Guide for marketing graduates

Digital business ideas for Marketing Grads

When I think about the latest tech trends, I feel everyone is working around to automate, efficient, or create a new platform for Marketing. Marketing has evolved in every way. It has eased some places and complicated trends. Social media alone can trend your brand reputation to go up or smash you down on the&hellip

Create Audio

A Trendy way to market–Audio Marketing

Hitting the snooze at 6 am is part of the daily start. Negotiate for snippet sleep. Sound hits your eardrums again. This time you get up or tell yourself to sleep more. Snoozing more or getting up at first alarm is a personal choice. Waking up to a sound is not a personal choice. Almost&hellip

rules for millennial

The new rules of Millennial marketing in 2021

Uber wouldn’t have been as successful if millennials didn’t exist. Similarly, the e-commerce or food delivery app doing well under millennial clot. The success of such businesses is dependent on the breed that made it the rage. The characteristic of this breed is lazy, narcissistic, open-minded, supportive, and many. We call them Millennial–denoting people reaching&hellip