US has impish of acronym for everything

US has impish of Acronym for everything

Tech follows US standards and US has impish of acronym for everything. So much so that they can say FML to say F*** My Life. My point is how can you get emotions around saying FML. To my shock, this is one of the oldest acronyms and people use FML everywhere it makes sense.

I am not against acronyms, but this makes me learn these acronyms, as I don’t use them in my real life so much, so I need to make my memory remember by heart. There are tons and tons of acronym which are very specific to vertical of business, a place you work, social media platform you use, community what you belong to, a region where you come from. Acronyms are going to be there, and you need to have a learning curve whenever there is a challenge to understanding it.

As American as… abbreviation. Americans love to abbreviate things and create acronyms. This is not new, and it is since the world war or even before that.


Social media has given a boost to acronyms and the library of acronyms will grow and become very specific to:

  • Social media acronyms
  • Business-specific social media acronyms
  • Technical acronyms
  • Gen Z social media acronyms

There can be many other specific groups. I attempt to put them together for reference. You can prep before you have the next hangout or meeting or gathering so that you live in a time and level up your social vocabulary RN (right now).

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Here are some common internet slangs or Social media acronyms
  • AFAIK – As Far AS I Know
  • AMA – Ask Me Anything
  • BRB – Be Right Back
  • BTS – Behind the scene
  • BTW – By the Way
  • CMV – Change My View
  • DYK – Did you know
  • ELI5 – Explain it to Me Like I’M Five
  • FBF – Flashback Friday
  • FOMO – Fear of Missing Out
  • FTW – For the Win
  • WCW – Woman Crush Wednesday
Business and Marketing Acronyms are a simple way for those within the field of work to communicate. Here are some which you should be hands-on.
  • AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
  • BANT – Budget Authority, Need, Time
  • CTA – Call to Action
  • EM – Email Me
  • GA – Google Analytics
  • IAM – I am in Meeting
  • TOS – Time of Service
  • UV – Unique Visitor
  • WOM – Word of Mouth
Technical acronyms which are friendly for tech entrepreneurs and their startup should know
  • API – Application Programming Interface (use mostly to talk about integration between 2 apps)
  • ESP – Email Service Provider
  • CAC – Customer Acquisition Cost
  • NSFW – Not safe for Work
  • OOO – Out of Office
Gen-Z acronyms are the most complicated and try to set the style
  • 411 – Information
  • AFK – Away from Keyboard
  • BC – Because
  • FFS – For F***’s Sake
  • GOAT – Greatest of All Time
  • HMU – Hit me Up
  • ISO – In Search Of
  • MRW – My Reaction When
  • NVM – Never Mind
  • OH – Over Heard
  • WBU – What about you
  • YOLO – You Only Live Once

Entrepreneur productive tools

Trends are emerging and the finding of acronyms will never end either you will listen first and then understand, or you understand and then start using it. Either way, you need to find your source of knowledge. In case you like this, then subscribe to our blog and we will keep you posted about such acronyms used across the Globe.

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