it and prayed for the victim’s family.
  • January 2013, Justin Bieber was photographed holding Marijuana. Same year February he got busted for smoking weed.
  • Same month he appeared in some pics touching female fan chest
  • He sans shirt on March 25, 2013, at Poland airport
  • Bieber’s out of many incidents with a paparazzo. Spotted shouting at the photographer that he’d f*** him up
  • Shirtless pic on Instagram in the year 2013
  • Reached 2 hours late to a concert at London’s O2 Arena in March 2013
  • Justin celebrated his 19th birthday in the year 2013 was kind of a downer and he tweeted it was his worst birthday
  • He went to Amsterdam and had blooper about Anne Frank
  • Bieber was involved in a LA accident
  • He was carried by bodyguards up the stairs of china wall in October 2013
  • January 2014 Justin Bieber was arrested on suspicion of DUI and drag racing
  • A woman had accused the singer in May 2014 of trying to steal her cellphone
  • January 2014, Bieber was charged with driving under the influence in Miami
  • November 2016, Bieber was accused of punching a fan
  • July 2017 singer struck a paparazzo with his truck

Justin Bieber has written an emotional essay about how he became “the most hated person in the world” thanks to a string of wrongdoing in his 20s.

This can happen to anyone and any person in the profession. Justin spoiled kid with the talent to make music. He never shifted his focus on music and his music made swing people around the world.

A timeline like this has even helped Justin to be in limelight, you need to be a point of discussion. Even terrible publicity can make you big. For Justin, it worked well.

Learning out of Justin Bieber’s life


Talent will never go wasted like Justin Bieber

Justin is a true talent, and that stood out in his bad time of life. He worked on what best he can, he just produced music to make it best every time.

Justin didn’t give up on collaboration; he worked with like-minded DJs and singers. Made songs after songs. He never gave up on that.

“Another one” track is an outstanding example of being around with right people in life will lead to success.

Use Social Media for your benefit they Justin Bieber did

Justin Bieber used Twitter and Instagram for his better. He made sure to update on social media.

This got people’s attention and girls started appearing to get his autograph.

Bieber found his free marketing opportunity and used social media to build the following.

Build a product that people love the way Justin Bieber did

To be around the market, you need to have an appealing product. That can only come up if you know the actual need for the market. Justin Bieber lived up to the time, and they loved his songs by his timing it.

His target persona of teenage girls and boys worked well.

You need to be so sure in your business with the right persona and meeting their requirements.

We all struggle in this mad, mad world for attention and apply a new trick in the book. Justin Bieber went all right with his choice of marketing channel, product, audience, and finally social media. I am sure if you apply strategy around this, your business too will see the success of what Justin Bieber has.

Justin Bieber top 5 tracks:

  1. Where Are U Now (2015)
  2. Despacito (2019)
  3. Anyone (2021)
  4. Baby (2010)
  5. As Long as You Love Me (2012)

Justin Bieber net worth is around $300 million

Justin Bieber’s wife birthday is 22nd November

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