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Top 10 business ideas to start at university


Who doesn’t need extra cash in hand? From a Richie Rich to Tom in our University, everyone would need extra cash. Extra cash give you security and edge from others in lot. You can spend on good things in life or save it for future. You can even invest in good and multiple your money as you go. Even at the youngster age studying in university, we are tight with our money. We need extra cash to go on date or have a weekend night. There is no bad if you work. In this blog I will give you some great business ideas to start at your school, university or college.

These business ideas are easy to do as it connects to digital business. When I say digital business, it can be done from anywhere. You can attract business while attending lecture, get paid when you are writing you assignments or do the work while you still studying for your next test.

So, without wasting anymore times, lets get on to the work of finding what business ideas we can start at the campus or varsity.

1. Make money as you walk and chat (Social media marketing)

Social media marketing
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This is no new, we all can see some guys who always post some link on social media or put a status of some great product on their WhatsApp that we tend to ask for the price and buy. Didn’t you see them? I am sure you did. Such guys are serious about what they do, just that the guys who can’t think of anything will always try to make up that this business idea is bad. ‘

People buy serious stuff from social media and chat platform. The best part of such business, you don’t need to know anything just be popular, create viral, make people to check your posts. Let them click at link or send you DM. It is easy peasy.

Now, in business, one thing is most essential, consistency. If you, do it continuously, people will believe in you and buy your stuff.

The idea is so simple and doable. Anyone can do it on their mobile phone. A right fit business idea on digital platform for students.

2. Be a YouTuber

Be a youtuber

The energy in university is high and the bites you get from college campus is remarkable. You don’t need a setting for it, every punk, every move, and every joke comes out great. People go crazy at university. Students try their antiques different way. Be it at the college day event, sports day, cafeteria fun or aisle mischief. There is always something which you can grab and make a YouTube video for your channel.

Not just YouTube, you can even do it for other social media channels like TikTok and Insta Reels. Be popular gain followers and be an influencer.

It might take some time, but if you do it right it will get you great income.

You just need mobile phone and video editing software. This business idea takes some time to kick off, but when you there then you make money in the rush of digital business concept. Don’t miss if you have a skill.

3. Blogger and a website

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Bloggers have greatest superpower. If you unleash and use right, I am sure you will be popular overnight like Neil Patel or Gary Vaynerchuk. Just that we don’t believe in anything. We don’t believe if people make money on YouTube. We don’t believe in guys who make money out of status post on WhatsApp, we don’t believe if there are influencers on social media.

If you seriously think, of what is that superpower, I am sure you will start writing a blog and posting it on your website. That is …. Here I go, my friend power of SEO on Google. Google works on algo. So if you make a search of digital business, it will search for website which has key word optimized. When you do SEO right, then next great thing would happen is ranking of your page.

If all goes well, Google will show your website every time for the key words. Write blogs and get traffic. This traffic can be used to route them on e-commerce site or get ad money from Google.

If you do this right, you will make money sitting in your class like a pro.

4. Delivery boy

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This is no brainer. Just that you need to be available and feel free that you are delivery boy. University kids are normally business showing off that they are from influential families. This makes them to junk ideas of pity work like a delivery boy.

Why shame when you will have extra bucks and life which is ahead of just parents’ money. I respect kids who make money on their own. You can enroll to delivery boy apps or be friendly available on WhatsApp. Try to use digital business idea for this business idea at the varsity. Do it today.

5. Language course

Medical Market Place
Top 10 Future Business Ideas

So, your family have relocated from France and you are very smooth in French language. There are many who want to be smooth in French language. That gets you the problem and you teaching them language is business.

Language course business can be done sitting at your bunker in hostel or in the campus. As your aspirants to connect you over teams or zoom call. Charge them nominal and make money. Language can be any, people love to learn new language be it French, Mandarin or Hindi.

Promote your business on social media and make a use of digital marketing ideas. This business idea is very easy to start.

6. Freelancer

Business Ideas for Women
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You might be studying to be a journalist or software developer. While learn work as a freelancer. The advantage… You already start being an intern and making money too. So if you studying math, then do work around AI/ML with stats. If you studying language then write a blogs. If you studying physics then work with researchers.

You name it and you have jobs on freelancers websites.

There is beauty in every work you do to make side money. The digital business platforms will ease connecting you with potential job giver. So enroll in such sites as job seeker. Use this business idea and be intern and earn money.

7. Bargain on your study material

Bargain on your study material
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This would need great skills to make note of everything what happens in class. Do your assignments on time. Make a kit of it and sell it as last-minute study material for the guys who are not prepared for upcoming tests.

Quite a niche business, but then this will get you great money at the time when every other guy searching for what to study last moment. Sell it like a pro. Use this business idea to pay your next tuition fees.

8. Make a Sandwich

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Imagine you know how to use shared kitchen in the campus smartly. This makes you to start business. The business idea is simple. Make a Sandwich or pasta or subs for your friends who travel from long and can’t buy costly food at cafeteria.

You are feeding and this business will make you earn with a blessing on the go. Use this business idea to pay your bills. More you use digital marketing better for your business.

9. Be a sport coach 

Sportss Coach
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The next one is good for guys who are champions in one of the sports. Like if you are champion in table tennis, can throw a ball right in rugby or bend it like a Beckham. This can make a sports coach right away. The best part, even dean will like your idea to be a sports coach. Campus’s most unused playing ground will be used as you are helping people learn the sport. Best part, you are making money with this business idea. Be pro on digital marketing like FB and Insta and get following.

A easy yet very effective business idea for you.

10. Write resume and get guys ready for recruitment process 

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In case you already working at some place and know how the professional world works in real. You have skill to help people to get the job. Writing resume comes with 2 skills, one is writing and second is presenting right skills for right job. In this business idea, you can even help fresher to face the interview and sail easy.

Charge nominal and if they clear their interviews to get the job, get the extra commission for the achievement. This business idea works well with digital business concept.

Here I go with 10 business ideas for you all guys. I tried to be unique and ideas which will work in real. Make a choice of business idea and do with with great professionalism with digital marketing. Make money save for future.

My ideas might be new. It would need the power of digital business and digital marketing. Please check the good idea for you. Can you invest the time it would take, invest money and dedicate profession? 

In the end, it will be your business. 

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