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Quick easy business ideas for this Valentine nobody is talking about

Ditch a competition and make sure you stand out with your product and service. This Valentine be busy bee and make quick money.

Find your inner talent and don’t worry about what people will think about your chosen profession. You need to be just valid with your idea and make some quick bucks.

It is a day when whole world would be eager to burn a hole in their pocket and make sure that it doesn’t go anywhere then just coming to you. So pick up pen & paper and hear me out on finding best options available this Valentine to make money.

So what you are good in, do deep understanding and master your skill tonight, here are the options:

You have good Handing Writing and can try doing Calligraphy

You will stand out most in demand person on this Valentine when people around the world will celebrate and in rush make a shabby impressions on cards or letter expressing feelings. Calligraphy can be real help for all boys to bust a nut.

Even Girl would need to show off their soft pinky side by expressing in true calligraphy impressions.

So go now and try it out:

  • Watch tons of Calligraphy videos on YouTube
  • Make templates of messages which are good to write on greeting cards
  • Create your campaign and bombard all over the internet, whatsapp, your groups on whatsapp, FB and make impression on Instagram
  • Start with easy price list

Ok Ok … You can thank me later

You always been bathroom singer

So get on your Karaoke kit mix match some lyrics to suit different couple who want on demand and personalization. People who can’t express their love want you to help them, move booty and sing favorite with lyrics personalized.

Go and Sing … Nothing’s gonna change my love for “Kim”, I know it’s not Kim, go and make it.

Here is what you need to do now:

  • Check out playlist of love birds and Valentine special
  • Pick up what can be personalized and sing in to be perfect
  • Make your campaign by small video explaining your offering
  • Showcase if you can play any music instrument
  • You can even have playlist to sing an hour or so

So don’t waste your time and get this up right. I am sure you will make good money

You can even try ConvertFit which comes at affordable price and easy to onboard

Allrounder CRM cum demand generation tool called GoHighLevel is one stop for everything you looking for

So you are amateur bar tender

You will be on demand if you do it right my friend. No one wants to spend fortune going fine dine restaurant. Problem is, there is no chance that you will have great booze except some mush mush encounter.

Let clients use their beautiful place and get stuffed with all type of liquors and liqueurs. Get mixers ready, all your punches, chasers, ice cubes, cutlery and list of Cocktails. Make someone’s day special by mixing their favorite drinks.

Here is what you can do tonight and get ready:

  • Master your skill, talk to your pal or colleague and know what it takes to do everything
  • Learn 3 or 4 special cocktails
  • Learn juggling the bottle
  • Be ready for best delivery

You are good enough to make some one’s valentine and make sure you slip out after you are done rather you slipping in their beds.

So you are dancer and teach moving the booty

This time don’t dance for yourself, but make couple learn how to dance on their favorite track. Make it look very special and just out of their favorite song. This will go in their memories and be proud you made this special for them.

Teach them dancing and give them signature by personalized choreographing. Here is what you can do tonight and be available for business:

  • Learn your moves
  • Get your partner to dance with you for small snippet
  • Be everywhere on social and whatsapp with your snippet and offering
  • Get your price list done

People around the world are keen to dance, but their work has made them to just tie belt around waist. Make someones’ life with dance and for god sake don’t eye his girl.

Entrepreneur productive tools

So you are graphic designer

You are the man who is highly in demand and Valentine’s day can make you earn some quick bucks for your outing or night out.

Get some templates and try to make clips of couples who want to express their love all over social media. Get your sound engineering right and may they express everything what they want in clips which will be memorable.

Here are the things you should do tonight:

  • Get your skills right and prepare for specialized templates
  • Try talking about the ideas with couple to showcase in clip
  • People would love to talk about their history in this clip, be patient and get the script right
  • Make best use of your skills and tools
  • Express on your social media and whatsapp about your new services

This skill will be on demand and you can make big money by being available for sale.

Entrepreneur productive tools

Some skills which can make money this Valentine day

  • Photography
  • Baking a creative cake
  • Chef skills, make way from stomach to heart
  • Cardio trainer to burn fats
  • Fashion designer for designer clothes

I am sure this will help you to get on track and make quick money, if your skill shines and you are proud of it, then try being available for them even after Valentines.

Nothing is best then solopreneur and I wish you all luck. I pray for you.


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