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Time Management for daydreamers

Entrepreneurs are daydreamers, so every aspiring person. The aspiration can be to make a firm or work hard as an employee or win the love of the heart. Everyone sees dreams with wide-opened eyes.

Daydreaming is not a bad thing. Georgia Institute of Technology suggests that daydreaming during work, in a meeting, traveling, or anywhere is not bad. Daydreamers are smart and creative. People with efficient brains may have too much capacity to stop their minds from wandering.

Daydreamers come up with creative stuff which can be helpful at work. The only issue with daydreaming is that you shouldn’t just waste brainpower. Make use of your time and utilize your mind wandering efficiently. It will help you dream about useful things. What’s the point if I daydream a date with Sofia Vergara when I know she is already booked, older than me, 10k miles away, don’t have a clue where she stays or what I should do to get an autograph. It is not important.

Efficient brains can zone in and out of conversations or tasks just inflow. It can tune back in without missing important points or steps.

Everything is fine so far, but if time is whiled away, then it is bad. It is about how you make daydreaming your power of thinking cum managing time. The task which is time-bound need to be done.

Here I will list down essential ways of managing your time to daydream and make the best of your creativity:

Daydreaming is great!!

Daydreamers – Keep a log of your time

Keep a tab on things you do throughout the day. It is not hard and can be achieved in a week. 

What is energy drain work or what needs a thinking cap? When in a day you high with energy? What time you go down with it. What time you intake knowledge and when you can take up creative work. Last, when can you do the easiest work, like driving?

With a time log, it will help to make the best use of time. I needn’t have to tell you when to do what based on mental energy. Mental reasoning, thoughts, planning, or the like; ordered or directed thinking. Solving problems is brain work.

We have a variety of things to do at the workplace. Similarly, many use their mental powers based on their body timings. Some can rise early and jump in most brain drain activity. Some are lazy to start, but throughout the day brain charges in such a way that their evenings are better for mental activity.

With a time log, you can maintain your easy work when you feel low with mental energy and start when your mind processes faster.

Make way for daydreaming in a time log. Be consensus about what you will daydream about based on things you have in hand to do. Remember, daydreaming is not deliberate practice to think about work. It is about dreaming anything and connecting it to your work.

You can dream of relocating with your loved one and settle at a place you always wanted to be. Dream about your business at that place and office close to your home. Such daydreaming can lead to thinking of the market at that place and opportunity. You open a new market.

Ever heard of the Swiss cheese method

I will tell you. Every task will make you feel overwhelmed by the large tasks involved to achieve. It will make you feel desperate about how to do it and where to start. This overwhelming task can make you procrastinate, and there will be a constant loss of focus.

Alan Lakein invented the Swiss cheese method. It is about breaking down projects either into smaller tasks or time chucks. Don’t think about how to complete the project. Make tasks small and then quickly get your hands dirty by doing it. In case your project is time hungry, then break it into time chucks.

It will help to achieve bigger goals without not realizing how much effort you put in to do it.

If you daydream about doing salsa with Karen Forcano, you need to learn salsa and start your youtube channel. So that she notices you, rest you will follow.

Daydream before meetings

There is no harm in dreaming your desired results just before stepping into a meeting. This meeting might be your next big thing and aspiring to sign-up with a lifetime’s best deal so far. It can change the way you live life or how going to scale your business.

Such an approach can lead to a clear purpose in mind before you start meeting. Thinking how you will pitch about your offering and what are the punch lines which will make. Punchlines to make your client feel awestruck and say YES to you.

This focus and plan can save the client’s time and even your time. It can be very efficient.

Daydream the most of waiting times

Personal help books are the best I ever felt. Since they help you be knowledgeable and work for betterment. Waiting time sucks, but then you can’t do anything about it. Instead of breaking your head, use it to your advantage.

The best about waiting time is that it makes you alone. Being alone is a boon to creativity.

In such time, if you give direction to your mind by reading something and daydream, that can be best for your life and work.

Reading helps boost concentration and improves brain connectivity.

Avoid overthinking about perfection

This blog was delayed by a week. I had to kick myself to write, reason, thought of perfection.

There is nothing called perfection till the time don’t start on it. Perfection can come when you seriously work over it.

Done is better than perfect.

Perfect is the enemy of good.

In whirling of time or thinking about perfecting things, it can only lead to wastage of every resource. To become exceptional, you need to start working on it, fail, and do it again to perfect. Perfect is not without trying. Perfect is working.

Don’t waste time, do something.

Some essential Time Management concepts:

  • Learn to say NO
  • Schedule me-time
  • Sleep well
  • Exercise often
  • Plan your calendar
  • Don’t waste time on small details
  • Don’t waste inspiration
  • Avoid multitask
  • Use Time Management apps
  • Avoid notification
  • Don’t rush in to reply mails
  • Be one day early
  • Enjoy your time

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