Build your SaaS firm in a week and target to $10k per month

build your saas business

What does it take to make SaaS firm? Do we still need to strategize the product idea and start working as an architect? Does it need to have a developer team? What if I want to be Solopreneur? Can I still make SaaS firm?


SaaS is Software As A Service is an online software that you pay as you use.

So many questions to start a SaaS startup. It scares many people to begin a startup. On top, if you are a Sales & Marketing guy, they will always leave you out in the rush of starting a SaaS firm.

SaaS is the need for every business today. Even a small drop-shipping firm would need SaaS to drive business. 

Can Sales Hustler start a SaaS firm, sure! Let’s get the steps right.

White labeling SaaS platforms are on buffet

Find your expertise and build a SaaS

Think about what you are best. What are your experience talks? Did you sell a solution for BFSI or Hospitality or is it Retail or Manufacturing? Whatever it is, think over what you are best. Let’s say you are from the Hospitality vertical, then think of making a solution for them.

It can be CRM or email service or anything like a payment gateway or revenue management system. Find your niche, expertise, which can get your edge and build your SaaS firm.

Many software firms do white labeling. Pick your choice, learn it, get the edge and strategize your sales. 

You can even try ConvertFit which comes at affordable price and easy to onboard

Allrounder CRM cum demand generation tool called GoHighLevel is one stop for everything you looking for

How to get your SaaS

Many firms are experts in making solutions. They give your software as little as $20 per month. Sell more to earn more. Start as small as tiny links to creating an Instagram tag manager. You get PHP script embedded into your website, make a visual appeal, and work on CX.

You can try some at CodeCanyon, make a software choice and get it on your website. Price it well and drive traffic to your website. More the visit is more will be a subscriber.

Entrepreneur productive tools

Try Promo video editor now and get best offer

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Act to only sell

Branding, product strategy, pricing, customer experience and success, all are part of your ball game. Do your best.

Put your best foot forward and show you are a champion salesman. Work on an email campaign, take the help of social media, drive traffic to your website and do the best SEO.

Whatever you do, do to convince your prospective customer that you get something valuable. Value can drive sales and dollars in your kitty.

Selling can only make your SaaS company the best. Who knows, you might become a million-dollar firm.

These are just three easy steps to start a SaaS firm. Think deep and be specific for every problem of business. Business, when expands, gets many challenges.

So get started with your SaaS firm.

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