Science is fine, Selling is still Humanly!

Science is fine, Selling is still Humanly!

Selling is getting tougher. The new-gen will probably forget who Zig-Ziglar is? Make friends the way Dale Carnegie wrote in How to Win Friends & Influence People.

Selling is art or science will be a debate. I am not sure what is what, but things have become challenging. In early 2k recruiters were taking assurance for traveling 50% for the new joiner. Today it is all about inside, can you believe sales moved more 9 to 5 job.

The Science of A/B, click, website visit analytics, freemium, and new selling tricks are more efficient. Mass selling is a new buzz. The salesperson needs to connect more than 50 prospects in person in a day. The automation tool needs to send thousands of nurturing emails. Knowing about your prospect life has become the least priority.

In the rush of connecting more prospects’, tech has helped. Nurturing emails have become snippets, templates are helping situation-based, case studies have narrowed to personas, battle cards are targeting feature to feature, and trials are razor sharp.

How are you battling in new-age sales, setting up the playbook, and beating your quota?

The science of selling is true in many ways. It is evidence-based and not intuition. Selling is farming. People don’t respond to liner like a James Bond in Casino Royal “How about a drink at my place”?

In my routine search got some tinker moves:

Personal mails – Researching on prospects went to a new level:

Stalking smartly on social media can create a new way to connect your buyer. Buyers posting a job on LinkedIn can set a tone for personal mail. No doubt solution needs to connect, can’t just blabber without context.

Connecting the right way will help prospective buyers to realize you care and want to solve the issue. Maybe that job post is about an inside sales executive or hand to send mails or manage social media. Your solution is giving breather with simple automation, then personal mail will get a human touch.

It is tough to be creative every time, but if you set to practice, I am sure you will win over just sending drip mail.

Personal mails – The case study

The case study is a case within a real-world context. It connects very well if the right thoughts are put in. Don’t be lazy in dumping content to read for prospects and make the appearance of a junk creator. You only have microseconds to connect. A Jabber will make you lose what content you tried to express.

Use case studies smartly.

Personal mails – Jolt

It surprised me the first time when I got jolt mail.

Radio silent prospects need a jolt. There are many tricks in the book.

One such shock was when a CRM company wrote to me that she is missing me. Passive communication has given liberty to use creativity in every way. So, if someone misses you doesn’t mean that they miss you that way. They just miss you in the context of response to emails and their solution.

Another jolt I read when someone wrote to me saying this would be their last mail since I am not responding. Do they mean it, no? But then it creates an emotional sense of why not just write a single word mail.

Jolt needs to use very smartly, don’t do it overtly. It might risk your sales process.

The concept of personal emails started at the time when we became bots sending drips. It is not new, and sales were all about being very specific to the reader’s needs. Since calls over the phone became subject to harassment, mails are the only option.

Science took over by sending drips after drips. Spams were everywhere and new tools up on sales to make your mail-id non-spammer. When we create a solution to the problem and that same solution becomes another problem, we innovate by going back to our old days.

Personal emails are quite a thoughtful approach. Use it to write that personal mail, which will win the sale.

Happy selling!!!  

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