Guide for marketing graduates

Digital business ideas for Marketing Grads

When I think about the latest tech trends, I feel everyone is working around to automate, efficient, or create a new platform for Marketing. Marketing has evolved in every way. It has eased some places and complicated trends. Social media alone can trend your brand reputation to go up or smash you down on the&hellip

Business ideas for Computer Science Grads

B-tech grads in Computer Science can reverse engineer any business. Engineers of the millennial era have twisted food delivery to make unicorns. Carpooling to multi-billion-dollar cab service on mobile. BFSI from agent-focused evolved as a mobile-based buying and selling platform. It is a payback time for many revolutionized mobile-based IT firms. Many firms are going&hellip

audio marketing is powerful

How to make audio bites for marketing

We always had radios buzzing. Recently, podcasts are all over the internet, and hype around it is visible. Probably hype is not a word. Podcasts work well. The podcast is out of the niche and getting more popular. For all entrepreneurs, audio marketing content gives new hope. After a blank shot of email marketing, content&hellip

Hope is fuel for Entrepreneurs

Hope is fuel for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs’ dream is to create possibilities. They believe in trying, dig in the dirt and bring mind, heart, and soul to work, hoping it will be a successful endeavour.  Entrepreneurs believe everything I just mentioned above. But when the hardship starts when possibilities become tough. Hope fails. It becomes tough to continue. Everyone wanted to&hellip

Deep work book

4 ways to practice Deep Work for Entrepreneur

Distraction is part of life and being Entrepreneur, needs to be in constant communication spare. It leads to most time getting distracted and missing the most focused work. We can’t avoid replying to emails, chatting with co-workers, answering calls, and be part of the disruption. There is always a need for distraction-free time. Cal Newport&hellip

Day Dreamer

Time Management for daydreamers

Entrepreneurs are daydreamers, so every aspiring person. The aspiration can be to make a firm or work hard as an employee or win the love of the heart. Everyone sees dreams with wide-opened eyes. Daydreaming is not a bad thing. Georgia Institute of Technology suggests that daydreaming during work, in a meeting, traveling, or anywhere&hellip

working from home

Entrepreneurs’ will never get away from WFH

Entrepreneurs are not alone in WFH. Covid has forced us to work from home. Remember the hustle you created working from the office. The friendly atmosphere to cordial relations with colleagues, bumping in them to check the status or talking about the newest strategy at the water hole or talking excitedly about your win. We&hellip