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5 Strategies for Lead Generation You Need To Learn Now.

We think about the business idea to start a side hustle or full time, rarely we embark with lead generation. When you set up operations, the hard thing is to make sales. Sales need lead generation for sales. That needs to set your strategies for leads generation. Lead generation sometimes gets very tough, and things left on luck will make you desperate for a viable business. 

Out of all the world of business ideas to make money blogs I posted; we will learn strategies for lead generation. Either for B2B or B2C, lead generation is tough for both. 

Experts and practitioners have defined demand generation and lead generation as different processes. Demand generation is more for brand awareness. Lead generation focuses on converting prospects to qualified leads. Qualified leads can further nurture to be a paying customer.

Lead generation is the step-by-step approach to target prospects into potential buyers. We will run down tips & tricks on lead generation process is managed. By setting up your strategies for lead generation.  

Congo for a side hustle, get on to strategies for lead generation. 

1. Identifying your target audience is strategy #1 for lead generation

Identifying your target audience is strategy #1 for lead generation
Photo by San Fermin Pamplona from Pexels

Only you know your business and its product & service. It derives the persona of a best-fit lead who will buy your product. Setting up a simple goal is not a choice, but a clear step 1 to choose a persona and collect data of preferred contact list. The goal here is

Driving awareness and interest among the target audience

Generating revenue by setting up the target audience

When you know what to find, make a list of accounts and start finding contacts from ZoomInfo, apollo.io, or connecting people on LinkedIn. 

When you grow this list, implement CRM. By sending mails make your prospect be aware of your product and pull them towards making it easy for the lead to buy. 

2. Awareness and drive interest is the #2 strategy for lead generation

Awareness and drive interest is part of strategies for lead generation
Building your mailing list

With a list of the target audience, comes the hard work of making your audience read your content and create a desire to make a buy. By awareness and getting it easy for the audience to decide. Email marketing campaigns, social media, and content marketing did it. 

Things to do for Nurturing:

  • Email
  • Calling
  • Social
  • Website
  • Mobile messages

3. Gather info of prospect for personalized communication – is #3 in strategies for lead generation

Personalised communication is #3 strategy of lead generation

The interested prospects find more information. By clicking call of action or giving away a mobile number. Here you need to find more relevant details of prospects. Like, competition, the problem statement to solve, decision-maker, integration they would need, and much more relevant information? 

This information will help you write personalized emails and further grow an impact. Ask for a quick call over the net or make a personal visit.

4. Engaging the rest is great Strategy for lead generation

Engaging the rest is great Strategy for lead generation

 Not all will try to click your call for action. Most will skip your emails or would be too busy to come into thoughts that your product will help them. Whatever might be the reason, don’t just junk your contact data. Keep engaging through sending the relevant mail, like newsletters, new webinars, or meetups around the city. Anything which can work to engage the rest of the lot, you are nonresponsive. This data would be for you to work till churn them with some new. 

Prospects don’t change the existing, even if you have some significant reason for them to think. As we all know, implementing is a far bigger effort than buying a newer or better system. 

5. #5 strategy for lead generation – Track the traction

#5 strategy for lead generation - Track the traction

As you attempt to communicate multiple ways, start checking on the key KPIs to find traction. Find out who has read mails. Several times they read, clicked the link, and tried to download mail magnets like e-books or white papers. 

When you know them, start making calls and asking them to join your next webinar. As they do, they will come closer to deciding. Immediately after this starts a pre-sale process, demo your product and give away free trials to make them believe the overall proposition. 

These strategies for lead generation would help you set up your sales roadmap. When this mechanism is built, the rest is you need to follow the process and make a vigilant move with every prospect at a time. 

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