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You Broke! Live it and don’t give up

Ambitious individuals always get on life with a positive note and are very confident with what they do. Perhaps they trust people blindly, and that might affect their decision making. They are even daydreamers and aspire a lot from life.

These are qualities to be next millionaire, but then when things go out of hand with series of wrong decisions can bring them to brick. This leads to losing opportunity and hitting hard with life’s challenges.

Trust me, being broke is great when you look forward to coming out strong and when you broke, you don’t hesitate and have fun around. I have devised fun-loving moods and steps to come out richer.

Have fun and laugh it out

Slang language is style. It is popular to express yourself and how you couping up being broke. Choose slang to tell your co-workers or pals that you just left with 10 grand Leone of Sierra(1SLL is equal to 0.000098 USD) or say I haven’t got quite enough Dosh to be Posh.

You can be as local as possible. But say it. Here are some cool ways to express.

  1. Running on Empty—ever ran out of fuel exactly 10 miles away from your den… Then you got it
  2. Looking for Loot—is expressing you can grab the loot that everyone is chasing
  3. Digging for Dinero—Dinero is money in Spanish and Americans loved it
  4. Plowing for Pennies—the worst nightmare for farmers
  5. I got less Green—That tells it all

Have fun!

Give time to your Body

When you don’t have wealth, try earning good health. It doesn’t take a fortune to have a great eating habits. Have a regime to reduce your BMI, and hit the gym.

Being fit can give you stimulation to think what has gone is gone and trying for the best, and putting up a genuine effort for work in hand. You would need to do long hours work more.

Run 10 miles, eat right, do weights… A good body will be ready for your next assignment, which will get you out of broke.

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Don’t get on bad habits and addiction

The most instant self-relief is to get on bad habits and ridiculing everyone. I have seen some friends of mine who instantly get on online games, gambling, drugs, drinking, sex, etc as addictions. This is natural for a broke person. Broke person feels let down by society and want to burn it out by getting on to addiction.

Wait, there is lot left in life, and don’t give up burning yourself in addiction.

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What to do instead

Get on meditation. Be spiritual, Be helpful and talk about your failure and wrongdoings to newcomers.

Get your skills right, if you feel you are a great thought leader then write your expressions. If you good software developer, then enroll as a freelancer. If you are banker, then work with start-up Fintech and guide them with compliances.

Keep up with yourself. Be nimble and light. Think that you have a business and when sales fail, then you go for austerity.

Being Broke is not your choice. Coming out of being broke is your life ahead.

Many Billionaires have come out of broke, so feel lucky and come out of it.

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