Powerful side hustle for over 50 everything you need

Probably I have written over 10 blogs on what business young millennials and gen z should start. Never focused specifically on middle-aged gentlemen and ladies. 50 is no age to go slow, so many businessmen and women started after 40 and succeed slowly around 60. 50 as age is median. People over 50 can start a business or a side hustle while they are working in their never getting over the job. Ask this question multiple times about what are good side hustles, who will tell me ideas for side hustles and how to make money in side hustles. 

I am 50+ and what are good side hustles?

Every time you meet a youngster, millennials, and gen z, thought struck on how these guys have at least one way to make money as a side hustle. And the genuine working crowd stands very loyal with their job and make just to spend and save most for retirement. Rules on how much to spend on fuel, how many times to eat out, and when to shop. Things get very tricky with for a 50+ crowd. 

Come out of your shackles and let’s discuss some top side hustles. These ideas for side hustles are easy to invest in and grab customers around us. Earning extra money online on the side hustle is a reliever.

Waste no more time and side hustles:

1. Be a Travel Agent

You might have taken a vacation from your job to travel sometime back, do you like it? Start a travel agency to start a side hustle to make money with a great business plan around it. 

Travel agents to plan itineraries, book travel & stay, plan local sightseeing, and night out happenings. It would require web searches and collaboration. Boom, it would be easy for you to start a substantial business around being a travel planner. 

This should top the list of business ideas and make you instantly jump inside hustle from home with a family member as support. 

Weekly time spent: 20 hours

Earn per hour: $20 per hour

2. Party Planner

If you are a socializer or mingler and know what needs to be a portion of finger food, cocktails to serve, and cuisine to choose dinner. With such skills, you are hot property to be a party planner. A top side hustle to enjoy while you earn. You won’t get tipsy at every party, but you will be a brilliant planner and talk of the town.

Collaborate with caterers, bar guys, DJs & gigs, florists & decors, hotel managers, and photographers. This is a great business idea example from the list here. Make money in side hustle while you be a party popper. 

Start this just by printing cards and collaborating through mobile while you travel or just get bored at your full-time workplace. Make the most from this side hustle to make money.

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Weekly time spent: 20 hours

Earn per hour: $50 per hour

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Real Estate

3. Local Real Estate Agent

Millennials rent everything from houses, home appliances, and kitchenware. Real Estate rentals are big business and being a commission agent locally will be a great way to start a side hustle while you are working and in your 50s. Next, since you have seen local life around, know what vacant spaces are and connect clients. Wow, you are already on the fence and just need to get inside hustle while you work. 

Once you connect the right real estate space and the right clients, you will start rolling. With rentals, if you can sell or resell the property, you will make a side hustle to make money. This online business idea can be a great side hustle to make money while you work full time. 

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Weekly time spent: 20 hours

Earn per hour: $30 per hour

4. Content Writer

People get great appreciation when they write a mail or send a greeting or probably a long read. If you fall in the same cadre and can write over 10 pages a day. Start writing on your favorite content, post it and garner views. If you mature in 3 months, enroll with freelancer sites, and write content for businesses. 

Content writers are popular material, as Google will only crawl content on the web and rank pages. Great popular materiality for a side hustle you can do from home and work in your spare time. This business idea can lead to making you a great blog writer and non-fiction or fictional writer as a side hustle for money. 

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Weekly time spent: 20 hours

Earn per hour: $30 per hour

5. Language tutor

Some people have an impressive skill of talking in over 2 languages. People love learning a new language for their business plans or migrating to a new place. If you talk over one primary language, then you stand a significant chance to start a side hustle at ease. 

People learn a language for verbal communication and rare to read & write. This saves you from teaching. Quick verbal communication is good enough to stand out in the crowd and impress people at new locations. 

I am quite a great admirer of foreign languages and personally can talk 4 languages. Start online portal, make content, and earn on this side hustle from home. Never be short of ideas and here we have a great side hustle list. Language tutor is a great pick for 50+ dudes. 

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Weekly time spent: 20 hours

Earn per hour: $20+ per hour

6. Notary Signing Agent

Notary agents will have a great job as side hustlers job from home. Enroll to be licensed Notary Signing Agents and help conclude contracts. We would need notary signing service for loan mortgage, real estate sales, rental agreements, and any SLAs. 

The skill you need is to know the documents and for that, you have courses available online. They will make you aware of the notary signing agent’s duties and documents verification. 

Side hustle in your spare time. This can be a great business idea from home. People will call you to come to your home office and get the notary signed on their documents. Part of great side hustle business ideas.

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Weekly time spent: 15 hours

Earn per hour: $25 per hour

7. Personal Chef

If you fancy yourself as a chef and enjoy cooking food while you be a party freak. You have a great potential to be a personal chef for a party around your residence. List out your admirers and grab feedback. If you get hired as a personal chef is a great side hustle to earn extra cash. In case you have certification in culinary training, this would add your chance to get straightforward business. 

Whether you specialize in cuisine or lifestyle, diet food, get your communication right and get the side hustle. Build your clientele and get word-of-mouth referrals. Repeat business gets business way to keep going side hustle. Make money in this side hustle. 

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Weekly time spent: 25 hours

Earn per hour: $25 per hour

Delivery goods can be great option as a side hustle

8. Delivery driver

Online business has saved people from grace. People with humble backgrounds or less educated or who want to do a side hustle after their full-time job can make quick bucks. The best part of this side hustle is it starts when you log in and ends when you log off. You get to earn in this side hustle just on your terms. 

Enroll yourself with DashDoor or Amazon, log in when you come out of your daily job, and ride your way in this side hustle. 

This is a side hustle, with no money investment. Earn the day you start a side hustle and save it for your rainy day. 

Weekly time spent: 30 hours

Earn per hour: $18 per hour

9. Bookkeeping

They spare no one of the maintenance of books. If you are in business, then you need to do your books. From mom, n pops shop to car washer. Everyone would need a person who can help them do bookkeeping. If you are certified, then that is going to be a great way to start a side hustle. If not, you can partner with a certified accountant. 

Bookkeeping will never fall short of prospective customers and this side hustle to make money is a longtime game. 

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Weekly time spent: 30 hours

Earn per hour: $18 per hour

Connecting with consultant is best as a side hustle

10. Management Consultant

With an age of 50+ years and experience of smooth and patchy roads in business. This makes you a hot property to help small and medium-sized businesses to operate right in the situation. You can be a great management consultant for sales, marketing, HR, or production planning. Sharpen your skill around your pitch for a potential client and start your side hustle to make money. 

This side hustle would make you charge a premium and can work a long way. This can even make you be an entrepreneur of your choice. A great business idea example. 

The more you spend time, the more your premium fees for this side hustle. Make money in a side hustle more than your present job. 

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Weekly time spent: 15 hours

Earn per hour: $50-100 per hour

Side hustle in skill you already mastered can be a very easy business idea. 

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