When in doubt, ask questions! List full of doubts!

When in doubt, ask questions! List full of doubts

When were you last time at a duty-free shop and know that you need to pick up Black Label, but then doubt and also eye Chivas Regal, Talisker, or JD? Or last time when you bought the Mobile phone, you decided on the brand, but then the salesman built a doubt in your head. Life is full of doubts. Doubts on personal life, married life, professional life, and social life. Doubts are part of everything you can think of.

Some monk will say to manifest, all convinced. You start manifestation, hit with doubt. Doubt if this is what you want, doubt if this will work, and doubt if manifest or straight work on it. The human brain is full of doubts.

Some say doubt the doubt and clear your doubt… What’s that. Please clear doubt and don’t play tongue twister. I am already in doubt. And if you wanna play, then please say “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers”; 5 times and quick. Failed… See, I doubted you!

Sometimes doubts are even funny, they come into your head wrong time. Once in a teenager, I sent a girl a birthday greeting and mentioned to her “Hey Sister”. She didn’t see me back after that. I had a doubt! She will slap in case, I say “hey girly let’s go for coffee”. I learned the wrong Pledge in School. The first line said, “India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters I love my country”. Now when you learn such, how can you love girl, you will only love the country.

What, you again you doubt what I say? I didn’t mean I don’t love my country but that girl whose heart I broke… Idiot.

I am surrounded by doubtful people, and that is the biggest doubt. I don’t know why I have some friends who are silent haters but still on the FB friend list–Doubt. Some people who linger in my mind but they don’t play any vital role in my upbringing–Doubt. Relatives who only compete with me, but I still make them feel I am worthwhile–Doubt. Friends who backbite and still say are best friends ever–Doubt. Last, we were supposed to go Goa last to last year–Doubt.

Doubt is also at work. I don’t know why I left an outstanding job to become nimble to start a firm. Make it successful. Since I always doubted people around me who were pulling my leg, I left them all. I made money by selling the firm (did I make money, oh God, one more doubt). Yes, I made money.

Life is full of doubts, and the man who overcomes doubts makes a mark in life. Did I just do gender bias? Oh, F***. I am not. I meant human being. No, we are all animals I know, but we have better brains than animals and that’s why we are different. But Animals don’t have doubt, so human beings are worse than animals? I don’t know. You find it, that is your doubt.

As a learning, there is a thin line between a very successful person and a commoner. They win over the doubts. They make the right choice of girl, job, business, investment, circle to be with, in social circuits, friends, what to buy, where to travel, and everything they do. When you make the right decisions in every moment of life, you pass that thin line and move towards a successful person group.

Don’t be in doubt for long, respect your decision and keep moving. Always make the calculative approach and don’t jump in since you just like that at that moment. Take time and walk 2 steps back and forth. I am sure you will be less with doubts and more with success. This weekend, try to not be in doubt. BE CERTAIN!!!

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