Mindfulness is in trend

Trek for Mindfulness

Mindfulness is in trend. Corporate job or entrepreneurship tearing off your muscles and stress your mind. Only option to be intensely aware of what you are sensing and feeling in the moment. It’s about being in the moment, non-judgmental and contradistinction, teaches you to be to pay attention and don’t allow your mind to wander.

8 out of 10 corporate workers, entrepreneurs, and start-up hustlers stress in their daily lives. They face a hard time relaxing their body and calming their minds. This can lead to a high risk of heart disease, stroke, and other illnesses.

There are many ways to do mindfulness; you can sit just in meditation, while working on something with focus. Some even do mindfulness with the help of music, and there are apps to help you too.

One best way this weekend is by going on trek closest. You can go to Twin Peaks in San Francisco or Gatineau Park near Ottawa or Nandi Hills near Bangalore. Browse tonight and you will get a trek for this weekend close to the place you stay. One of my favorites is the Himalayan trek.

Trekking is physical activity around beautiful scenery and fresh air. If you pay attention to your surrounding while on a trek can give you benefit to your body and mind.

I wish like going on a trek with my loved ones and enjoy the moment that environment will create for us unknowingly.

Feel Empathy

Feeling empathy is the best way to enjoy when you trekking. Feeling blessed to see the day, breath pleasant air, and feeling the nature around can be given you joyous moment. Mindfulness is about being in the moment and not cluttered. This will help you meditate while you walk and keep focus.

With empathy, you will have a deliberate awareness of oneself and the surrounding landscape. Be in present and enjoy the moment.

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Feel your body and push it

When you live in present, you will feel your body and the struggle you making to reach on top. The knees bend and stretch your muscle tighten and relax and leaving past the ground under your feet. Trekking is also about treating each step as a cue to fix their attention on different parts of the body to achieve a heightened state of relaxation.

Remember, mindful trekking makes a deliberate awareness of oneself and the surrounding.

Achieve the target you set for trek and body ache will be a delight after all.

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Practice for your trek

Trek can gruelling if you don’t have the practice to walk miles. In case you plan for a trek, then it makes sense for you to practice for the trek.

Here are some quick guidelines, but make sure you improve if your trek going to be for some days in a chilly place.

  • Practice brisk walking, light jogging, and spot jogging
  • Practice on squats and stair climbing
  • Keep right diet practice and study your body’s needs.

Practice will make you perfect and will keep you intact with sudden body change while you are on trek. Trek will quicken your heartbeat, circulating more blood and oxygen to your muscles and organs.

Jogging before will elevate your heart rate and make your lungs more effective. This process will get you ready for the trek.

The most used muscle while you trek is on legs and thighs, squats will keep up with it and will not give you sudden muscle strain.

The climbing staircase will keep you in practice to beat gravity. These are important things for your trek next.

Being ready is always better than getting dashed by sudden body changes. Trek is great, but if not ready for it can make you feel exhausted and unwanted.

Trekking once a month can pass your stress unknowingly and connect you with the earth. It will help you think about yourself, your loved ones, and your purpose.

 Happy Trekking!

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