affluent entrepreneur

Created Entrepreneurs

Elon Musk beats Jeff Bezos to be the richest person in the World. With ventures like SpaceX, The Boring Company, OpenAI, Tesla, Neuralink, and probably some more firms. Every company is unique to beat the monotony. 4 characteristics of entrepreneur for non-affluent Start EarlyRight BackgroundBe ready to take RiskAct Affluent Elon Musk was born to […]

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build your saas business

Build your SaaS firm in a week and target to $10k per month

What does it take to make SaaS firm? Do we still need to strategize the product idea and start working as an architect? Does it need to have a developer team? What if I want to be Solopreneur? Can I still make SaaS firm? Oops! SaaS is Software As A Service is an online software […]

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frugal and composed

Should Entrepreneurs burn the boat and bridges?

Long story short: to destroy a bridge, boats, or path behind. So that your troop doesn’t return looking challenges. Can we burn our return path. Will it be possible that we don’t retract looking at the challenges of Entrepreneurship. Is it best to do this? Though in challenges human being evolves with new ideas. Think […]

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incomplete mission

How to cope up with an incomplete mission

Entrepreneurship today is about partnering. You want it or not, being with like-minded and making partners is to expedite your firms’ goal. I am not in the opinion that it is the case for everyone; you can be a unique breed to accomplish individually. I value such individuals. But most of the time, it is […]

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big fish entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are just Fish!

Michael Scofield is called Fish in an early episode of Prison Break. I misunderstood at first. Later I got to know that prison is like a Fish Tank and new inmates Fish. This disconnect to the idea of an Entrepreneur is a Fish. Makes me think with a crazy question if entrepreneurs are Fish. Entrepreneurs […]

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facebook issues

Facebook new rules making it difficult for content marketer

I am an avid blogger and struggling for desire views on my blogs. My website is new. I am trying to make it warm with quantity and quality content. Getting free traffic is tough, but I am trying all means to increase the traffic. The struggle went worse when Facebook’s group rule became more stringent […]

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Future Business Ideas

Advice to budding Entrepreneur

One more day passed, one more weekend went with little happening. Last night, I stumbled upon one more corporate employee who is aspiring to be Entrepreneur. Just a quick statistic for you. There are around 582 million entrepreneurs in the World. Around 305 million startups were created in a year. 1.35million businesses out of those […]

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Tech Entrepreneurs

Hey Tech Entrepreneurs… don’t waste your weekend

Being in exciting work always comes with the serious misconception of not working hard. Tech entrepreneur’s is always under pressure of excitement and living true with their dream work. Tech is challenging and getting products out of alpha & beta is difficult. Getting everything like the way you stitching your creative thoughts about the product […]

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wish you grow as an entrepreneur

Can you be a Crossbreed…

This is a hot debate in the bar, at a waterhole, while you trek, or even while you in the gym. Your colleagues will always debate on why do both. Entrepreneurship-cum-employee. They do not bless most of us to come from an affluent family. Being affluent is a blessing, with people around you to correct […]

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Email Marketing is chaotic

4 Email for Marketing Example That Will Actually Make Your Life Better.

I am a big fan of Seth Godin. His execution of sentences and the way he expresses his view make things as perfect as Seth Godin. Setting the right email for marketing example is the key. Seth Godin blogs are non-chaotic and he is not in a rush to write just to fill up the […]

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